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Visitor: Since you’re not logged in, you’re not experiencing the gamified version of the website. Once logged in, all players (students) are greeted individually by name (as you were and will be addressed as “Visitor” throughout the site) as they encounter, accept, complete, and master quests (assignments) while leveling up (progressing through the curriculum), earning XP (eXperience Points) and Gold (class currency used to purchase privileges and resources).

We won an INSPIRE Award from the Classroom of the Future Foundation last May. Here’s a reporter’s video about the Mac Lab. (And not that it matters all that much but the name’s pronounced: scotch-ko.)

We’ve improved the game quite a bit since that video was recorded. Feel free to explore the site, perhaps starting here. If you’d like to read more about the evolution of the gamified curriculum delivery system, the comments in this post (hosted on Adobe’s Education Exchange) for the most recent history of our evolving story.

If you’re an educator interested in experiencing the gamified version of the site, contact me and I’ll set you up with an account. If you’re really daring and want to try this yourself, we’ve got a new and improved plugin to use (very easy to implement) and I’ve got a few extra test domains (if you want to try creating quests before jumping in).

Game On Tutorials & Links: For inquisitive minds.

If that’s not enough, here’s a slideshow containing student work and unexpected comments from around the world. (There’s no audio so play your own music if the silence is deafening.)

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Visitor: If you were looking for our old site: Blog | Tutorials.

Contact info:

Mike Skocko
Valhalla High School
1725 Hillsdale Rd.
El Cajon, CA 92019
Twitter: @themaclab

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How to succeed in a self-paced learning environment. More
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Learn to leverage the Zone of Intrinsic Motivation. More
The story behind the gaming model we'll be using. More
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You, me, and this site will be evolving all year long. More
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