The Journey Begins

Welcome to the Mac Lab. Here is some information you'll be expected to understand right from the start.

If a page doesn’t load properly, refresh it.

The keyboard shortcut to refresh a page (which you will be expected to know) is Command+R.

PC Users: On a Mac, the Command key (on either side of the space bar) serves the same function as the Control key does on your PC.

And just to get it out of the way, the reason we use Macs in the classroom is that we try to mirror industry and the creative industry is overwhelmingly Mac-centric. (There are exceptions, of course.)

The computer is a tool, not a religion, okay?


When you encounter a word you don’t know, right-click on it and look it up.

Computers are wonderful tools with a wide array of helpful features that you may or may not know of.

You’ll soon learn to use this tool like a pro!

The dictionary provides definitions.

Always look at the context to clarify the meaning.

You’re expected to make a concerted effort to read and understand what your experience might be like this year.

(That’s what this page is all about.)

You may safely assume that you’ve never been extended an opportunity like this one.

Hint: Try to keep an open mind.

The italicized text is advice you should heed.

How you approach this first task will say a lot about you. Are you a potential superhero or just another flatliner?

Notice the advice on the first slide:

Take your time, read carefully, and consider the implications of what you’re about to encounter.

Self-pacing is the key. Work within your comfort zone as you click through and read the slides.

Choose well, young initiate.

Your First Task

Now that you know what to do and how to do it… And even if you looked at these earlier…

Find the Slides and Become Acquainted with the Ways of the Guild

Did you pay attention?

Did you carefully read all of the words?

Did you look up the words you didn’t understand?

Did you begin to understand the implications of the words you read?

If you cannot answer yes to all of those questions, you should go back and review the slides once again.

(The link is in that orange rectangle right above this section.)

You wouldn’t want to begin your journey as just another flatliner, would you?

And to you potential superheroes, my sincere apologies for the interruption. Please carry on.

The Mac Lab Student Gallery

Hosted by Adobe. Shared with the world. Will your work be featured?

Adobe is a multibillion dollar, multi-national corporation, and the largest creative software company in the world.

Adobe also knows what goes on in the Mac Lab.

Mac Lab students produce some of the finest creative work in the K12 world.

And it’s not just Adobe paying attention.

A growing number of educators around the world are adopting many of our guiding principles—everything from iteration to gamification to our effort-based grading system.

And this year, for the first time, we’re putting all the pieces together.

This year, it’s your turn to shine.

One of our secrets is iteration.

The belief that good enough seldom is.

Artwork is often vastly improved through refining, enhancing, and polishing the work. Then taking it the final 10% (more on that later).

But first comes mastery of the fundamentals.

It takes time and effort, determination and perseverance, patience and perspective to develop the skills to create gallery-worthy work.

It’s a long road. Do you have what it takes?

Your Second Task

Don’t just skim the gallery. Look at the work. Examine the detail. Appreciate its scope. And imagine your work featured this year.

View the Gallery

Did you take your time perusing the gallery?

Seriously, for those who are unwilling to spend some time looking at incredible artwork, how in the world do you ever expect to create anything worthwhile?

Oh, and you should know about ARD.

See those two monitors over at the Boss’ desk? Every screen in the room is displayed there.

Yep, he can see what everyone is doing.


It’s not too late to head back to the slides if you skimmed those, too. The Boss respects that type of honest admission.

The Artists' Guild

Once you've successfully completed the first two tasks, you may apply for admission to The Artists' Guild using your email account.

You’ve been supplied with an email account.

You may have other email accounts but all Guild correspondence will require you to use your account as it will give you access to resources not available outside our network.

Your login is your ID number

In the example to the left, the student’s ID number is 123456 so the email address is

Your temporary password is your first and last initial plus your six digit birthday.

If you name was Jonas Salk (js) and you were born on March 7, 1999 (030799), your temporary password would be js030799

Use your ID number and use your initials plus your six digit birthday to login.

Example Username:
Example Password: js030799

Got it?

Good. Now activate your account.

Activate Your Email Account

You’ll be prompted to change your password so be smart about setting a secure password you can remember.

Activate Your Email Account

The Fine Print: Applying to the Guild means that you’ll accept the rest of our policies and expectations sight unseen.

Polex will explain (with their usual politeness) things like: You will be expected to login before the tardy bell and continue working for a moment after the bell at the end of the period. You’re also expected to make up absences, tardies, and truancies. Oh, and no food, drink (except water), or use of electronic devices without asking and receiving permission.

Sorry but you need to be a Guild member to encounter the quests in which the policies and expectations are explained in detail.

Bottom Line: We have some rules and regulations that other classes don’t. But we also have freedoms that other students will never experience. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Take it.

Apply for Guild Membership

Applying to the Guild means that you’ll accept the rest of the policies and expectations sight unseen. See the Fine Print (above) for details.

Apply for Guild Membership

This may take a few minutes.

The Boss has to manually activate your account based on information you supplied via the Guild application.

As soon as he does, you’ll receive an email in your inbox.

During those few minutes, he asks that you remain on our site or revisit the student gallery.

Please don’t just sit there, disrupt others, or surf the internet.

Stay on task. Read on or review or check your inbox.

Once you get the email you can login and proceed to the Quests.

Welcome to TAG

You must be logged in to access our gamified learning environment.

When the Boss tells you your account is active, click the login button at the upper left corner of the page.

Your Username is your ID number.

You cannot change your Username. Your Displayname, however, can and will be changed and that will become your Guild name.

More on that later.

Your temporary password is written on the board. You’ll replace it in the first quest.

Got it? Good.

Now you may login and return to this page for your final instructions.

Congratulations: Time to Quest

Now the fun begins.

You controlled the pace of your initial orientation.

You’ll now control the pace of your leveling, looting, and learning.

Please remember that the most important of those three is the learning.

Skimming quests is a very bad idea.

What you learn and don’t learn will be evident in your actions, not to mention in your stats panel.

You do not want to attract Reaper’s attention.

Don’t just do, learn. Learn by doing and redoing.

Repetition builds muscle memory.

Exercise that muscle. You know, the one that sits right between your ears.

Oh, and remember to have fun, too.

The First Quest

The Artists’ Guild welcomes you to its ranks.

Let the Questing Begin
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