3D Design and Animation
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Look for the Redesign for the 08/09 School Year
Coming soon!


The Spaceship Competition – A Mac Lab Tradition
Winning entries will be featured here and the best of the best on our home page
The Rules of the Game | The Basic Steps | More Tips and Tricks | Other Options and Techniques | Phong Tags and Hypernurbs

Animating Your Logo
Project Preview | Setting up the file correctly in Illustrator | Merging and Extruding the Illustrator File | Animating: Setting the Initial Keyframes | Animating: Reposition and Rotate | Animating: Setting the Last Keyframes | Adjusting F-Curves | Rendering Your Movie (20 fps)


Third Party 3D Resources
Cineversity | C4D Cafe | Bending Pixels | Ko's Tips | Renerosity FAQs | Renderosity Tips and Tricks | Base 80 | Bonkers | Psionic |


Special Thanks for Helping to Support the Mac Lab!
A new Mac Lab section with tutorials for these great resources is coming soon
Maxon for continued support of our 3D students — Long live Cinema 4D!
Cineversity for the ever-growing Cinema 4D video tutorial library — 500+ tutorials and counting
3D Attack for the great monthly Cinema 4D magazine
MiniFonts and FontsForFlash for the best pixel fonts in the world!
CartoonSmart for the terrific Flash tutorials — An absolute treasure for the cartoonists in class
Pro Photo Secrets for Shane Goldberg's fabulous Photoshop tutorials — More treasure!
Stupendous Software for a myriad of iMovie plugins — Titles and effects galore
PotionFactory for PodcastMaker and VoiceCandy — Are students supposed to have this much fun?
SmileOnMyMac for DiscLabel — No more Sharpies for our CDs and DVDs!
Lemkesoft for the Graphic Converter — Opens and coverts any odd image formats
Graphic Authority for the Photoshop resources — Brushes and backgrounds and frames, oh my!
Realmac Software for RapidWeaver — For when we don't have time to Dreamweave(r)
Ergonis Software for PopChar X, KeyCue, and Typinator — Brilliant, time-saving programs
Flash Valley for the killer components — Fantastic new tools for the advanced students!
Linecraft for 7 Web Behaviors — Open browser windows with ease from within Flash
Rainmaker Research for SpellCatcher X — Not that students ever misspell words ;-)
Flying Meat (yes, Flying Meat) for FlySketch — Onion skinning the monitor (very cool program!)
Pangea Software for all those games — For the Game Art and Design program we're going to pilot


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