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Week 02: Always Read the Board!

Every single day. And please, please, please follow the instructions. (Since I’m not in town, the board hasn’t changed. It will tomorrow.)


NEW STUDENTS: Begin with the Week 01 page. Work your way from top to bottom. Begin with the Monday Part I video and work your way through the rest (doing as instructed).

EVERYONE ELSE ⇒REQUIRED: Work from the top of the page to the bottom. When you reach the videos, watch the current day’s video—and follow the instructions—then watch prior videos if you missed them. You are responsible for the information in every video.


FIRST THINGS FIRST: Complete all 7 First Things First quests (on the POD page) and your Week 01 DPE. Then and only then…

IMPORTANT: These three options were only available on Monday.

Option 01: KernType: A Kerning Game or TypeConnection: A Typographic Dating Game

Option 02: Skocko’s Finder Tips (Quest coming soon.)

Option 03: If a little bird chirps, and no one notices, did it really happen? Moral: The wise artist stockpiles resources for when they’ll be needed.


This Week: More Adobe Illustrator Quests!


Mini Exchange

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