And that’s just what we’re doing.


Week 03: Read the Board

And follow the instructions.


⇒REQUIRED EVERYONE: Watch today’s video then take care of these Reaper-inspired quests.

Apologies for the long videos but things need saying if you’re going to have a successful student-centered, self-paced experience in the Mac Lab this year. Please take as much time trying to understand as I took trying to explain.


NEW THIS WEEK:  After watching ⇓ this week’s vids, completing ⇑ the five required quests (above), and Week 1 and 2 objectives you may try these on for size.

  • Julius Caesar Creating a custom background in Photoshop for Theatre’s upcoming play.
  • Fall Concert Details coming soon.
  • Banned Books Week Details coming soon.
  • GuildX Begin your Guild Apprenticeship now.


COMING WEEK 04: Lots of Photoshop and Illustrator videos.


⇓ FRIDAY’S VIDEO: Take care of your Week 03 DPE in class so you don’t have to work over the weekend.

Mini Exchange

No longer in use.
No longer in use.
No longer in use.


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