The universe changes when your personal perspective changes. (source)

Week 05: I can see clearly, now.

Simplifying Complexity

⇒REQUIRED EVERYONE: Watch this week’s video(s) then review the list below. You know the routine, now. Don’t blame the Boss if you earn for ignoring instructions you already know about.

  • WARNING: If you’ve claimed to have completed a quest—any quest—the Boss is going to believe that you actually finished it. If the evidence conflicts with your claim, don’t blame the Boss for reaping rewards on you.
  • Every Day: Log in, claim (if you’re here before the bell), read the board, read the 411, watch the video(s), and after that, follow the instructions. This will NOT change day to day. Either do as instructed or, if the instructions don’t relate to you, pick up where you left off in the prior class meeting. 
  • No More Warnings: Do NOT purchase anything you haven’t earned. The minimum consequence is loss of loot and . You’ve been warned repeatedly about this, Visitor. Don’t do it.
  • Digital Portfolio: We are in the fifth week. You must document your journey as instructed in the weekly DPE quests. Your documentation is evidence of your progress.
  • Complete Profile: The instructions are both simple and specific. Complete each step as instructed.
  • Finder Preferences: C’mon, this has been explained in multiple quests. No more mercy!
  • New expectations may be added daily.

NEW THIS WEEK:  After reviewing the REQUIRED info (above) and watching today’s videos (below) you may pick up where you left off last week.

  • Solve for ? See three tweets in Twitter feed for details. Results
  • Julius Caesar Creating a custom background in Photoshop for Theatre’s upcoming play.
  • FRIDAY: TURN IN POSTERS ⇒ Fall Concert Designs due Friday.
  • Banned Books Week Details coming soon.
  • GuildX Begin your Guild Apprenticeship now.
  • POD Page: See Mac Lab: Policies and Expectations for a collection of quests.


⇓ FRIDAY’S VIDEO:  will be in play the rest of the year. The rules of the game need to be enforced fairly and consistently. Besides, it really is a self-inflicted outcome. Blame the person you see in the mirror, not the Boss (or a classmate).


Mini Exchange

No longer in use.
No longer in use.
No longer in use.


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