Now we’re ready to roll.

Week 06: Phase II

No more training wheels.


⇒ REQUIRED ⇒ EVERYONE: Watch this week’s video(s) then complete the following quests before moving on.

OPTIONAL THIS WEEK:  After completing the REQUIRED info (above).

  • Week 06 DPE New videos and important information (including Hunters & Healers).
  • BBW Buttons | BBW Posters Banned Books Week promotional materials.
  • Illustrator Vids See the POD page for 3 new links (17–19).
  • Julius Caesar Master the Photoshop and Illustrator techniques.
  • Guild Apprenticeship Speak with the Boss before purchasing. ⇐ NEW VIDEO (Tuesday)
  • GuildX Speak with the Boss if you want to begin your Guild Apprenticeship (with insufficient funds).
  • POD Page: See Mac Lab: Policies and Expectations for a collection of quests.
  • EXPIRED: Fall Concert. They’re working on refining the typography (didn’t like any submissions).


HOMECOMING WEEK: Dress up days.

  • Monday: NEON DAY
  • Tuesday: MUSIC DAY (example 90’s band shirts)
  • Wednesday: CHARACTER DAY (characters from 90’s TV, movies, etc.)
  • Thursday: 90’s Style Day (clothing/fashion of the decade)
  • Friday: Homecoming Shirt or Orange Nation Shirt


Dan just pointed out that your Bell to Bell purchases are time and date stamped in the INVENTORY tab. D’oh!


Mini Exchange

No longer in use.
No longer in use.
No longer in use.


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