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Week 07: Why it’s Important

And why your level of effort = the level of your enjoyment.

⇒ REQUIRED ⇒ EVERYONE: Watch this week’s video(s) then complete the following quests before moving on.

OPTIONAL THIS WEEK:  After completing the REQUIRED info (above).

  • Week 07 DPE Don’t like being Hunted? Document your work honestly and thoroughly.
  • BBW Buttons | BBW Posters Banned Books Week promotional materials.
  • Illustrator Vids See the POD page for links. ⇐ 6 new quests.
  • Guild Apprenticeship Speak with the Boss before purchasing.
  • GuildX Speak with the Boss if you want to begin your Guild Apprenticeship (with insufficient funds).
  • POD Page: See Mac Lab: Policies and Expectations for a collection of quests.
  • NEW: Commercial Clade Yet another Mac Lab edu-experiment.
  • NEW: DesignCuts Nice freebies with a tutorial to boot (work in RGB).



Mini Exchange

No longer in use.
No longer in use.
No longer in use.


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