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This Arrived Friday After School

“I just wanted to say that I appreciate the way you inspired me in high school. Three weeks ago I graduated from Portland State with my bachelors in graphic design and yesterday I got hired as a production designer at Nike World Headquarters. You were the one who got me interested in this awesome field and inspired me to continue forward with it after high school. Thank you for everything.”

Two of those circles are yours.


Week 08: What do you want to do?

ZIM = The Zone of Intrinsic Motivation


⇒ REQUIRED ⇒ EVERYONE: Watch today’s vid then work on your Week 06 and/or Week 07 DPE if either needs attention. If incomplete, working on anything else = .

  • Hunters & Healers Only those with complete DPEs may Hunt. Yes, you may hunt those working on expired DPEs. Freedom comes at a price. Responsibility is the currency.
  • TypeConnection Only for those who are working with typography. Function Guild members are excused.
  • Rule of Thirds And other compositional tips and tricks explained via a movie trailer. For everyone.


KUSI Alarm Clock Pep Rally: Okay to attend Friday morning and come to class afterwards. No penalty (but no Bell to Bell either).

FRIDAY ⇒ Bell Schedule


OPTIONAL THIS WEEK:  After completing the REQUIRED info (above).



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