Week 25: All in the Family

Taming Tonal Families

Just getting started with my symbol library.

These are just for the cubes. Sphere and cylinder actions coming soon.

Global color harmonies. A few more neutral colors coming soon.

30 results from a simple pattern test using the same base image.

1 happy accident this morning. More waiting to happen.

The Supervisor.

Creativity is a step beyond imagination because it requires that you actually do something rather than lie around thinking about it.

To develop our creative abilities, we also need to develop our practical skills in the media we want to use.

Being creative is about making fresh connections so that we see things in new ways and from different perspectives.
Sir Ken Robinson / The Element

Time Until Next Mac Lab Saturday School









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Tuesday Video Oops: Don’t BREAK your symbols, EDIT them to apply global colors.



Self-paced learning. Freedom with responsibility.

The Exchange

Self-service. Deeds. Not words.

MINUTES: You must work in class on MLM projects to claim positive time. Personal projects and HomeQuests do not qualify.


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Not During Class

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