Week 34: Walking the Talk

Deeds, not words, will determine your grade.


Print Strategies Part III (featured below) may be found here.

Beautiful Blurs Part I (featured below) may be found here.

Beautiful Blurs Part II (featured in the gallery below) may be found here.


Real Artists Deliver

Show What You Know

Figuring out how to build a sustainable creative culture—one that didn’t just pay lip service to the importance of things like honesty, excellence, communication, originality, and self-assessment but really committed to them, no matter how uncomfortable that became—wasn’t a singular assignment. It was a day-in-day-out, full-time job. And one that I wanted to do.
Ed Catmull / Creativity, Inc.: Overcoming the Unseen Forces That Stand in the Way of True Inspiration

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Self-paced learning. Freedom with responsibility.

The Exchange

Self-service. Deeds. Not words.

MINUTES: You must work in class on MLM projects to claim positive time. Personal projects and HomeQuests do not qualify.

Not During Class

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