In Part II we’ll expand our Actions prowess. You’ll learn how easy it is to make a collection of 5000 px square textures from a single image once our custom Action Set is recorded. After that, a few clicks will lead to enhanced, editable versions of our base image with a host of customizable, non-destructive options.

Note: Please complete Part I prior to attempting these imperfect, yet worthwhile steps.

Project Preview

Please work along using the same image (linked below) so problems you may and probably will encounter can be rectified as simply as possible.

Download: Starter File.

5000 px Camera Raw Action

Don’t deviate from these settings. Create the same Actions I do. You’ll have the opportunity to customize settings later.

Option + Command + I = Image Size dialog box.

Black & White Action

Learn to make the second Action, how to correct an inadvertent mistake, and have the patience to accept the default Black and White Adjustment Layer settings.

Levels Action

Learn how to create a custom keyboard shortcut to speed our work from this point forward.

Control + Command + J = Duplicate Layer

Levels Settings Actions

Let’s set the default settings for each Levels Adjustment Layer. Plus one bonus setting to help us learn through experimentation.

Saving and Naming Layer Comps

I’ll get you started. You finish the job. We would go mad trying to keep track of layer visibility without Layer Comps.

Updating and Adding Layer Comps

Since our presets are seldom perfect, learning how to update Layer Comps is a must. Don’t fret. It couldn’t be easier.

Fine Tuning and Saving Textures

Spend some time to dial in your settings before saving textures. I obviously was rushed as I didn’t want you to suffer through my endless noodling.

Naming Conventions and Web Versions

Better to copy and paste the layer names rather than trying to remember.

Names like zionTextures172-1a-2a.jpg are extremely helpful.

Correcting Mistakes and Looking Forward

Testing our Actions reveals a few easily corrected glitches. Fixing them is easy.

Part III (coming soon).

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