In this tutorial you’ll learn how to modify your beautiful (and useful) custom blurs using Color Lookup Tables. You’ll also learn the value of Layer Comps and Notes as well as how to save and load Actions (including the 3DLUT Action I made just for you).

The gallery (at right) displays a few alternate versions of our original blur just waiting to be discovered via Photoshop’s Color Lookup Table Adjustment Layers. Click through the gallery and ponder how the 3DLUT Action will become a force-multiplier in your workflow.

The Default Blur

The blurs in the gallery (above right) all emerged from differing visibility settings in our 3DLUT layers stack.

Work through the videos (below) to learn how.

Project Preview

Part II picks up where Part I left off (so you need to have successfully completed Part I to proceed). Take your time, learn the process, and begin to grasp the virtually unlimited creative possibilities at your fingertips.

Download: 3DLUT Action.

Saving and Loading Actions

Learn how to save your own custom Actions, in which directory they’re located, and how to load other’s custom Actions.

The 3DLUT Action is a real time-saver but a pain in the neck to create. I’ll not ask you to replicate the necessary steps because you have better uses for your time.

Color Lookup Tables

Understand just how valuable the 3DLUT Action will be for your workflow. There’s much more to learn about Color Lookup Tables. For now, the adjustments and the Layer Comps will be worth your while.

Layer Comps 101

Layer Comps are like Notes in that they save information. While Notes uses the written word to communicate, Layer Comps uses visual language. In combination, Notes and Layer Comps are the ultimate document-level cheat sheet.

Layer Comps D’oh!

Take advantage of shortcuts you can create to work smarter. I hadn’t thought of this oh-so obvious strategy before. Hence the D’oh!

Save Your Custom Workspace

Speaking of working smart, it’s always a good idea to save custom workspaces you might use again and again.

Final Words

A few final thoughts on why we’ll be building a custom blur library.

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