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by on Jan.15, 2009, under Blog

My Head Hurts by Michael WTwo topics will drive this blog: assignments/tutorials and featured work. Michael Werner (now an adult so I can throw his full name around with abandon) was the first “star” in the Mac Lab. To the left you see one of his many impressively gruesome compositions (this a self-portrait) that continue to inspire kids in here. To be fair, he’s also capable of the amazing beautiful when so moved. Check out FeatheryWings to see what he’s up to now. (Dang, Mike, now you’re going to have to get those other links working! Always glad to supply a friendly push.)

Nothing inspires kids like their peers. If he/she can do it, why can’t I? Well, why can’t you? Or better yet, why don’t you? Get your rear in gear and your best will wind up in our Best of Video (large version) and (eventually) be featured here as well. I’m looking forward to assembling student galleries to showcase the great work that’s produced in here. Oh, to be sure, it’s not all great but year-to-year there’s been steady improvement. I’m still searching for the holy grail of teaching strategies that’ll inspire the lot of ’em but for now I’ll settle for the upward trajectory.


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  • MJ

    Yikes! Is that a before or after shot of a student?

  • skocko

    LOL! Yes, that’s Michael after an especially rough day in the Mac Lab.

  • Michael Werner

    Woah! Has it really been that long? The site looks amazing and I really appreciate the plug. I RSS subscribed so I will be browsing daily.
    Also the “Where new media artists are born” pretty much sums it up. You are crafting yourself an army of artists over there.

    They are still beyond a lot of college-level work I’ve seen which is pretty scary. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if I lost some clients to them.

    Again, great site and I’ll be roaming around in here daily. :)

  • Kyle W.

    oh my, I’d hate to see his good days!

  • garo

    A lot of your student portfolio web sites in prior years were Flash based; that doesn’t seem to be the case this year.

    Will this year’s kids be working on Flash portfolios also?

    Keep up the good work!!

  • skocko

    Yes, garo, student Flash portfolios will be forthcoming. The problem this year, if you can call this a problem, is that we got the CS4 collection about a month into the school year and Flash has undergone MAJOR revisions so my old tutorials need to be completely reworked. But I couldn’t work on the tutorials until we got Flash. It became a cart before the horse situation so I bit the bullet and put off the “flashy” stuff until this semester. The good news is that I’ve been working on a new and improved streamlined workflow that should allow more students to successfully implement Flash in a creative manner.

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