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Competition Begets Progress

by on Jan.18, 2009, under Blog

The Passageway by Michael WI’m a huge proponent of competition. No, not me versus you or us against them or even Macs vs. PCs. (Please, let’s leave the platform wars out of any discussion here.) It’s the inner competition (Michael W) — competing with oneself — that matters most. Doing one’s best. And then doing even better. Here’s an example…

A former student felt strongly about Macs so he made a Flash project to express his feelings. I challenged him several times, Is that the best you can do? He responded with this and this and this. That’s it? That’s the best you got? That’s pitiful! And the kids around him laughed, though not at him. He was a hero for taking the pro-PC stand against Skocko — for putting down Skocko’s beloved Macs. But he knew what I really meant. He felt the challenge. And he rose to meet it (press the play button).

Now we were getting somewhere. While the other kids just saw a cooler version of destroying a Mac, he and I discussed the robot and its movement. What he’d accomplished was actually quite impressive. It showed real promise and I encouraged him to take the animation further. He worked. We talked. He came up with this series of animations (resize the browser window to better fit the SWFs): one, two, three, and four. Only those who understand Flash can begin to appreciate just how far this student pushed himself. That’s a journey one doesn’t easily forget.


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  • Nick

    hahah macs suck, GO GET ‘EM ROBIT!

  • Michael Werner

    I like this guy. Nick knows what’s up.

  • Kyle W.

    Oh my…
    those animations are quite amazing O_o.

    how he moved each individual body part was quite astonishing.

    But all-in-all…
    PC’s are the way to go (:

    Sorry Skocko.

  • skocko

    Okay, here’s how it’s going to go down.

    1. I take complete responsibility for opening the door to the beginnings of the inane, endless, pointless platform war debate by posting Competition Begets Progress and Macs Suck. It’s all my fault. I was wrong. Mea Culpa. FINITO!

    2. Any further my computer is better than your computer comments will be flushed down the virtual toilet to the place all fanboys are destined to dwell and there they can duke it out. What’s been posted has been posted and I’ll leave it where it is to remind us of the gibbering, back and forth foolishness we would have otherwise surely descended into. And YES! It’s my fault that it started. Can I state that more clearly?

    3. The discussions here are about creativity and inspiration and discovery and all things artistic. The goal is to lift one another up. Are we agreed?

    This will be posted in both threads and in a separate post of it’s own.

  • George

    hahaha that’s funny

  • Andrea Cueva

    Through a long series of clicking, reading, laughing, repeating, I found this page.

    A few things:
    1.) Michael I would die if he kept all my original stuff, you must be a stronger human than I.
    2.) The PC/Mac destruction was hilarious.
    3.) This is a really great sample of improvement (with prodding). The last examples were really great (even if the models weren’t my personal favorite thing in the entire world). Congrats on everything.


    ps: Michael’s website is fabulous and needs to be expanded.

  • David B.

    I see comic sans Michael.

  • skocko

    Oh my… David’s right!

    (Not many people will get this one.)

  • Michael Werner

    The point of this story is the moment I stopped using comic sans I started dating the super cute girl next to me.
    Which went on for about 5 or more years.

    Ditching the horrid font was the best thing to happen to me.
    Comic sans is holding EVERYONE back. When you go to select your font, please consider your future and social-life. Thank you.

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