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Reeling ‘Tween the Years

by on Dec.20, 2009, under Blog

mlcc_smMuch of our failure to understand human nature arises from neglect of the need to have our faculties excited and our lives thereby enhanced. The human animal cannot be itself without this exciting enhancement. Excitement is not merely good, it is indispensable to a proper human life.
Lancelot Law Whyte

Buried in the comments on this post is: You guys probably know all about RealD 3D but I just got back from taking my daughter to see Monsters vs Aliens and it was one of those transformative moments. I’d never even heard of RealD. Man, I love art and technology. The story was cute, good for a dad and his twelve-year-old, but the animation in 3D was FREAKIN’ AWESOME! If there would have been a plot worthy of the artistry it would’ve been up there with 2001 and The Matrix for movies that changed everything for me. NOTE: I was 13 when I saw 2001. Went with neighbors to the Century 21 Theaters in San Jose (a 45 mile drive). First time in a Panoramic theater with the wide curved screen. The “through the stargate” scene was the clincher. As good as the stuff I saw in my head.

Well, yesterday I took my daughter to see Avatar. One day she’ll tell her kids about how that day impacted her life. I love the symmetry of our ages in the story (both 13 at the time). When we got home she said, “That was the best movie I’ve ever seen!” Her mom smiled and said, “Better than Twilight?” “Better than New Moon?” To both, Noël never hesitated, “Yes!” Sue looked at me, questioningly (because Twilight and New Moon were Noël’s absolute favs). I couldn’t find any words worthy of the experience. The depth and breadth of the world within Avatar is unlike anything I’d seen or imagined. All I could say was “It was unbelievably beautiful.”

Did you read the quote at the top of the page? Yesterday, as I was working on a different angle, it was Helen Keller‘s: It is wonderful how much time good people spend fighting the devil. If they would only expend the same amount of energy loving their fellow men, the devil would die in his own tracks of ennui. You see, I was going to make a point about the dangers of ennui. That life requires us to become involved, interested, and yes, even excited!

Do yourself a favor and go see the 3D version of Avatar.

1221: The last palindrome of the 00’s. The 5555 in me (actually 050555) smiles in numeric harmony.

I liked Christopher’s comment for two reasons. He liked Avatar? Very, very much?! But the hero came through in the end, Chris. (We debate the relevance of tragedy as it applies to today’s teetering world.) I suppose, if one were to identify with the corporate/militaristic characters (which I don’t believe for a second Chris does), the film could be perceived as a tragedy. The day we put all our eggs into that basket would be tragic (from my bleeding heart POV). More than ever, this world needs ordinary heroes (as if there is such a thing as an ordinary hero).

The second part of Chris’ comment took me back to the teacher education program: Go to sporting events, student performances, or chaperon dances. Let the students see that you’re a real person. As Danny inferred, I start the day pretty early. By the time 3:00 rolls around (pm), I’ve typically put in 10 to 12 hours (or more). Sorry, but the last thing I want is to spend more time with students. I like you guys but I have a family. The time I get to spend with them is both limited and precious. In an hour or two I’ll wake the girls and we’ll be off for two days in the Magic Kingdom. We’re meeting these folk (whom I spoke of briefly in 12 Days) to share the fun. Since the accommodations have WiFi, you’ll most likely get a report.

For others who might wonder if I’m actually a real person… Click. (Alt)

Before I get to After Effects (which I intended to write about this morn but you know), I wanted to give a nod to Philip. Saying what you did about Avatar will be misunderstood by some. Just want to say that it was life-changing for me as well. I actually feel for those who won’t be so moved by the experience. You, like Diana, have an artist’s soul. That both of you come to a new country, learn a new language, and embrace the learning experience as you do… well, let’s just say it makes these early mornings even more worthwhile. Your passion feeds mine. You bring synergy to the Mac Lab and to my life. Thank you. Both of you.

Aw, now I’m nearly out of time. Thanks to Christina, Kate, Christian, Aaron, and Danny too. This little group project will help to launch the After Effects bug that’s sure to infect others, like the aforementioned Philip. Hey, that looks different from your original. How’d that happen? Click. (Yes, others have already taken After Effects much further. I’ll get to you.)

1222: Parks beautiful. Rides amazing. Back trashed. Advil consumed. Departure imminent. Details later. Disney awaits.

1224: Quite a story lies between that first ride Monday morning and the last ride Tuesday night but today’s going to be as busy as yesterday. Those hundreds of unread emails will also have to wait as duty calls here at home. Before I go, here’s a coincidence I just encountered… Went to Vimeo to find and share the link to our Mac Lab Channels and noticed that This Week in Vimeo is featuring a married couple I tweeted about yesterday. (Found them via Abduzeedo but that’s another story.) When synchronicity calls, it’s a good idea to answer. No time to explore their videos right now but it’s on my list. Are these videos on yours? Creative book reports. Stop motion goodness. Kinetic typography. So much to see. Check ’em out!

International Update: The Kingdom of Cambodia is the 134th country to visit our little blog.

1227: I hope you had a wonderful holiday with your friends and families. Ours was fantastic and I’m especially thankful that I get a week to recover from the whirlwind Christmas adventures. The only things I’ve had time to add since the 24th are in that widget to the right. Have you explored those twitter links? Only 236 tweets with 300 to 400 links so far. And while considering all that potentially unexplored territory, have you ever gone back in time (scroll to bottom) to retrace the blog’s wit and wisdom from the beginning? There’s gold in them thar posts!

For those who may consider me a bit conceited for declaring that the blog contains wit, wisdom, AND metaphoric gold, I’ve never claimed to be anything more than a conduit. That’s been on record for 15 years and counting. As it says there: I figure the least likely explanation is that I’m an isolated fountain of wisdom.

The Creative Spirit (or whatever you want to call it) flows all around and through us. Dare to tap into it. I keep giving you how-to clues. It’s one of those rare resources that grows more plentiful the more it’s used. But it can’t touch you unless you open up to the experience. Here’s another clue.

Congrats: Austin W awarded $15,000/year Merit Scholarship to Cal Lutheran.

1228: Was thinking about New Year/2010 for the Mac Lab and bumped into this idea from Fabio at Abduzeedo. (Coincidence or synchronicity?) Thought that might be a fun intro to Photoshop project. (I’ll be making a video version to help the Photoshop newbies and noobs.) Since Fabio mentions his inspiration in the into, and since we’re going to be in print mode when we get back… Click.

1229: Currently reading The Pixar Touch. Will have much to say about this and how it relates to the Mac Lab in our upcoming 2010: Odyssey Two post. If you’re a reader, or you’re thinking of a career in the arts, you might consider picking up a copy of your own.

Congrats: Current Mac Lab UT 2009 Student-Athletes: Kendal Chapman, Morgan Cook, John Cortes, Gavin Doudna, Matthew Goforth, Joshua Kitzmiller, Collin May, Sherwin Navindaran, Cameron Rabell, Kyle Rodenbo, Zachary Steen. (Let me know if I missed anyone.)

Pixar/Avatar Update: Seems some of the folks at Pixar liked Avatar in IMAX 3D, too. I concur.

1230: I keep telling you that it all starts with a pencil and paper. A few of you get it. Maybe a few more will believe it if someone else does the telling. Check out some of their photography too.

1231: Walked out to get the paper this morning and saw that a single rose had made it to the last day of 2009. If that rose could try that hard, I figured the very least I could do was to wander around and see what other surprises I might find just outside our door. (As I did in this story.)

Have a safe and happy new year!

010110: Cool binary date!

Challenge: Who will be the first to create their own Prezi Portfolio? Watch this video then view the sample. Hi-res version: Zoom in for detail! This is looking promising!

0102: Who says most folk don’t know what a palindrome is? It’s right up there in the 1221 update. But even I’m a bit squeamish writing today’s date as 01022010. That’s way too long for even this numeric geekoid!

And while I’m in non sequitur mode, I might as well tell you that big changes are coming to the Mac Lab. Big changes. Details soon.

Countdown: I’d hoped to begin at 10 but we jumped from 11 to 8 overnight. So… 10, 9, 8… (When we reach ZERO I’ll tell you what it is.)

The Top 100: Okay, I’ll give you a hint.

0103: It’s going to be fun tomorrow. I may hold back the post until school starts. We’ll see. 😛

Countdown Continues: 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2… (Going faster than I thought it would.)


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  • skocko

    I’ll get to crediting the crew in the pic and the short anim when time permits. Noel just got up, read the post, and said, “You have to tell them that you cried in the movie.” Yeah, beauty moves me.

  • Philip B.

    I’ve seen a lot of movies, and some of them were my favorite, but after I watched Avatar my whole life change. It was indeed the best movie I’ve ever seen.
    But there’s one more movie I need to watch in 2009, Sherlock Holmes, that movie looks cool too :)

  • Diana I.

    You cried Mr.Skocko !! I better see the movie,I start crying on 2012 movie , I wonder what would I do if I see Avatar.. I will go with my dad ASAP,TODAY hopfully

    ” ennui ” – this is the first time I hear of this word. I felt that before when I used to play pianoo..aroudn 12 years old I lost the passion and felt bored, not I feel guilty for that, and The passion and excitment is back to me, and I will continue playing. It is amazing how things sometimes can’t move on if you are not excited or have the passion to do it, just like the MacLab, if you dont like what you doing it is hard for you to keep working..

    Bad news,
    I dotn know what happened to my camera, when you put it on ” on ” there is a crazy sound come up it is like there is somethin stuck inside and I dont know what is it. Of course my dad start yelling ast me and forbid me to use it again..the problem is SOFI told me there is a sound and I didn’t knwo what is it till I put opened it and heared the crazy sound. Also the
    ” M ” mode is not normal like usuall,, so the results mean I will not do anything in this break, and I will not do the ligh painting :(

    – if you heared this crazy sound in any camera before or you know what is the problem let me know please.

  • Danny O.

    I still need to see that movie. Phillip there is nothing better than seeing a movie that completely tops anything you have seen before.

  • Philip B.

    Danny that’s for sure 😉

  • Christopher James F.

    I liked Avatar very, very much. It was odd seeing you outside of school, with your daughter and all. I suppose this means you’re human and have a life. Interesting.

  • Danny O.

    He may be human, but I don’t think he sleeps based on the time stamps from some of his comments.

  • Tiffany S. C.

    Avatar was very amazing. All my friends were going to go see it, and I was working through my usual complications involving choir and a birthday party and timing and such when Mom dropped a bomb on me. She said the movie we were going to see was about Marines and blue-skinned aliens, and NOT the Last Airbender like I thought. So I went “what?!?!” and made a billion more phone calls and eventually decided (however reluctantly) that I would go see it because I hadn’t got to go to any of our ‘events’ recently.

    So, after leaving 15 minutes too late and narrowly surviving a reckless car ride through the streets of El Cajon, I arrived about seven minutes early, which was amazing for one who expected to arrive 15 minutes late. My dad is a crazy driver.

    And then I went and saw Avatar in 3D. It was THE MOST amazing thing I had ever seen. The premise of the movie was amazing and totally believable, and the sad parts were heartbreaking and not cheesy in the slightest, and I kept being reminded of the Native Americans. Theirs was a tragic tale. I loved this movie for the plot, for the amazing special effects, and for the dragon. The dragon was amazing. (Okay, it’s not a dragon. But I can’t remember what it was called and it was pretty cool. The red thing that eats the blue things they try to fly on.)

    It also made me uncomfortable in places- the constant cursing, for one, made me wish the scriptwriter had his mouth washed out with soap, and the fact that the ‘blue-skins’ (I don’t think they were ever given a pronouncable name) were allergic to proper clothing was pretty awkward. There was this other movie, 50 First Dates, that had some problems in it and we sent it to some place that cleaned them all up for us and it was pretty cool. I think the cursing problem is solvable, but I dunno how to solve the lack-of-clothing problem. It’s kind of sad that because some people have modesty issues I can’t talk my entire family into going to see this insanely expensive movie.

    That’s my opinion on Avatar. Amazing movie, with a few aggravating problems that are so solvable it makes me want to cry.

  • Philip B.

    If anybody who don’t or did not watch Avatar, might misunderstood what I said, because that movie was made by some amazing artists, who care for the meaning of art in life. That’s my opinion!
    When I went and watched the movie with my friends (who are not artists) they thought that that movie was so amazing with graphics.

    Thanks for talking about me in this way. For me learning what I LOVE is the most important part in my life, even if I have to spent my whole life doing it.

    By the way no problem that’s my job, to be a student, and thanks to you because you’re making us learn (giving me a Saturday school, haha)

    About the video, that was perfect for me to start making my videos smaller sizes, thanks.
    By the way that was just a small experiment to see how it goes with Adobe After Effects. It’s awesome and I’ll keep making some other stuff :)

  • Diana I.

    That was so nice from you Skocko…I love learning what you are teaching us, so much passion and I give what I can give to be better of what Iam doing.. but without you teaching us and letting us get into the MacLab , we wont succeed this fast :), Thank you , dont thank us

    By the way, Good job Philip.. nice work

    Iam going to watch Avatar today Yeppeeeeeeeeer

  • Christopher James F.

    Just so you know, a movie doesn’t have to be tragic for me to enjoy it. However, it can not, ever, have a cheap/easy ending, where consequences and ALL the odds are beat cheaply.

    I LOVE good story telling. It’s as simple as that.

  • Isaac Molina

    I’ve always wanted to see Avatar! it looks like an amazing movie. :)

    And your daughter’s a smart one for not hesitating to say it was better than the Twilight movies. I saw them both because my mom made me accompany my sister and they were both utterly terrible!

  • hayes

    I saw Avatar this morning at the Imax. Awesome. I remember Jurassic Park and it was a major leap forward, but this is on a whole ‘nother level. At least visually. The story was a mashup of Dance of Wolves and Ferngully, but the imagery overpowers the storytelling.

    I am going to have to watch again. On the way home the only thing I could think about was, “What could Tim Burton do with this technology?” I have been desperately waiting for Alice in Wonderland, but now I can’t help but think (before ever even seeing it) how much better it would be filmed like this. Tim Burton + 3D + Alice in Wonderland would be game over, but alas it won’t be so. :(

  • Aaron L.

    Danny how come you didnt show us the final product of the movie? And do Christian and them know that you added music cause I didnt. :(

  • skocko

    Hayes, Alice _is_ in 3D.

  • Christian L

    I think you’re the only one who didn’t know there was music Aaron. The sound was added on the day you were gone, and you never bothered looking at it afterwords. :)

  • Michael W.

    Yeah. First Time on the blog using my MacBook OSX SnowLeopard… (You gotta love those early christmas gifts)

  • Hannah J

    OK Skocko, I loved the visual side of avatar, so so much. It was awesome because it played off my love of glow in the dark jellyfish plants- I remember one of my first flash websites was based on it. Who knew!?

    I bought Speed Racer on DVD… the use of color still blows me away.

    Hope you have fun at Disneyland. OH! Speaking of that, Princess and the Frog really was wonderful. Some scenes in particular had a shockingly awesome visual style…

  • Danny O.

    Every one saw it except for you Aaron, at least I think so.

  • Ian C.

    No, Danny, everyone saw it except for Aaron and me. And now I’m annoyed because absolutely everyone who’s seen it has raved about it and I won’t see it until it’s out of theaters and our movie room gets done with being a storage unit. I really want to see it now.

  • Christian L

    I think you’re talking about something completely different… Aaron and Danny (and myself) were referring to this weeks blog pic as Aaron didn’t see the version where Danny threw in music in the short animation- while I believe you’re talking about the movie (Avatar), which in that case everyone would’ve seen it except for you and me, and I’m also annoyed because there’s so much hype everywhere about it. :/

  • kyle w.

  • Diana I.

    And ME ! I didn’t see it yet and iam so pessed off !!

  • Ian C.

    Ooooohhh kay.

    I did see the bit with sound and the hat. So Aaron is the only one who hasn’t seen that.

    However, I still didn’t see Avatar.

  • Lauren Carlton

    Avatar. Was. Fantastic. Beautiful. Splendid. Gorgeous. Incredible. Words fail me as to how amazing it was.

    And I loved the story, too.

  • Mandy W.

    yup–went to see Avatar in 3D on saturday–my first 3D movie ever… except for the honey i shrunk the kids one @ D-Land (which is terrible if you haven’t seen it)

    Avatar blew my mind… SO amazing
    probably gonna see it another couple times at least before it leaves theaters

    Tiffany–Chelsea’s dad didn’t know it wasn’t the last airbender either… he found it in the car on the way (she was telling me how you thought it was last airbender) and got all disappointed… I was excited to learn that he is a fellow Avatard– i’ve spent like the last 5 days wtching all the episodes when i’m not cleaning house and wrapping gifts 😀 such a cool show 😀

    Zuko: “normal teenagers worry about bad skin… my dad decided to teach me a permanent lesson on my face!”

  • skocko

    Thanks, Shaun. The card was touching. Sue loved it too.

    I’d reply to the rest of you but I was just handed a Christmas Eve Honey-Do list and if I don’t check it twice I’ll be on the wife’s naughty list.

  • kyle w.

    sleeping on the couch Skocko?

  • Danny O.

    Merry Christmas everybody.

  • Kyle R.

    Went and saw Avatar a few days ago, and all I have to say is WOW… truly spectacular!!! Money well spent!

    Oh, and Merry Christmas everyone! :)

  • Diana I.

    Merry Christmas guys, enjoy your time ! :)

  • Kim L.

    Hi Mr. Skocko! 😀

    I thought you would talk about the movie “Avatar,” 😉
    I saw the day after it come out.
    Of course, my friend and I agreed to see in 3D :)

    o my gosh, IT IS AMAZING!!

    I have to say,
    New Moon was so much better than Twilight. I think its probaly cause they had a different director.
    But that’s not the point,
    the point is…
    My personal opinion,
    nothing comes close to this!
    It was so colorful and beautiful! 😀 I loved it.

    I loved it when they had the night scenes 😀

  • Shaun C

    You’re welcome Skocko, glad you liked it!

  • Shaun C

    Oh and also… I saw Avatar in 3D before it was cool. 😀

  • Stevin H

    Happy Holidays everyone <3 Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate Christmas, and Happy Kwanza to those of you who celebrate Kwanzaa, I believe it started today correct? 😀 ANd Hanukkah ends tomorrow I believe.

    So yah, overall, Happy Holidays, hope you are all having a super fantastically fun winter break <3

    If you would like, “Mr. Skocko” and anyone else who is reading this. Stop by my YouTube channel, I have a Christmas song up, and I’d love for you to stop by and check it out <3

    Love you and cheers to the upcoming New Year <3

  • skocko

    Nice work in progress, Stevin. Why not push the typography a bit more into the pro realm and “finish” the video?

    You might consider collaborating with others to help in polishing your work. You might also think about losing the talking dog and the link to profanity-laced clips. Kinda spoils the message.

  • Ian C.

    I got a Canon 10D for Christmas. Now I’ll probably be seen just as often with the black box in front of my face as without. And also, it’ll be a great way to get Photoshop material if I want to get into that.

  • skocko

    “…if I want to get into that.”

    If I just got a cool new camera, I’d be into that!

  • Stevin H

    What link for “profanity-laced” clips? I didn’t link anything lol ^-^ But if there is something linked, let me know <3 If you see anything in the side that is “bad” it’s not my fault. YouTube manages that 😀 I wouldn’t do something like that <3

    I’m working on a New Years Comedy at the moment. And Skocko, I don’t collaborate with others because “others” slow me down. In the future, I hope to make money, and with that money, I will “hire” others to “collaborate” with me. And in that way, they can’t waste my time by saying, “oh, I can’t come over today, I have this thing with my family” or “I’m going to the movies with my friends, can’t come today, sorry.”

    These are poor excuses and they slow me down. I depend on no one but myself. And by doing that, I become successful, and I learn that it is possible to do anything on your own.

    This famous quote is what drives me..

    “Do not let what you ‘cannot’ do, interfere with what you ‘can’ do.”

    And thank you for taking the time to watch the video. And Skocko, if you want me to truly get my head in the game. Then offer me an opportunity to be able to post my work as my YouTube Channel Background, or even help me figure out how to get my pictures and set them to certain sizes so that I could set it as my Picture, instead of the picture I currently have.

    If you can find a way to get my work in the Mac Lab, to my house through “drop box” and you are there to guide me through it. Then I will be in your class everyday working on projects for my channel, along with the projects that you assign in class.

    I understand that creative freedom is earned, but after seeing my success on YouTube, do you not see that I am dedicated? I am writing the scripts, I’m doing the filming, I’m setting the different camera angles, I’m using multiple personalities to become different people, I’m doing the wardrobe changes with the hair, and clothing, and I’m the one making the music thats playing the background, and I’m the one editing the entire video and rendering it in HD.

    I do this all by myself, “without” collaborating. And I do this all by myself because I “want” to do it. And yes, it is the most painful thing. You have no idea how hard it is to act in front of a camera as different people and get into character and “talk to yourself!” Yes Skocko, I am talking to myself in the videos, but when you put them together, it is as if my characters are talking to one another. And that is the beauty of technology.

    And “that” is the reason why I joined this class. It’s so that I could learn how to use this technology to make such beautiful works of art.

    Happy Holidays.

  • Aaron L.

    I have the worst luck!!!
    I came home from my trip on Christmas eve. Then on the 27th (My Birthday) I took out the camera to take pictures. I had put it in my parents room so no one would touch it. I tried to turn it on and relized it had no battery. I think I forgot to grab one. :(

  • skocko

    Stevin, click the lower link at the end of your video to hear you and your brother in an f-bomb fest. As for the rest, do you really want to have this conversation play out in a public forum?

    Aaron, email me. I’ll grab a battery for you if you still want to shoot. We’re heading out to see Avatar: An IMAX 3D Experience in a few minutes so I won’t be back until this afternoon.

    Everyone, click.

  • Christopher James F.

    2010: Odyssey. I’ve read it, own it too.

  • skocko

    2010: Great book, terrible movie, and a landmark post…

    Coming soon.

  • skocko

    Oh, and it’s going to be a very good year, too!

  • Diana I.

    Very nice photography

  • Diana I.

    I will put this book on my ” Reading List ” :)

  • Diana I.

    ok, Iam commenting like crazy ..bare with me

    You got the best lenses skocko !! I liked the pictures, you filter them in a very nice way.. I took few pictures also over the break but it was hard for me to do the light painting because it seems someone broke my camera !! so I didnt do it :(

    It is 2010 now, 2009 was such a big deal to me,too many new things. 15 years old girl can’t handle this much sometimes 😛

    I hope a Happy New Year to all :)

  • Stevin H

    I don’t care about what others say/think about me. I know myself, and that’s that.

    So yah, feel free to talk about me whenever you want <3 Or talk to me and say whatever. I don’t get hurt by words, I take the useful criticism and use it, and the non-useful and throw them away.

    And I think I know what you are talking about now, it’s either the one dude who who’s a bit on the fat side and is screaming at his viewers? lol. That’s not me <3 Or my brother, but there is one video called “Christmas” (Chris Vlog) and that video I say the “b” word in it. But it’s not me, it’s “Chris” which is one of my characters in a series. But anyways, that video is gone, I only posted it for Christmas, it was something for the viewers to watch to pass time.

    I have to go now to get to work on my New years video, I’ve been working on it since the 27th, and I’m almost done with it. I’ll talk to you later

    p.s. the whole Pizzi thing? I went to it, it looks awesome, seems very interactive, but as I was going through the tutorial I was confused at why some of the text was hiding behind some blue rotating device. I kept playing with it and ended up making the text bigger and smaller and rotating it in circles. But then I just left it because I need to get to work on this video. So I’ll talk to you later Skocko, and I hope you had a happy new year 😀

    Cheers to January 1st, 2010

  • kyle w.

    stayed up far too late last night…or should i say this morning. Probably was awake when skocko was.

    Happy new year mac Lab Blog world! [:

  • Diana I.

    How Iam going to learn this !! or is it not about learning only ?? hmmmm.. Skockooooooooooo I want to do this.. I will not done it like her perfectly but I want to do at least half of her work..

    My take my hat off for her;NO KIDDING !

  • Stevin H

    Well 😀 I am definitely looking forward to these “big” changes in the mac lab 😀 Whether they are physical or mental, either way it will get us on track ^-^ Or at least I hope so haha <3

    I guess that is our New years resolution for the Mac Lab, it’s to make a change. I know I will, but of course I am going to need some help (Mr. Skocko).

    ^-^ Happy 2010

  • Shaun C

    Yes! City 21! Take that! I AM THE RULER OF LAKEWOOD!

  • Christopher James F.

    When I get to the maclab tomorrow, I’m, going to be supers tired, and, therefore, angry with Mr. Doyle. He will feel my pain! (Ironic anime-like first clench to show conviction)

    (It’s ironic ’cause I hate anime [popular])

  • Shaun C

    Us out-of-towners need a video walkthrough of the new and improved Mac Lab!

  • skocko

    Lots to do, everyone. We’ll talk.

    Shaun, not physical changes. Operational. Post coming today.

  • John D.

    What did I do to incur the wrath of C.J. Phlegm? On an unrelated note, I’ll make sure to be super annoying to make up for the past 2 weeks.

  • John D.

    I loved Avatar for the space jellyfish and the whole tentacle pony tail thing.

  • Sofya I.

    Avatar was absolutely AMAZING! it’s one of my favs movie! I LOVE IT 😀

  • Kyle W.

    Don’t be a menace to the south central while ——– your —– in the hood is better.

    Censored because they might be school inappropriate

  • Stevin H

    Well all this talk about Avatar is putting me in a position where I must decide whether or not to watch it. I never have time for movies, but this seems like a once in a life time opportunity to see the movie on the big screen, and especially in 3D. I’ve been working a lot over the break and I believe I am going to spend the money to take my family to the movie sometime soon. If it’s truly such a great movie, it will be well worth it <3

    Thank you.

  • Collin M.

    I saw Avatar and thought it was amazing but I wish they didn’t mix the digital art with actual humans. When I watch a movie I want to escape from reality and be on another planet just like the main character in the movie. Just that part disturbed me. I really enjoyed this movie and I think that I’ll have to go back and see it in 3D so that I am able to take in every aspect of it in its greatness.

  • Tiffany S. C.

    Stevin- this might just be me, but regarding family I’m not entirely sure if it’s appropriate for little kids. I dunno how old your siblings are, but it has a bunch of swear words (too many for my taste) and most of the Na’Vi spent the movie nearly-naked. I don’t know if that will bother you, but just a heads-up if you’re going to bring along little kids. But it was a pretty cool movie.

  • Samantha P

    Let me start out by saying, “I absolutely loved the slide show of you, your wife and daughter. JUST PRECIOUS!”

    Second, AVATAR! Sadly, I had to be forced to go see that movie (imax 3d). Boy, was I surprised! I loved it! Now I am trying to get my mom and brother to see it. They just won’t budge!

    Glad to hear you had an awesome holiday. I, too, went to disneyland on the 26th. You’re never too old to enjoy the magic that happens there (IT “SNOWED”!)

  • Shaun C

    Collin, you HAVE to go back and see it in IMAX 3D when the humans and Na’vi are together in 3D it looks much more realistic.

  • Kyle W.

    Ewwwwww, disneyland ]:

  • Sofya I.

    yeee! 😀

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