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Follow Your Dreams (Week 16)

by on Jan.10, 2010, under Blog

philip_b_magic_words_smHold fast to dreams
for if dreams die,
life is a broken-winged bird
that cannot fly.
Langston Hughes

Ross Ching made a fan vid. Now he’s booked solid with paying gigs after Death Cab for Cutie made his video their own. Victor Navone landed his dream job after crafting Alien Song. Animation student Shane Acker went Hollywood after Tim Burton saw his short film: 9. Uruguayan Fede Alvarez landed a $30,000,000 contract after making a $300 video.

The connection? Each artist dared to follow his dream.

The Internet has irrevocably changed the way the game is played. Stellar work is still the key, but marketing oneself has evolved. Even high school projects can go viral once in a while. No word on Hollywood calling on that last one. 😉

Note: Since flickr is blocked at school (we’re working on changing this), here’s Bud Caddell’s poster used (above) to illustrate following one’s dream. I find it especially relevant that he says:

I’m blown away by how this spread, the comments I’ve received back, and the links across the web. In almost every post about the image, someone asked for a poster, or mentioned printing it out to hang somewhere close by. So I’ve created a poster, using Zazzle, with a much higher res image.

Do you get it? It’s like I’ve written: Find something you love to do and learn to do it so well that someone will pay you to do it. (In case you didn’t get it the first time around, that’s what Bud’s poster says too.) The Internet is your ally in making this happen.

What do you WANT to do with your life? Philip B knows. Philip is a sophomore and first year Mac Lab artist. He’s logged over 5,000 extra minutes (that’s over 80 hours) in his first 15 weeks. Why? Because he wants to be a digital artist. It’s for students like Philip that I suggested blogging for those who know the path they want to follow. It’s never too early to begin your career. I’m impressed with the kids’ start. (Yes, I’ve read all of your posts.) Here’s the initial blog line-up:

Collin May | Danny Owens | Christian Lim | Julia Henderson | Philip Behnam | Fadi George | James Wirig | Steven Moyer (alum)

Take advantage of the opportunities presented to you in the Mac Lab. Other success stories and info on finals to follow. And since some of you didn’t see it… Try this if you’re looking for ideas. Hey, the Mac Lab twitter page is packed with inspiration for you. Take advantage!

Visitor Update: The Bailiwick of Jersey (yes, we had a prior Baliwick) and The Republic of Ghana are countries 135 and 136 to knock on our door.

0111: Yes, it’s confirmed. Prezi seems to handle line-art poorly. Don’t sweat it for this round of portfolios. The important thing is to try a new presentation technique. We’re all learning together. Perhaps you can discover other alternatives? anyone? Hey, it’s kinda cool. Watch this video. And it gets even better.

Job Board Open: We’ll be soliciting graphics and multimedia projects from the school at large. If you’d like to participate, see me. Jobs link at top of page.

0112: Embedding and/or linking to your new portfolio. So easy a teacher can do it! Preserving the Old Site | Embedding the Prezi | Embedding (full-screen mystery) | Text Link to | Linking to Old Site | Fame and fortune for he or she who solves the full-screen mystery! (Okay, maybe just fame.) Christian L claims the prize but since it looks so much better hosted on let’s just link to the site. If you want to do both: Click.

Student WordPress Update: Mario Shamhmon | Kate Austin | Troublesome Game Design (Kyle, there’s no “supposedly” about it!)

Hey! Check the Job Board!

0113: If you’re interested, check out the Photoshop Top 40. Free at

Required: As it says in the 0108 update here, you’re required to have an avatar this week. See the instructions linked from the 0108 update. When finished, post a comment here (scroll down after clicking) to prove you’ve done it. Also, some people don’t like the look of the Prezi or on their index page. If that’s you, feel free to design an image and place it on your index page. Select the image and link (in Properties, just like making a text link) to Prezi or Important: NO! Under NO circumstances do I want to see your old InDesign site on your index page.

New Mac Lab Bloggers: Kyle Wheaton | Chris Canel and Kyle Rodenbo (collaborative effort)

Best of the Mac Lab Video + Galleries: I need to update both. If I forgot to grab your best work, let me know. Not sure? Look in this year’s galleries: Self Portraits | Logos | Posters | 3D Logos | Collaborative Projects | Illustrations | 3D Renders | Photography and Photoshop Galleries coming this weekend. I’ll accept submissions now. (Am I missing any categories?)

0114: Is this Arabic, simply beautiful, or both? Speaking of that…

Attention Mac Lab Light Painters: Click | Click | Click (Scroll down to: Best New Student Art Challenge of 2009) Several light painters have already stepped forward. (Don’t forget to submit your images to me.) There’s still time for you to join in the fun. A few cameras are available for this weekend.

New Mac Lab Bloggers: Alumni Lauren Carlton (now at UCSC) | Shaun Cunningham (transferred to Lakewood High School)

Reminders: Is your work in this year’s galleries? Self Portraits | Logos | Posters | 3D Logos | Collaborative Projects | Illustrations | 3D Renders (I’m also updating the Best of Video with the best of your submissions) The Job Board has unclaimed projects. Also, about 100 students still need to comment for avatar proof-of-concept. Go here and scroll down to see for yourself. (BTW, most of you made fantastic avatars!)

0115: Has anyone even tried this? Heck, it’s a brilliant idea for each month’s desktop pic! Six rotating projects for the remainder of the 0910 school year. Heck, why not create a Mac Lab Calendar for the 1011 school year? Lots of other project ideas on the Job Board. And I can’t believe that so few have played around with the Blob Brush! Polly want a project idea.

Last chance to submit avatars today. (Scroll down after you click.)

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