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Give Me a Hand (Week 26)

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venitia_b_01_smThose doing the studies say that the best results seem to come from [participants] who are relaxed, attentive, and meditative, excited by the task, which they see as an adventure rather than a test of their worth.
β€” Lyall Watson

Now I can’t claim that some of the Mac Lab’s best multitaskers (Venetia B) have been either relaxed or meditative lately, but they certainly understand that they’re part of a grand adventure. Their worth is not in question. The great JOBS experiment has developed a life of its own and shows no sign slowing down. And while we need more members for our overworked teams as our clientele grows, it’s important to keep an eye on Mr. Watson’s observational truism. Adventurers wanted!

Speaking of adventures, Paint the World With Light is set to relaunch. Only light painters need to check this page. Watch the videos at your leisure but pay attention to the instructions, push your art towards excellence, and focus on COMMUNITY!

Assignments: Do I really need to say that last week’s instructions still hold?

For those of you who don’t remember…

Assignment: The final in here will involve showing what you know, as usual. Some of you don’t seem to be taking the Elements of Art and Principles of Design (begin reading at the Principles of Design heading) as seriously as you should. I will be looking for proof in your work and in your responses during the Q and A in the presentation. (The end-of-year final will be more formal than the semester final.) Color Theory will also be front and center as will Typography.

Need a job?

0323: You know what’s really disappointing? After I’ve turned you on to these Photoshop techniques and these Photoshop techniques (both right here) I see some of you working without the slightest clue of how to approach image enhancement or possessing even the vaguest concept of print vs Web resolution. It’s almost as if some of you aren’t paying attention. And here I was, thinking of you as Smart Objects. Silly me. Would it even be worth it to show you this? See Nitty Gritty Noise on Nitty Gritty Market Street (if you’re interested) right here.

See, one of my problems is that I promised to show you a technique I used on the Jobs Page but [sarcasm] I don’t want to re-explain all the basics [/sarcasm] again and again. If only you could grasp a few simple strategies, oh, the places you’ll go!

Or not. Your choice.

International Update: Speaking of places to go, Guadeloupe is number 143 in our visitor hit parade. Who’d have thought you’d be learning geography in the Mac Lab?

Free Image Editor: Don’t have Photoshop at home? Try Sumo Paint (at home) if you don’t like Phoenix or More free apps and resources here. You don’t need to spend money to work creatively on your home computer!

Light Painters: Lots of new ideas here.

Reminder: Computers fail. Back up your files. The easiest way is via DropBox. Only you can prevent data loss!

UPDATE: | ZCentral | ZClassroom | ZVids | ZBlog | ZBC | ZDay tomorrow in the Mac Lab!

0324: Your choice today. Jobs, Photoshop, or ZBrush. Yes, those last two links led right back here. Why? Because the links to the resources are on this page. And this one. And especially this one. Yes, I know. If you’d only learn you wouldn’t be so daunted. Try this:

1. Press: Command-F
2. Type: Photoshop (or whatever word you want to find)
3. Press: Return
4. Say: Oh yeah!
5. Repeat as necessary
6. Say: I wish I’d learned this the first time around

For the pitiful crew: ZVids is where to start your ZAdventures.

International Update: The Republic of Nicaragua brings us to 144 countries. That means Belize is our only Central America holdout. Maybe they’re all looking at this or wondering about this instead. We live on such a cool planet!

0325: We have a presentation from FIDM today, periods 3-7. Students in multiple periods may work the second (or third) go-round.

Mac Lab Student in 2010/11? Thanks to this project, there’s a distinct possibility that some of us will be boarding a jet for China next year about this time. Details coming soon.

Thanks to the Joplins! The Mac Lab is going to receive one 16GB WiFi iPad on April 3. We’ll also have the means to develop apps and games for all the iDevices when we return from Spring Break. This is entirely due to the generosity of the Joplin family. Thanks to Mike, Rochelle, and all the kids for making this exciting new opportunity possible!

Want to work on the Mac Lab iPad Development Team? The sign up sheet is next to the clipboard. Serious students only!

Reminder: Light Painters needed over Spring Break. Don’t even think about asking for a camera unless you’ve read and viewed everything on this page. That includes reading and thinking about the Guiding Questions. Let’s do this right!

The Video Team’s Latest Ad: Dodgeball (for ASB)

0326: What? Today’s the last day of Mac Lab until April 5th?! How will we survive?

Well, first you’re invited to stay on the job. Then there’s the nighttime and early morning adventures to capture. And the video team is filming another commercial to compliment this one and this one. Plus there’s always something to engage your mind. And what about all this? Or all this? Don’t have the software at home? That’s no problem!

Whew! I guess it won’t be so bad after all. πŸ˜‰

FREE PASS: Want a crash course in ZBrush (or virtually any other app) over Spring Break? Set aside some time, download a demo version of the software (whatever app you want to learn) and use this link for a free 24 hour pass to I’ve gone through about 20 of these and they work just fine on a Mac. (And the guy’s really good!) I’ve been a subscriber for years and it’s money well spent. For Photoshop and Illustrator, Deke’s the man. For Camera Raw, I like Chris Orwig. Lynda’s Creative Inspirations series is also worth watching. Oh, and how could I forget Cinema 4D and After Effects?

Like I said, virtually any app. Even this one (for our iApp Team).

Light Painters: Most of the participant’s submissions (don’t spend class time viewing this) may be found here. A few schools are missing and will be uploaded later today. Check the work at home, become inspired by your peers, and push the bar through the roof! Let’s make the book into something special. We can help to make a difference in these kids’ lives.

Preview: Want to learn how to create images like this?


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