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Manufacturing Success

by on Aug.04, 2010, under Blog

paul_b_tubes_555Create the circumstances of your own success.
Bob Regan / Adobe Director Worldwide K12 Education

Okay, he didn’t actually say that. It was more along the lines of, We’re creating the circumstances of our own success. Regardless, it was one of those electric moments. I grabbed a pen, and taking a cue from Bob’s own story, scrawled the paraphrased version that we’ll be using in the Mac Lab this year. (Who’s making the poster?)

Right now I have more tasks than time. To create the circumstances of my own success, I’m going to have to prioritize. And that means the cool stories about the week at Adobe will just have to wait a while.

iParent Update: The district loved with both submissions but wants to use Fadi’s. (Sorry, Philip.) Fadi, here’s the feedback: Love the postcard and the simplicity of it (presentation is misspelled). For the poster, take out Save the Date and the Workshops to Include. That gives a bit more room on the top to make the purpose, time, date, entertainment, etc. a bit larger. Here’s the district logo. (Biggest one they gave me.) Also, use dark blue rather than black.

Make sense? They want to print soon so jump on it.

Message from Valhalla’s Architect: We’re getting close to where we will be generating concepts for the Preforming Arts Center — probably a week or two away. I know several of you have artwork ready to go (or almost so). Don’t drop the ball on this one! Details in the 0628 update. (Someone wake James up.)

Food Services Menu: The district director is still waiting for a revised submission. Remember, he liked both James’ and Philip’s. See the Jobs Page for more details. They want to print before school begins.

Float: A New Global Collaborative Project: Like light painting, we’re going to learn use the camera to capture specific imagery. This time it’s people and other things in mid-air. Float — Get it? No Photoshop tricks. Enhancement is fine; manipulation is not. More info on this later but our job is to produce some student-generated examples for the rest of the global participants to use as a starting point. As always, good composition is a must.

Okay, One Quick Story: Whenever Bob Regan was speaking, I kept trying to figure out who he reminded me of. When it finally struck me, it was perfect. The Adobe Education Grand Poobahs are all wild and crazy guys and gals — as fun as they are inspirational. Appropriate that the K12 Big Cheese reminded me of this distinguished, beloved figure.

International Visitors: Zambia is the 159th country to visit our blog.

Have to run. Will proofread, edit, and give credit to Paul B later. 😉

0806: Am finally able to upload videos and images to the blog again. Have been shut out since moving to the new server and am recording with abandon. I’ll let you know where things are when I make a bit more progress.

Bad News: Remember how it was suggested that we’d be moving into Room 252 and expanding it to include room 247 by knocking down the wall? That 30′ x 70′ classroom isn’t going to happen now. It turns out that the wall between the two rooms is loaded with electrical and other essentials. I found out a few weeks ago.

Good News: I met with our Facilities Manager today. We’re staying in 246 and the wall (the part of it by computers 11 – 18) is probably coming down. (Nothing is ever certain in education until it happens.) When (if) that happens, 252 will become part of the new and improved Mac Lab. We’ll finally have the space to grow and it’s a much better solution than the one that (thankfully) fell through. The bulk of the students will remain in 246 with some spillover into 252. The rest of the space? Well, start planning. What about a green screen in the corner? A makeshift recording studio? Planning and production? Oh, the possibilities! …If it happens.

Performing Arts Center Update: Art for the banners is due August 16th. Get on it! (See details above.)

0807: The Student Page has been updated with new videos to acclimate all students (including veterans) to 2010/11 policies and procedures in the Mac Lab. Am ecstatic to have finally begun recording and assembling resources for next year’s crew. However, due to an elusive gremlin in the new server, I’m currently limited to 8MB per file so the videos are fairly short and succinct.

Okay, occasional rambling and obligatory theatrics may be included in the mix. 😉

Note: Any veteran who wants to get a jump on the year and check for mismatched uploads and other miscues is invited to do so. Should an incoming Mac Lab newbie read this before school begins, BRAVO! Post a comment and we’ll discuss your reward.

International Update: Someone visiting from the Åland Islands brought our total to 160 countries.

0810: Just downloaded our copy of the very cool ZBrush 4.0 upgrade. Add Cinema 4D 11.5, the CS5 Master Collection, and all the rockin’ hardware we have — from cameras to computers — and the Mac Lab is armed for artistic world-conquest. Have to start building the master image for the lab soon.

5 Weeks of 5 Prize Arrives: (Say that 5 times quickly.) FedEx just drove off. Adobe wound up sending DVDs and printed registration info. Which one of you wants to be responsible for distributing the loot to the others?

0811: Christopher Canel will have the CS5 Master Collection winnings later today (once he wakes and contacts me). He’ll coordinate the distribution of your prizes. Congrats!

Congrats Also to Alum Adam Lee: Adam snagged The One Two Watch Award for The Prodigy at the 2010 Asian American International Film Festival in New York City last month. Here’s a look back at his first Mac Lab production. (Note: Adam’s Ben of the Dead collaborator was eventually pulled from the Mac Lab due to low marks in core subjects. It pays to do well in ALL classes!)

0817: Fadi and Philip’s designs were sent off the clients. So far, Food Services wants something different. Looks like we’ll be photographing the food on the menu and incorporating pics in the design. Details to follow. I expect to hear from the iParent crew later today. And I guess no one wanted to help Valhalla’s architect with the Performing Arts banners (see above). Too bad.

FLOAT: Anyone have early shots to share for this new worldwide project? (Shoot in burst mode.)

Random Stats: Spam is officially out of control. Check the graph. On the other hand, the race to half a million page views will probably end in early September. We currently sit at 478,189 pages viewed since April of ’09. Considering the average visitor currently spends 8:07 per visit, that means people have spent 926,136 minutes here on the blog. Which milestone will fall first: .5M pv’s or 1M min?

0818: Lucky you. The Performing Arts banner deadline was just extended by the architect. He really wants to use your artwork. You’ve got until next week. Who will step up? (Details above.) No word on the iParent poster yet, Fadi.

0830: Guess what? Turns out the wall will come down… next summer. Oh well, just one more jam-packed Mac Lab for the 10/11 school year.

Illustrator CS5 Goodness: If you haven’t noticed, there’s a whole bunch of new tutorials right here. Oh, the art we’ll create!

School Started Today: Well, maybe not for you, but it did for me. (No, I’m not talking about Valhalla or the Mac Lab. Details to follow… Next Tuesday.)

0831: Sitting at the desk in the Mac Lab once again. Man, what a great summer it was. I’ll be tied up the next few days with staff meetings and afterward, with homework for that other school I mentioned.

Looking for Volunteers: Are you interested in a fun-filled day in the Mac Lab? This Friday you are invited to help clean screens, keyboards, mice, and even the tables! Oh, and you thought the best part of summer was over. The fun starts at 8:00 am. Don’t miss this exciting once-in-a-lifetime event!

0903: Thanks to students Christopher Canel, Fadi George, Kyle Wheaton, and Philip Behnam, plus alums Christian Lim, Steven Moyer, and Danny Owens for going above and beyond the call of duty in helping to clean and organize the Mac Lab today — all day! Bravo!

From the That’s Just Wrong Department: Just saw this notice when logging in to WordPress Admin: Akismet has protected your site from 10,001 spam comments already, and there are 5 comments in your spam queue right now. (I’ve been cleaning it out all day.) Get this: 1,248 spams in June, 1,695 in July, and 2,380 in August. I don’t like this trend. What is wrong with these people?!

Tomorrow, Tomorrow: The Video Team is coming back to Valhalla tomorrow to run through a test shoot for a top secret product launch they’ll be filming soon. These guys landed a commercial gig for a very cool company’s product that will be hitting the marketplace before you know it. Oh, are they going to be busy this year!

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