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Something Extra (Week 22)

by on Feb.21, 2012, under Blog

Not only does everyone today need more education to build the critical thinking and problem-solving skills that are now necessary for any good job; students also need better education. We define “better education” as an education that nurtures young people to be creative creators and creative servers, That is, we need our education system not only to strengthen everyone’s basics—reading, writing, and arithmetic—but to teach and inspire all Americans to start something new, to add something extra, or to adapt something old in whatever job they are doing.
Friedman and Mandelbaum / That Used to Be Us

Left unsaid in that paragraph is that students need to be active participants in the quest for “better education.” If you don’t want to strengthen your basic skills, there’s not much a teacher can do. If you don’t want to bring something extra to the classroom, “better education” will remain a goal rather than an experience.

You play the key role in making education better, not the teacher.

So what’s it going to be? What’s your something extra?

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Kudos: You may have noticed the blog’s appearance changing last week. That’s Vincent A bringing something extra to the classroom. Vincent’s only a sophomore but he’s already got his own business (with paying customers) and he’s agreed to take on some serious challenges with our site. As with any innovative process, we’ll hit some bumps in the road as more changes are implemented. Hang on and enjoy the ride.

Epic Win: He’s also created his first plugin. More news to come.

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0222: Time to stretch your creative legs. If you don’t like my tutorials, here are some others:

Is that enough? 😛

For project ideas, check Inspiration or our Galleries. (Yes, I know I need to update our galleries.)

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0223: Work on your projects. Create something extraordinary!

Interesting Comments: Something unexpected and something amazing (I snagged a copy because Flickr is blocked at school).

MLSS: The district is doing major maintenance this Saturday and we may have to cancel. Will let you know tomorrow.

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0224: Major MLSS news below. Be sure to read the whole post.

Period 2, 3, 4: We’ll watch a few short videos in class today. All are blocked at school but just in case you want to watch any of them again: Little Bribes | Subprime | The Future of Publishing

Think about what you might create if you put your mind to it.

Period 5, 6, 7: We have a presentation from the Art Institute today. UPDATE: Rescheduled for next Tuesday. (Presenter sick.) Work on projects.

MLSS: There might not be a Mac Lab Saturday School™ this weekend. I won’t know until after 3:00 when I can test to see if World of Warcraft works. (The district is actually working on making this happen for us after school and on Saturdays but there are some technical problems they’re working out.) If it does work, we’ll have our first Mac Lab Weekend WoW Conclave tomorrow. If it doesn’t, we’ll cancel and try again next weekend. If you were assigned a Mac Lab Saturday School by the VPs, I’ll arrange to have it postponed after 3:00 if WoW fails to load completely (as it did yesterday afternoon).

Either way, I’ll post the news before 4:00 this afternoon. Check the blog to know.

If it’s a go, and you want to play, you MUST either have an active WoW account or you MUST sign up for the free trial. (That link may have a strikethrough due to district filters that no longer apply to our lab.) Remember your username, password, and security question answer because Blizzard is sure to notice you’re signing in from a new location and they’re serious about verifying that you are actually you. We can’t load the game on computers until the district clears the blocks so our first day will involve some setup.

UPDATE: Tomorrow’s MLSS is cancelled. The district will try to fix the connection problems next week. I’ll keep you informed.

Coming Monday: New Scoresheets.

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