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Work It (Week 30)

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There’s no such thing as a creative type. As if creative people can just show up and make stuff up. As if it were that easy. I think people need to be reminded that creativity is a verb, a very time-consuming verb. It’s about taking an idea in your head and transforming that idea into something real. And that’s always going to be a long and difficult process. If you’re doing it right, it’s going to feel like work.
Milton Glaser

Then maybe I did it wrong.

I agree with everything in that Glaser quote except that last sentence. Sure, searching for fresh ideas then bringing them to life can be a long and difficult process but I always thought it was fun. As a kid, I picked fruit and vegetables during the summer months. That was work. The two summers after high school, I was a laborer for a construction company. That was work. I started my first business—Back Room Graphics—during my second year at college. That was fun!

So, are creative efforts fun or work? Like everything else, that depends on your personal perspective.

In all cases of perception, from the most basic to the most sophisticated, the meaning of the experience is recognized by the observer according to a horizon of expectation within which the experience will be expected to fall.
James Burke / The Day the Universe Changed

I don’t know. Maybe Glaser expects creative efforts to feel like work. What I know for certain is that I expect creative efforts to be fun.

Maybe we’re both right.

And if it really is a choice, if it really boils down to our personal perspective—our frame of mind—I’ll choose fun over work every single time.

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Kudos: Thanks to Andrew P for this week’s evocative work in progress.

CS6: Adobe announced their new product line this morning and I’m no longer bound by my NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement). I’ve been playing with the beta versions of the Master Collection for the past six weeks or so. I’ll install it on your computers as soon as Adobe releases the product to the public (thanks to our amazingly generous anonymous donor). Here are the first videos Adobe asked me to make. Just quick intros describing a few features. Many more coming soon.

Magazine Cover Contest: Call for Entries.

MLSS: Last Mac Lab Saturday School™ before Progress Reports is this weekend from 6:30 – 12:00.

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0424: You guys helped to turn the tide, twice! (Friday and yesterday) Nicole won (she thinks it was 1153 to 1052) and Adobe has a new, rockin’ Photoshop Evangelist. It wouldn’t have happened without all of you. See? You did help make the world a little better place. Nicole and her students send their thanks.

Here is another of her tutorials. Lots of creative possibilities, don’t you think? Oh, and I added another video to the CS6 collection. Looks like I’ll have to start a new page for the links.

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0425: Adobe is offering a new way for you to use their software. It’s called the Creative Cloud:

An Adobe Creative Cloud Student and Teacher Edition membership gives you access to every Adobe Creative Suite 6 desktop application, plus online services and other new apps as they’re released, giving you the freedom to create anything you can imagine.

If you’re interested in using Adobe software at home, you might want to check it out.

New Video: I added another video to the CS6 list (above).

Magazine Cover Contest: Call for Entries.

MLSS: Last Mac Lab Saturday School™ before Progress Reports is this weekend from 6:30 – 12:00.

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0426: If you’re not already a member of, you might want to sign up for some very cool perks. Curious? Check it out for yourself.

Remember: Last Mac Lab Saturday School™ before Progress Reports is this weekend from 6:30 – 12:00.

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0427: You’ll get a preview of the new interactive version of the blog next week. It’s just beginning to take shape, but dang, it’s already pretty cool. We’ll talk XP and Virtual Currency then and you’ll get to update yours before the Progress Report. See me today if you’re interested in learning PHP to help Vincent and Semar with the project. Your ideas for TAG will be welcomed too. But wait for next week’s post to share them.

Every Four Days: On May 4, The Avengers opens. On May 8, The Perpetual Testing Initiative goes live. I wonder what’s in store for May 12?

Remember: Last Mac Lab Saturday School™ before Progress Reports is tomorrow from 6:30 – 12:00.

Photoshop: Still looking for new videos? Try these.

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0428: If someone’s at your computer, watch this video to learn how to connect to your computer. Easy, eh? Have fun!

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