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Reading the Map (Week 33)

by on May.14, 2012, under Blog

However, when those feelings of knowing tell you that you’re getting closer—when you feel the poetic meter slowly improve, or sense that the graphic design is being unconcealed—then you need to keep on struggling. Continue to pay attention until it hurts; fill your working memory with problems. Before long, that feeling of knowing will become actual knowledge.
Jonah Lehrer / Imagine: How Creativity Works 

Do you get it? Here’s another way to look at it:

Pay attention to the whispers of your soul. Trust them as you would a map, because that’s what they are.
— Andrew Heller

I’ll be sharing a tale of discovery in class today. Before getting to work, please re-read those two quotes at least one more time and think about what those words might mean in your own life.

And just in case you think these ideas just come from books I’ve read, here’s something from my own journey:

The sensation I’m experiencing is consistent with other visions and moments of “knowing.” A tingling sensation that seems to begin at the top of my head is rippling through my body. I’ve long associated this electric sensation as a confirmation of Truth. A November 10, 1981 journal entry is typical of many others. It reads:

If I can hold on to my trust and believe the feeling of truth that engulfs me when understanding occurs, a door will open.
— from The Feeling of Truth

Five more weeks. Get to it. 😛

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Kudos: Pierce O joined the Mac Lab at the semester. Take a look at his blog to see what he’s accomplished in the past 17 weeks. Amazing what a little effort can achieve.

MLSS: Yes, there’s a Mac Lab Saturday School™ this weekend. After that the only ones left are June 9 and 16.

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  • skocko

    Cool coincidence: After typing the first quote, I began wondering if some of you might have trouble understanding what the author was saying so I searched the blog for Heller’s quote (I knew it was in here somewhere). Found it in this post. While proofreading, I followed the Feeling of Truth link to read the page in the context of this post. Following links there, I wound up on a page that also referenced Heller’s quote.

    Small world, eh?

  • Tyler R

    Everything happens for a reason, that whisper I hear in my internal ear says, “Follow your dreams. Stay on the path which with I have shown you how to become successful.” Each day I hear these words inside my mind, and wonder if by some chance, it is not me CONSCIOUSLY saying that, rather my unconscious mind directing me to my next life objective.
    Life is not just a game, if it were, we would get the chance to go back and fix our past mistakes, and people who live in the past, never hear their unconscious mind directing them towards the future which they dream of. Heed the advice you are giving yourself, listen to your dreams, and write (or talk) about your feelings whenever you get the chance, if you do, you will become more in touch with yourself and figure out what your internal mind really wants you to pursue as a life goal.
    Enjoy your life as if it were a game, but live it to the fullest of its own extent.

  • Noor S.

    Hey Skocko, what are we doing for the state testing in here?

  • Alex A

    I enjoy my life because I play video games all day everyday

  • skocko

    It’s a surprise. But one you’ll probably like. 8)

  • skocko

    Okay, then you have a Mac Lab Saturday School™ for playing video games during class. 😛

  • Chris M.

    The Mac Lab and Skocko is like a Renaissance Man, well rounded in the arts of illustrator, photoshop, cinema and many more. Its a untaped resouce that people don’t use to its full advantage, I have to admit I haven’t always used the Mac Lab to its full advantage, when I should have. My point is invest in the Mac Lab, use it to its full potential, apply AMP and Code of Honor to your everyday life and you shall succeed! Huzza!

  • Alex A

    thanks for the offer but these games are to mature for the mac lab so i will stay home and play them. ps shocking news that you will find i am coming to the last two saturday schools for world of warcraft and fun maybe i will learn how amazing world of warcraft is so will see.

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