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Contact info: Mike Skocko (please call me Mike) 619.593.5446 Syllabus

NOTE: If you want to speak with me directly, please call before 8:20 AM or during breaks. I typically arrive around 6:30 each morning and leave by 3:15. If that’s not possible, please try to call during the second half of the period. Bell Schedules are posted on Valhalla’s Website.

Student Blogs: Here are links to this year’s TAG Blogs. TAG is shorthand for The Artist’s Guild. Here’s how the idea evolved.

A Word About Grades: I don’t post grades online because we focus on long-term goals and grades don’t change from week to week. D and F reports are issued every three weeks and progress reports or semester grades every six. My rubric (below) enables students to know where they stand.

In a room filled with IEPs, 504s, Plus Codes, ELLs, and everything from 0.6 to 4.6 GPAs, there has to be a way for every kid to reach toward his/her own level of personal excellence and achievement. Expectations in the Mac Lab run sky-high but they are also flexible enough to allow each student the opportunity to excel if he/she tries hard enough. Because students begin the year with widely-varied levels of experience and expertise, they will progress through the Quests at widely-varied rates. Depth and breadth of knowledge and skill requires persistent effort. Students are judged against themselves, not their peers.

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