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Gallery 037 — 1011 Desktop Calendars

by on Jan.01, 2011, under Galleries

christopher_c_calendar_01_smThis project was announced yesterday (1231) and within hours I received the first two submissions. I’m a lucky teacher to have such amazing students.

Kudos: Christopher C, fresh back from the frozen Midwest (though how Wisconsin is considered a Midwestern State is beyond me), submitted this apt image for January 2011.

1011 Desktop Calendars


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Gallery 036 — 1011 Illustration

by on Jan.01, 2011, under Galleries

kiera_h_01_smSo many of you have begun to explore your illustrative skills that it’s time to open this gallery. Don’t submit until after you’ve enhanced your illustration in Photoshop.

Kudos: Freshman Kiera H has fallen in love with the Pen Tool and is being compensated by clients. Details in Week 15 blog post (coming soon).

1011 Illustration Gallery


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Gallery 035 — 1011 Photography

by on Jan.01, 2011, under Galleries

diana_i_02_smHere’s the gallery that’s always drawn the short straw in years past. With a vow to keep it updated (as best I can), the door is now open for submissions.

Kudos: Diana I is one of many passionate Mac Lab photographers. Here’s a wonderful example of finding beauty in the simplest of subjects.

1011 Photography Gallery


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Gallery 034 — 1011 Posters

by on Jan.01, 2011, under Galleries

philip_b_wcp_smWe’ve yet to actually begin making posters (as an assignment) but here’s where the best of the year will go. A few veterans have already come through with posters for clients.

Kudos: Philip B has come through with posters for Valhalla’s Vocal Music Program twice so far.

1011 Poster Gallery


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Gallery 033 — 1011 Logos

by on Dec.06, 2010, under Galleries

fadi_logo_01_smI realize that some of you have yet to reach the logo project but it’s time to open this year’s gallery.

Kudos: Fadi and I have talked about this design. We’re both pretty sure it exists elsewhere as the idea is too brilliantly simple to have escaped the design community but Fadi did work out the interlocking Gs on his own. It led to a worthwhile discussion of respecting intellectual property.

Link: 1011 Logo Gallery.

Side Note: I’ll never forget how crestfallen I was (about 30 years ago) when I discovered why the gallery owners exclaimed that my work reminded them of Agam and Vasarely. They took a piece on consignment but I had mixed feelings as I left. A quick visit to the library (pre-Internet days) revealed that Yaacov Agam and Victor Vasarely had already broken and explored many of the ideas I had thought were my own. (This happened long before I returned to college to acquire my BFA. Live and learn.)

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