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Julia H submits the first request, Fadi G answers it, and we’re off and running!

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Julia Henderson | Blog
Julia’s files are on YouTube (blocked at school)

Christopher Canel | Blog

10 Ways to Improve a Photograph:

Miscellaneous Photoshop Techniques:

Canon Rebel XTi Basics

Light Painting

Before the Shoot

During the Shoot

After the Shoot

Kyle Wheaton | Blog

Photoshop Toolbar

Misc Photoshop

Philip Behnam | Blog


After Effects

Misc. Photoshop

Fadi George | Blog


Fadi’s Tips

Diana Issa | Blog

Tiffany C

Vincent Astolfi | Blog

Alumni Mentor | Christian Lim | Blog

Converting an Image Into a Digital Painting | Intro:

Videos relating to Christian’s Mixer Brush Tutorial

Alumni Mentor | Steven Moyer | Blog

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