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NOTE: All content on this page will be replaced over the summer for the 2010/11 school year. New and improved project page content coming soon. As for now, projects are mostly scattered throughout this year’s blog posts. I didn’t keep this page current. (My bad.)

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Before we begin, I’d like to refer you to a few comics that tell the story you’ll be living this year. First up, Calvin and Hobbes from our old tutorial page. Coincidentally, this morning’s comics featured something else that’s applicable: The Jedi Teacher. Thanks to Bill and Hillary (no, not that Bill and Hillary) for permission to use their brilliant work for educational purposes.

The Pen Tool [3D and Digital Arts]: Along the lines of the Jedi Teacher‘s first message, it’s time for the student (you) to master the fundamentals of the Pen Tool in Illustrator. Note: All tutorials will be linked off of the 2.0 Tutorial page. More Information.

Self Portrait [3D and Digital Arts]: This project will last all year long in various incarnations. For now, we’ll start with a simple self portrait based off a Photo Booth snapshot. Begin by viewing successful projects from past year. Yes, look at them again! I’m expecting yours to be better than most of the self portraits from last year. Tutorials are on the Illustrator CS4 page. More Information.

Desktop Pictures [3D and Digital Arts]: The “wallpaper” on your computer will ALWAYS be something you’ve created. More Information.

Creating and Maintaining Your Website [3D and Digital Arts]: All of your work will be turned in via your Website. More Information.

Logo/Logotype [3D and Digital Arts]: Introduction to typography. More Information.

Designing with Pathfinder [3D and Digital Arts]: Strategies for creating shapes, splines, and exploring positive and negative space. More Information.

Poster Design [3D and Digital Arts]: Continuing typography and the Elements and Principles of Design (critical information for all classes). More Information.

Kunstbar — Art History WebQuest [3D and Digital Arts]: Art history in a Glass. More Information.

Three Dimensional Logo + Animation [3D]: Taking vectors into Cinema 4D. More Information.

Creating Your Avatar [3D and Digital Arts]: For use on the blog and around the Web 2.0 world. More Information.

Favicon Design [3D and Digital Arts]: Customizing your Website. More Information.

Illustrating with the Blob Brush [Digital Arts]: Learning to love line art. More Information.

Learn it all.