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The majority of CS4 and CS5 tutorials are scattered throughout the blog. Now that the blog has grown beyond my wildest expectations, that turns out to have been a bad decision. Oh well, live and learn.

NEW: 1001 Creative Suite Tips and Tricks (a work in progress)
The Mac Lab Video Tip of the Day (CS5)
Quick Tips: Short Attention Span Tutorials (CS5)

CS5: CS5 Central is a work in progress.

Off-Site Resources for Educators: Adobe Education Exchange | My Resources on the Exchange (registration required)

Classroom Management, Expectations, Rubric: Student Page

For now, there are somewhere around 3,000+ tutorials linked below. Like the regrettable decision to weave new videos into blog posts as I went, many can only be found by following less than obvious links in my old website.

Pre-Blog Tuts
Narrated: CS4 Collection (many additional tuts within blog posts) | Flash CS3 | Illustrator CS3 | Photoshop CS3Dreamweaver CS3 | Flash 8 | Photoshop 7 | Cinema 4D

Without Sound: Flash MX2004 | Flash MX | Photoshop 7

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Sources of Inspiration
Watch First: The A-Ha! Moment | The A-Ha! Post

New sources added regularly. More inspiration: Imagery | Video | Links |

The Original Sources of Inspiration Videos (From the CS3 Page) Worth a look!
What are Sources of Inspiration? | Three Rookies and a Veteran | Another Veteran’s Site |
Bed, Bath, and Bus | Metaphoric Clarifications | Experimentation | Clarifications | Playing Around
Believe | The Video | If you want to see it without me yammering, click
An Unrealized Idea | First Flashing | First Animation (see the SWF here)
Good Idea / Didn’t Work | Thinking in Flash
Masking Prelude | Student Examples: Peter | Brian | Daniel
Make It Your Own | What Others Have Created

Real-Time Exploration of an Idea
Will it Work? | Not a Mask | Starter File | What You’ll Build | Set the Stage | Create the Not-Mask | Duplicate and Position It | Scripting the Buttons | Animating the Image | Scripting the Roundtrip Action | Adding the Preloader (Right-Click to download Preloader File) | Final Thoughts | Right-Click to download The Final FLA

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Written guidelines and narrated video tutorials

Working in the Mac Lab: Accounts and Networking | ELL Tools |

Illustrator CS4:
The Pen Tool Getting Started | Finding the Files | Project Files | Switching Apps | Fundamentals: Turn Smart Guides OffFill, Stroke, and Straight Lines | Smooth Curves | Changing Directions | Practice, Practice, Practice | The Power of the White Arrow | Saving Work | The Maze | Continuing the Maze | Continuing | Finishing the Maze |

The Self Portrait: See this page.

Typography Intro: What You’ll Learn The Holy Trinity of Typography! | Something(s) You Didn’t Know But You Sure as Heck Better Know! | Text Tool Tips Must Know Info! (As is every video that follows!) | Graphic Design Tricks | Adjusting Preferences | Kerning and Shortcut | Fine Kerning | Font Size Adjustment and Shortcut | Adjusting Leading and Shortcut | Adjusting Tracking and Shortcut | Finishing Touch | A Word of Advice and an Extra Tip | Proof of Concept |

Projects: See the Project Page for specifics. (Under Construction)

Food for Thought: Mac Lab Critiques™ |

Learn it all.