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Last year I failed to keep this page current but during the 0910 school year, we had a rocking’ Jobs Page.

Optional Quests:

Note: You must have at least 300 XP to compete for any job. The typical job will earn 50 XP but I reserve the right to award more (or less) depending on the time, effort, and quality of final result.

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Got Plans? Every year the district asks schools to design the poster for the event. A committee votes on the best poster. The past two years Mac Lab students have won. Philip B had to work over summer and the beginning of the school year providing designs for a flyer and postcard version too… in three languages! (English, Spanish, and Arabic) 150 well-earned XP!

Theatre Poster: Theatre Arts needs a poster design for Alice at the Palace (a steampunk version of Alice in Wonderland). Example by my desk. Completed: 50 XP for Semar Y, Emily C, and Jake S.

Videos for Homecoming (ASB): Join the Video Team to earn XP and to learn the art of filmmaking. Completed The Video Team came through with solid projects in a very short window of time. Here are the results. (Yes, YouTube is blocked at school.) XP Earned: Olivia M: 25, Oday, Y: 50, Zach B: 50, Ian C: 100, Vincent A: 175, Emily C: 225, Jake S: 285, Philip B: 375.

Well done, Video Team! (Final video to be embedded soon.)

Saga Logo/Masthead: Our school newspaper needs a graphic for their online publication. Valhalla-esque and pro. Work in RGB. Name = The Saga. They also need a favicon. Make it 512 px x 512 px. Masthead Completed. 50 XP for Jake S and Emily C. Another 50 when the Gravator and favicon is completed.

Vocal Music Poster:

Fall Concert
November 16, 2011
7:00 p.m. VHS Theatre
$8 preferred seating, $5 general admission

Completed (Almost). Since Olivia M is the only student to step up with a design and since Mrs. Basilio needs the poster NOW (and loves Olivia’s design), the 50 XP goes to… Olivia. I’ll replace this work-in-progress with the final design next week (some fine tuning left to do).

Vocal Music Poster:

Winter Concert
December 14, 2011
7:00 VHS Theatre
$8 preferred seating, $5 general admission

Jessica M has delivered a work in progress. (Will anyone else deliver?)

New Website for Photo: Mr. Gilwee has already spoken with Vincent A about the job, however, if you’re a WordPress wiz, you might have time to challenge him. Act now or forever hold your peace.

Club INSPIRE Logo/T-Shirts: They’re looking for a simple, well-designed logo featuring a simplified graphic representation of the Earth with Club INSPIRE above or below it and hands or people on the other side. Something like this (but not so ugly). Talk to me for more details.

Dance Poster: Dance needs a poster design for their fall performance. 16″ x 11″. Image of dancer or dancers. Any color scheme, additional images, etc. Deadline: November 4

The Aditi Dance Company and the Valhalla Dance Department presents
Expressions (title)
Dance Concert (sub title)
December 7 – 9
Valhalla Theatre at 7pm
Students $5/Adults $10
Tickets sold at the door

ID Cards for Saga Staff: The current cards were rushed and the design isn’t up to Mac Lab standards. Details to come.

Orchestra Poster: Mr. Almanza wants a poster to promote Valhalla’s Orchestra. Details coming soon.

Orchestra T-Shirts: Mr. Almanza wants a a T-shirt design for Valhalla’s Orchestra. Details coming soon.

Pro Website: Alum Adam Lee wants someone to design a website to showcase his filmmaking portfolio. Adam is poised to make his cinematic mark in the world so this is an epic opportunity. Pro solutions only. See me for details.

Semar’s Epic Quest: Semar is working on a way to tally scores for all students in all periods automatically. He’s made EPIC progress in automating the collection of data. 250 XP and counting!

Ian’s Epic Quest: Ian has begun laying out a storyline for TAG. Since this is a self-directed response to an earlier prompt, Ian scores 100XP for his progress so far. I encourage those interested in collaborating to contact Ian. Of course, you’re also free to compete if you have a different approach to the story behind the story.

Epic Video and Graphics Project for GUHSD District and School Board: An Epic Quest. We’ll need a calculator to keep track of the XP. Details to come.


Learn it all.