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Treasures and Maps (Week 32)

by on May.10, 2010, under Blog

paul_b_greeble_smWe’re making treasures
They’re making maps
Skocko / Dream

The story behind that quote is NOT required reading but it is proof that dreams can be a creative conduit, so long as one pays attention to the details and captures the essence before the inspiration fades in memory.

Treasures and Maps. Think about the variety of interpretations one might arrive at while pondering those metaphors. When applied to the Mac Lab, the treasures might easily be the wonderfully creative artwork (Paul B) many of you are producing. As for the maps, the they in they’re might refer to search engines and random links others have generated that drive traffic to our little site. From the email I get, it’s certain that many people consider your work something to be treasured. The following is from a Senior Adobe Education rep:

Wow! Wow! And WOW!!! These are stunning!

I’m sooooooooo impressed with the quality of this work I’m going to share them with members of the Adobe Education team. Now I FOR SURE want to do an Adobe Showcase on your students.

I pointed him at these posters, btw. Just in case you weren’t aware, kids in the Mac Lab produce work that just doesn’t happen in most high schools. We’re making treasures in here. And it looks like Adobe is going to add a new map sometime next year when they roll in with their camera crew to record a your story.

Time is short. Make the most of what’s left in this school year to create a few more treasures of your own.

Tutorial Update: Four new Photoshop videos in CS5 Central. (Trust me, you’ll want to see these.)

0511: Last week I noticed that Google Analytics wasn’t counting any full-width pages. Not one. Turns out I’d put Google’s script in the wrong place on the template. I experimented over the weekend and discovered a few other D’oh! problems and I think I’ve finally got it dialed in because for the first time the Google stats match the WordPress stats (which had never happened before).

So what? you might say. Well, now I have two independent sources informing me of how many (or how few) of you are navigating to specific pages. And the two sources agree: Many of you are skipping the tutorials.

Hey, I want you to have time to work but you’ve still got things to learn along the way. Head over to CS5 Central and learn a few new techniques today.

0512: Three new Photoshop videos (PS 101) via CS5 Central.  Basic, but I bet most of you don’t know everything that’s in ’em. 😉

Congrats! Corey S won GUSHD’s Got Plans? poster design competition. A slightly modified version of this poster will be distributed to every classroom in every school in the district. Smaller versions will be sent to every family too. Thanks to Venetia, Philip, and James for their entries as well.

District 840: A mammoth last minute push saved the day. This poster will be plastered all over the school for STAR testing. The (nearly) 6′ tall version currently on display upstairs will be revised as there is room for improvement. (Hey, it’s going to remain on display for the next year. Don’t you want to make the tweaks we all agree will improve the final result?)

Thanks to Christopher Canel, Kyle Wheaton, Philip Behnam, Zack Tatar, and Fadi George (on Pen Tool) for their terrific work on District 840!

Palm Café: The big cheese from Food Services will be coming out to review redesigns for the District’s menu very soon. Details on Jobs Page.

0513: Read this post. I’m serious, read it.

Good News: We get to enter 12 items in the District Art Show this year!

Bad News: Submissions are due Monday.

I was told the good and bad news yesterday after school. Lucky you read this post so you’ll understand that I’ll expect you to polish your best work for submission. I’ll be printing and mounting all day Monday so work like the dickens today, tomorrow and over the weekend if you want to be chosen. (You can download trial versions of the software.)

Disclaimer: I don’t like being judge and jury but there’s really no other way to do it. I’m going to pick the 12 best pieces, period. If you think you have something wonderful, show me… after you’ve asked three others.

In Other News: Adobe just launched a new ad campaign:


You guys know how excited I am about CS5 and how much I love using Adobe’s products, but dang, if any of you drew such a pitiful heart, I’d send you straight back to the computer to fix it. (Just in case Adobe does fix this — and I sincerely hope they do because this is embarrassingly bad — here’s a screenshot of the page they just uploaded.)

0514: Since we’re in STAR testing mode and none of you were here yesterday, please read the 0513 update (and do what it says).

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Gallery 029 — 0910 3D Geo

by on Jan.24, 2010, under Galleries

wayne_v_03_smFor years I’ve been trying to get students to embrace this artform. Finally I connect and now I’m behind on updating the galleries. Pound my drop box with your creations and remind me they’re there.

After finals it’ll be too late. The work you’re doing will inspire students for years to come!

0910 3D Geo Gallery |

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Gallery 026 — 0910 3D Renders

by on Jan.04, 2010, under Galleries

christian_l_01_smThese are only works in progress as some of the kids follow their 3D muse (Christian_l).

0910 3D Renders | More information to come.

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Gallery 023 — 0910 Logos in 3D

by on Dec.06, 2009, under Galleries

james_w_01_smThese are only works in progress as the kids begin to get a handle on Cinema 4D. Since Brady B is going to be featured in our upcoming blog post, who will step up to claim this spot?

We have an answer. (Thanks, James!)

0910 Logos in 3D

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Like in the Mac Lab

by on Apr.08, 2009, under Blog

table_scene_smThere’s only so many battles a teacher can fight and hope to win. My students know that one of my crusades is to rid the world (or at least the Mac Lab) of the improper use of the work “like” as in, “Like, I mean, that’s, like so lame.” or “I mean, like, that’s so, like, lame.” It may not be peace in the Middle East but at least it’ll help these kids have a better chance at getting a job. Every year I have a number of students who thank me for the upswing in their communication skills but they always add, “Now that I hear it (the word ‘like’) my friends are driving me crazy!” Ah, such is the price of progress.

Speaking of progress, Aaron L has come so far in the past few months that it’s hard to describe, so I’ll show you instead. I’d like to show you a big, juicy picture but for some reason he gave me this tiny, little render. How, you might ask, after squinting to see the details, did Aaron get so good? Well, he comes in nearly every morning before school and diligently works at acquiring new skills via the tutorials that I’ve asked all of you to follow. (Yes, I’ve suggested to Aaron that he replace the message on the paper so don’t give him grief about that.)

As for the choice of Aaron’s picture today… This blog is like a kitchen table we gather around for sustenance and conversation. Today’s menu includes another requirement for the final: a capstone project. I want you to create a single composition that shows how much you’ve learned this year. 3D Artists: I’d suggest you follow Aaron’s lead and present an HDRI render of your best models arranged in a creative setting. Digital Artists: This will require more thought but I’d suggest you begin here for inspiration. Hybrid 3D/Digital Artists: think about how to show off your skill sets. Everyone: Look for inspiration and work in RGB at print resolution. Maximum size is 17″ x 22″ at 360 ppi. You may work at a different aspect ratio but one dimension must be at least 20″ and all work must be submitted at 360 ppi (a smaller version will be posted to your Website). Naming conventions and other details for submissions will follow in a separate post.

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