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Composition Competition Compilation Complication

by on Apr.10, 2009, under Blog

fruit_bowl_smKim L was commenting about how much she liked Aaron L’s bowl of fruit in this post and that made me think of Nicole C’s wonderful render from last year (she’s in Digital Arts this year) and that made me think of how the District doesn’t consider 3D to be an art class and that made me think of how unfair it is that 3D students are excluded from the Annual District Art Show and that made me think of the deadline for entries to the District Art Show (April 24). Whew, that’s a lot of thinking! Since I have only four (recognized) art classes, we are only allowed to submit eight entries (two per class). With all the great work already produced this year, many deserving students will miss the cut and I’m going to have a tough time picking the final eight submissions. I’ll let you know how I’d like you to submit when we get back from break but your work has to be pinned to a wall in the show so you have to be working at print resolution to even be considered.

Speaking of deadlines and contests and segueing into today’s final exam requirement, Layers Magazine just announced another Back Page Contest (May 7 deadline) which might be good practice as all students are required to design and print a CD (or DVD) front cover insert and the disc itself. It’s a self-promotional piece so you’ll be including your own name/logo and artwork in your design. The disc will contain your work for the year, something I require you to archive and preserve so you won’t be another of the scores of students who have contacted me after graduating asking if I still had their work (I usually don’t). I’ll provide one disc and one slim jewel case for each student and the first print for the insert and disc is free. Instructions and specifications will follow (but this isn’t all that hard to figure out). This is just a heads up so the assignment won’t take you by surprise.

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A Bonehead Named Skocko Part II

by on Mar.31, 2009, under Blog

google_new_shadow_smThis is another in a continuing series of posts about the failings and foibles of a guy named Skocko. In lieu of stoning (a proper punishment for his latest bumbling blunder, but we don’t want to inadvertently damage the computers) a new Mac Lab tradition is introduced to mark the occasion. On days when a new installment of the Bonehead Series debuts — and only on those days — you may refer to Skocko as Bonehead, or if you prefer the more formal appellation, Mr. Bonehead. You are strongly cautioned not to try this moniker on any other day as the consequences will be swift and decidedly unpleasant for abusers of this privilege. Now for the story…

Remember that post about deadlines? Well, today’s the deadline for the Doodle 4 Google contest. Oliver finished his doodle yesterday. It’s a wonderfully conceived and beautifully executed design. I planned on gathering the other submissions, picking the allotted six, and sending them off with a click of the mouse later today. I went to Google looking for the email address and a cold chill ran down my spine as I read:

Mail your school’s entries to the address below…

Mail? But… But… Mail?! I frantically searched the fine print looking for the alternate form of entry, the 21st century version, the click send or submit button version, and a memory of Andrea C saying something about the rules suggesting entries be sent 5 days early started playing in my head. (I hate it when that happens because once it starts it plays over and over and over. Alright. Enough already! You were right, Andrea!)

So, with my sincerest apologies to Oliver and the rest of our Google doodlers — including Andrea — this is Mr. Bonehead signing off with a final word of caution: If you’re considering entering any of the other contests, read the rules thoroughly! (Then let me know about things I may have overlooked.)

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What’s Your Plan?

by on Mar.24, 2009, under Blog

got_plans_corey_smProgress reports are due Monday morning and yet again, my dream won’t come true. Not a single class is getting straight A’s. Oh well. Here’s what you can do to get the best grade possible: make up time (early mornings all week and 5 Hours of Fun™ this Saturday), update your index page and your Web gallery (include works-in-progress), link to tutorials you’ve found of value (open in second window), and for extra credit, list the standards you’ve covered. Pretty straight forward, eh? Show what you know!

And speaking of showing what you’re knowing, where’s all the great 3D work this year? I’ve seen a few good things in class recently but no one’s dropped anything worthwhile in my box for weeks! How can you complain about not being featured on the blog? Force my hand. Let’s see those sick, blog-worthy projects! I’d like to start with tomorrow’s post. Who’s going to step up and show the way?

As for Digital Arts, lots of exciting projects in every class (and a long queue of winning creations to be featured as time permits). We’ve got a strong start on the Got Plans? poster competition and I could have picked a number of examples to show today. I chose Corey S’s because it makes the viewer do a double-take. Anything that makes the target audience stop and look is a great beginning. Don’t judge the poster too harshly as it’s just a first draft and is subject to multiple revisions. We’ve talked about the evolution of design in here and this example is only at the first stage. Let’s keep those edgy designs coming!

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That’s Why They’re Called Deadlines

by on Mar.21, 2009, under Blog

google_oliver_pen_smIn the Mac Lab, students are given opportunity after opportunity to succeed. I have mixed feelings about the lessons you learn — or fail to learn — about being responsible the first time around due to this policy, but the truth is, if I hadn’t been given a whole lot of second chances by many kind individuals in my life, I wouldn’t have ever had the opportunity to become a teacher. However, there are a great many situations out there in the real world where “deadlines” have a far more literal meaning. (If you catch my drift.)

There are a number of contests I’ve told you about and encouraged you to enter. The clock is ticking and the deadlines are iron-clad! How’re your entries coming along?

A few of you are working on the Doodle 4 Google Contest. I haven’t checked everyones’ work on this one lately but Oliver E has a killer concept that he’s still refining. His chances of winning now depend on how well he colors the illustration so it still reads well when used at the smaller size Google prefers on their oh-so-clean site design. No pressure, Oliver.

Note: The top of the “e” is a stylized Aptera. Cool cars of the future are being invented right up the road from us!

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Fame, Fortune, and Digital Immortality

by on Mar.19, 2009, under Blog

830_final_final_smWhen opportunity knocks, answer the friggin’ door! Alex S delivered on the school’s poster for STAR Testing next month but I had to push him so hard throughout the process I’m lucky Child Protective Services didn’t show up to arrest me for assault. Now the push comes to get the students to actually try on this high-stakes test for the school. Our goal is an API of 830 (if you couldn’t tell) and the poster will be plastered all over Valhalla. The district will undoubtedly take note of the campaign and I’d be surprised if Alex doesn’t receive some type of official recognition for the work. Never a bad thing to add to the paper-thin résumés you’ll all be churning out in class soon (hint, hint). And speaking of that knocking you may be hearing right now, here comes a couple of more opportunities for all of you (yes, even 3D)…

Got Plans? is a huge district-wide event and they need a poster. Hannah J’s design was chosen two years ago (the artwork went down with a hard drive crash over the summer) and I see no reason why one of you shouldn’t win the contest this year. Here’s the requirements and here’s the winning design from last year. The deadline is noon, April 3, 2009.

Layers Magazine has another Back Cover Design Contest. See the site for details.

Unsure of what to do? Here’s some Instant Inspiration.

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