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Work It (Week 30)

by on Apr.23, 2012, under Blog

There’s no such thing as a creative type. As if creative people can just show up and make stuff up. As if it were that easy. I think people need to be reminded that creativity is a verb, a very time-consuming verb. It’s about taking an idea in your head and transforming that idea into something real. And that’s always going to be a long and difficult process. If you’re doing it right, it’s going to feel like work.
Milton Glaser

Then maybe I did it wrong.

I agree with everything in that Glaser quote except that last sentence. Sure, searching for fresh ideas then bringing them to life can be a long and difficult process but I always thought it was fun. As a kid, I picked fruit and vegetables during the summer months. That was work. The two summers after high school, I was a laborer for a construction company. That was work. I started my first business—Back Room Graphics—during my second year at college. That was fun!

So, are creative efforts fun or work? Like everything else, that depends on your personal perspective.

In all cases of perception, from the most basic to the most sophisticated, the meaning of the experience is recognized by the observer according to a horizon of expectation within which the experience will be expected to fall.
James Burke / The Day the Universe Changed

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Secret Agents (Week 24)

by on Mar.05, 2012, under Blog

At some stage in the process of creation, the creative product—whether painting, poem, or scientific theory—takes on a life of its own and transmits its own needs to its creator. It stands apart from him and summons material from his subconscious. The creator, then, must know when to cease directing his work and when to allow it to direct him. He must know, in short, when his work is likely to be wiser than he.
— George Kneller / The Art and Science of Creativity

To tap into your creative self, it’s critical that you understand and embrace The 5 Stages of the Creative Process. Please take a few minutes to read that page. Yes, I realize that some of you have already read it. Remember: Saturation is the 2nd stage of the creative process and repetition is a key component of saturation. Please read that page.

New XP Scoresheet: Please follow these instructions. Here’s Semar’s template. (Not sure why the link has a strikethrough. It works fine.)

Warning: If you don’t do this today, you’ll lose 100 XP, 20 Silver, and still have to do it tomorrow. Resistance is futile (and foolish).

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Industrial Strength (Week 3)

by on Sep.19, 2011, under Blog

Creativity is very much like literacy. We take it for granted that nearly everybody can learn to read and write. If a person can’t read or write, you don’t assume this person is incapable of it, just that he or she hasn’t learned how to do it. The same is true of creativity. When people say they’re not creative, it’s often because they don’t know what’s involved or how creativity works in practice.
Sir Ken Robinson / The Element

If you reflexively disagree with Sir Ken, think about my juggling demo. Just as every one of you could learn to juggle if you tried, you’ll all have the opportunity to learn how to tap into your own innate creativity. I’ll help you learn but you’ll have to do your part as well. We’ll get to the introductory lesson by the end of today’s post.

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