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Gallery 042 — 1112 3D Design

by on Oct.31, 2011, under Galleries

This gallery will probably fill slowly because only a few students have the chops to deliver top-notch 3D work this early in the year.

Kudos: Paul B is currently the only featured artist.

Gallery: 1112 3D Design

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Gallery 041 — 1112 Posters

by on Oct.23, 2011, under Galleries

It’s rare that a Mac Lab rookie steps up and delivers this early in the school year. Our Vocal Music Department needed a poster for their Fall Concert and Olivia M was the only student—rookie or veteran—to come through with a design we could show our client. She bought, carved, and photographed the pumpkin to create the background image she envisioned. After adding the text and taking the design the first 90% of the way to completion, it was presented to Mrs. Basilio, the Vocal Music Director, who was thrilled with the result. Olivia will be taking the poster through the final 10% during the first part of this week and the poster will go to print… on time.

1112 Poster Gallery

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Gallery 040 — 1112 Logotype

by on Oct.01, 2011, under Galleries

It always amazes me how difficult it is to communicate the idea that students are to create simple, professionally-designed logotypes. Though they are free to create a logo to accompany the typography, all I’m asking them to do is to choose an appropriate, name, typeface, and color scheme for their fictitious business. Oh, the long and winding road to simplicity some students travel. This example is actually one of the shorter trips to success.

See our new Logo/Gravatar Gallery for a new spin on simplicity. Instructions for the projects may be found here.

The 1112 Logotype Gallery.

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Gallery 039 — 1112 Logo/Gravatar

by on Oct.01, 2011, under Galleries

The Logo/Gravatar project is new to the Mac Lab this year and judging by the initial reaction, I’d say it’s here to stay. What a fun way to show off one’s design skills!

Note: See this year’s Logotype Gallery for the other half of the story. The instructions for the project may be found here.

The Logo/Gravatar Gallery.

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Gallery 038 — All Time Best | Mac Lab Posters

by on Jan.01, 2011, under Galleries

mlp_01_smI’ve added this gallery to light a fire under myself to update our collection of Mac Lab Posters (featuring student work). Also, to be honest, I kept losing the link to the poster page so it was becoming harder and harder to find as the blog continued to grow.

Now it’ll never be misplaced again. 😛

All Time Best | Mac Lab Posters


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