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Bye Bye Birdies (Week 36 + Finals)

by on Jun.06, 2011, under Blog

It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.
— Ursula K. LeGuin

Here we are, the last week of school before finals. Please take care to make the most of your journey’s end by taking care of business. Not to be repetitive, but some of you need these reminders…

First: Check the time sheets! You cannot earn an A if you owe time. Don’t ask me how or why you owe time because those reasons are explained (see the key at the bottom of the sheet). Yes, I’ll be adding another bonus hour this weekend for those who haven’t used a bathroom pass lately.

Warning: A few of you have chosen to cut class recently. Not smart. Better check the time sheets!

Problem: If you’re not smart, you probably won’t check and then you’ll complain about your grade.

Moral: Life can be cruel to those unprepared or unwilling to participate.

(continue reading…)

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Manufacturing Success

by on Aug.04, 2010, under Blog

paul_b_tubes_555Create the circumstances of your own success.
Bob Regan / Adobe Director Worldwide K12 Education

Okay, he didn’t actually say that. It was more along the lines of, We’re creating the circumstances of our own success. Regardless, it was one of those electric moments. I grabbed a pen, and taking a cue from Bob’s own story, scrawled the paraphrased version that we’ll be using in the Mac Lab this year. (Who’s making the poster?)

Right now I have more tasks than time. To create the circumstances of my own success, I’m going to have to prioritize. And that means the cool stories about the week at Adobe will just have to wait a while.

iParent Update: The district loved with both submissions but wants to use Fadi’s. (Sorry, Philip.) Fadi, here’s the feedback: Love the postcard and the simplicity of it (presentation is misspelled). For the poster, take out Save the Date and the Workshops to Include. That gives a bit more room on the top to make the purpose, time, date, entertainment, etc. a bit larger. Here’s the district logo. (Biggest one they gave me.) Also, use dark blue rather than black.

Make sense? They want to print soon so jump on it.

Message from Valhalla’s Architect: We’re getting close to where we will be generating concepts for the Preforming Arts Center — probably a week or two away. I know several of you have artwork ready to go (or almost so). Don’t drop the ball on this one! Details in the 0628 update. (Someone wake James up.)

Food Services Menu: The district director is still waiting for a revised submission. Remember, he liked both James’ and Philip’s. See the Jobs Page for more details. They want to print before school begins.

Float: A New Global Collaborative Project: Like light painting, we’re going to learn use the camera to capture specific imagery. This time it’s people and other things in mid-air. Float — Get it? No Photoshop tricks. Enhancement is fine; manipulation is not. More info on this later but our job is to produce some student-generated examples for the rest of the global participants to use as a starting point. As always, good composition is a must.

Okay, One Quick Story: Whenever Bob Regan was speaking, I kept trying to figure out who he reminded me of. When it finally struck me, it was perfect. The Adobe Education Grand Poobahs are all wild and crazy guys and gals — as fun as they are inspirational. Appropriate that the K12 Big Cheese reminded me of this distinguished, beloved figure.

International Visitors: Zambia is the 159th country to visit our blog.

Have to run. Will proofread, edit, and give credit to Paul B later. 😉

0806: Am finally able to upload videos and images to the blog again. Have been shut out since moving to the new server and am recording with abandon. I’ll let you know where things are when I make a bit more progress.

Bad News: Remember how it was suggested that we’d be moving into Room 252 and expanding it to include room 247 by knocking down the wall? That 30′ x 70′ classroom isn’t going to happen now. It turns out that the wall between the two rooms is loaded with electrical and other essentials. I found out a few weeks ago.

Good News: I met with our Facilities Manager today. We’re staying in 246 and the wall (the part of it by computers 11 – 18) is probably coming down. (Nothing is ever certain in education until it happens.) When (if) that happens, 252 will become part of the new and improved Mac Lab. We’ll finally have the space to grow and it’s a much better solution than the one that (thankfully) fell through. The bulk of the students will remain in 246 with some spillover into 252. The rest of the space? Well, start planning. What about a green screen in the corner? A makeshift recording studio? Planning and production? Oh, the possibilities! …If it happens.

Performing Arts Center Update: Art for the banners is due August 16th. Get on it! (See details above.)

0807: The Student Page has been updated with new videos to acclimate all students (including veterans) to 2010/11 policies and procedures in the Mac Lab. Am ecstatic to have finally begun recording and assembling resources for next year’s crew. However, due to an elusive gremlin in the new server, I’m currently limited to 8MB per file so the videos are fairly short and succinct.

Okay, occasional rambling and obligatory theatrics may be included in the mix. 😉

Note: Any veteran who wants to get a jump on the year and check for mismatched uploads and other miscues is invited to do so. Should an incoming Mac Lab newbie read this before school begins, BRAVO! Post a comment and we’ll discuss your reward.

International Update: Someone visiting from the Åland Islands brought our total to 160 countries.

0810: Just downloaded our copy of the very cool ZBrush 4.0 upgrade. Add Cinema 4D 11.5, the CS5 Master Collection, and all the rockin’ hardware we have — from cameras to computers — and the Mac Lab is armed for artistic world-conquest. Have to start building the master image for the lab soon.

5 Weeks of 5 Prize Arrives: (Say that 5 times quickly.) FedEx just drove off. Adobe wound up sending DVDs and printed registration info. Which one of you wants to be responsible for distributing the loot to the others?

0811: Christopher Canel will have the CS5 Master Collection winnings later today (once he wakes and contacts me). He’ll coordinate the distribution of your prizes. Congrats!

Congrats Also to Alum Adam Lee: Adam snagged The One Two Watch Award for The Prodigy at the 2010 Asian American International Film Festival in New York City last month. Here’s a look back at his first Mac Lab production. (Note: Adam’s Ben of the Dead collaborator was eventually pulled from the Mac Lab due to low marks in core subjects. It pays to do well in ALL classes!)

0817: Fadi and Philip’s designs were sent off the clients. So far, Food Services wants something different. Looks like we’ll be photographing the food on the menu and incorporating pics in the design. Details to follow. I expect to hear from the iParent crew later today. And I guess no one wanted to help Valhalla’s architect with the Performing Arts banners (see above). Too bad.

FLOAT: Anyone have early shots to share for this new worldwide project? (Shoot in burst mode.)

Random Stats: Spam is officially out of control. Check the graph. On the other hand, the race to half a million page views will probably end in early September. We currently sit at 478,189 pages viewed since April of ’09. Considering the average visitor currently spends 8:07 per visit, that means people have spent 926,136 minutes here on the blog. Which milestone will fall first: .5M pv’s or 1M min?

0818: Lucky you. The Performing Arts banner deadline was just extended by the architect. He really wants to use your artwork. You’ve got until next week. Who will step up? (Details above.) No word on the iParent poster yet, Fadi.

0830: Guess what? Turns out the wall will come down… next summer. Oh well, just one more jam-packed Mac Lab for the 10/11 school year.

Illustrator CS5 Goodness: If you haven’t noticed, there’s a whole bunch of new tutorials right here. Oh, the art we’ll create!

School Started Today: Well, maybe not for you, but it did for me. (No, I’m not talking about Valhalla or the Mac Lab. Details to follow… Next Tuesday.)

0831: Sitting at the desk in the Mac Lab once again. Man, what a great summer it was. I’ll be tied up the next few days with staff meetings and afterward, with homework for that other school I mentioned.

Looking for Volunteers: Are you interested in a fun-filled day in the Mac Lab? This Friday you are invited to help clean screens, keyboards, mice, and even the tables! Oh, and you thought the best part of summer was over. The fun starts at 8:00 am. Don’t miss this exciting once-in-a-lifetime event!

0903: Thanks to students Christopher Canel, Fadi George, Kyle Wheaton, and Philip Behnam, plus alums Christian Lim, Steven Moyer, and Danny Owens for going above and beyond the call of duty in helping to clean and organize the Mac Lab today — all day! Bravo!

From the That’s Just Wrong Department: Just saw this notice when logging in to WordPress Admin: Akismet has protected your site from 10,001 spam comments already, and there are 5 comments in your spam queue right now. (I’ve been cleaning it out all day.) Get this: 1,248 spams in June, 1,695 in July, and 2,380 in August. I don’t like this trend. What is wrong with these people?!

Tomorrow, Tomorrow: The Video Team is coming back to Valhalla tomorrow to run through a test shoot for a top secret product launch they’ll be filming soon. These guys landed a commercial gig for a very cool company’s product that will be hitting the marketplace before you know it. Oh, are they going to be busy this year!

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Hope, and Other Small Annoyances

by on Jul.01, 2010, under Blog

hope_wars_smIt is a serious drawback to me in writing, and still more in explaining myself, that I do not so easily think in words as otherwise. It often happens that after being hard at work, and having arrived at results that are perfectly clear and satisfactory to myself, when I try to express them in language I feel that I must begin by putting myself upon quite another intellectual plane. I have to translate my thoughts into a language that does not run very evenly with them. I therefore waste a vast deal of time in seeking for appropriate words and phrases, and am conscious, when required to speak on a sudden, of being often very obscure through mere verbal maladroitness, and not through want of clearness of perception. This is one of the small annoyances of my life.
Francis Galton / Nature May 12, 1887

Amen, Francis. I may not have your intellectual capacity, but I share your small annoyance.

I’m a fan of diversity, especially diversity of opinion. But I’m not a fan of the current polarization caused by factions retreating behind seemingly impenetrable walls of dogma, hurling the party line at one another. From conservatives and liberals to Adobe and Apple, I’m sick of it! We live in a time when our problems desperately need solving. Anger, rhetoric, and finger pointing solve no problems.

Maybe it’s a sign of the times, but thoughtful opinions, contrary or not, are like a breath of fresh air. While Brett M was working on this poster, I asked, Einstein? He replied, Emperor Palpatine. The more I’ve thought about it, the more I’ve come to appreciate Brett’s editorial perspective. I may not agree with it but I appreciate the biting irony and striking artistry of the Shepard Fairey parody. Plus, I remember my own strong political feelings back in high school. Brett’s poster will find a place on the Wall of Fame™ in the fall.

A little more about harnessing these passions may be found here and here. Think about it.

And while you’re thinking, consider the following:

Perhaps to fill the vacuum, that nature does abhor
The story chose this vessel, to be its metaphor
Dueling with the either-or, in land of right or wrong
I, gray matters of the heart, cross common censor’s song
Rhythm technicolors in, the lines that drew this hint
Rock and roll with punches thrown, anger isn’t it

Mac Lab Summer Academy: The opportunities keep marching in. When Steven Moyer gives the word, I’ll share the details. Believe me, you want to be a part of this!

International Update: 155 countries and counting. Someone from Thimphu in the Kingdom of Bhutan spent a couple of minutes poking around yesterday.

IMPORTANT: Someone wake up Fadi. The district is asking about the iParent poster. Fadi’s got a great start on the illustration but he may need help with the layout of the text. James? Christian? Philip? Are you three reading this? You’re all great with text. Think about joining forces with Fadi. Here’s the latest info (the black shape is the district logo). It’s going to take some thought to successfully arrange all of that info. See the Jobs Page for more specifics.

0702: Kinda off-topic but last night we went to the Padres game. Fun even though they lost. (Good comeback but folded in the 10th.) Pretty good seats in section 118, hot dog, drink, and a Padres hat for $24 per person. Got ’em through something called Groupon. Coming up I’m taking my wife for a round of golf (with cart) and Sunday brunch for at Cottonwood for $60. Most day’s the Groupons are for things I’d never want but sometimes… Sign up (it’s free) and maybe you can talk your parents into doing something you wouldn’t ordinarily do without the discounted price.

Contact Steven: If you’re interested in the upcoming project with Steven (and you will want this on your résumé), he requests you contact him using his eddress. (Gonna have to go through the pain of changing that soon, Steven.)

0703: If anyone else is planning on shooting fireworks (Christopher is) here’s Scott Kelby’s how-to instructions. Be sure to check the comments for some other angles you might want to try. As always: Experiment! Experiment! Experiment!

CSS3 + HTML5 Magic: Here’s a JPG. (Made me think of Fadi’s Illustrator work.) The artist didn’t use Illustrator, Photoshop, or any graphical application. He used nothing but CSS. Don’t believe it? Check out this page using the latest version of Safari or Chrome. (Right-Click and View Source to see how it’s built.) Read more about this from the always informative John Nack. Makes me think we need a CSS3 + HTML5 Team in the Mac Lab next year. Coding isn’t for everyone but oh the possibilities! Watch this. (Hang with it. It’s worth the wait.) Browse this. (And read.) Via. (Told you he was always informative.) If you’re interested in learning more about CSS3 + HTML5… Click.

0705: So, I’m digging through a pile of email and open one from Borders that has a 30% off coupon that I’ll use later today to buy a book for my daughter and I notice an ad for Lilith 2010 at the bottom. The copy is positioned too low (who proofs this stuff?!) but I love the negative space created by the mirrored graphic. I want a bigger copy of this for a lesson in the fall so I do what everyone else does and the Lilith site doesn’t have anything other than this header and the little iPhone app version so I do what everyone else does and find a link to a still too small graphic and for some reason I check her site and scroll down finding a link to this video that I add to our Storytelling Vimeo Channel.

I’m a stream of consciousness kinda guy, whether thinking or surfing (or sometimes writing), and this is how it works on a daily basis. If I’d have encountered this version of the logo I’d have shrugged and agreed with this guy and not wondered if Mac Lab students might take on storytelling (for the joy of it rather than for our clients) or been prodded to think about when I used to try to fly (my not-so-secret) and gone off on another long and meandering train of thought (in a few short seconds).

All because of a logo’s reflection and the beauty of its negative space. And that reminds me of…

Look the question in the mirror, ask in this other’s land
You have two and you see two, most say that means two hands
Some begin a’wondering, take two by two by four
Frame both reference and point, check primal too square lore
Take me for prime example, find in the three by fives
Quicksilver’s imposition, the One kept me alive

Ah, it’s going to be a good day. 😛

0710: Is this thing on? Good. Strange feeling to be disconnected from the blog for the week. We’re on the speedy new server now and (hopefully) all will be smooth sailing from this point forward. Lots of content to add but we’re running to a swim meet so it’ll have to wait.

0713: The blog is having technical difficulties. I’m unable to upload any of the videos* I’ve been recording. Nor any images. Very frustrating.

*The one exception will probably disappoint a few of you but hey, we’re all learning together. (I’d link you to another video there but it’s stuck in the laptop for now.)

While the guys at the district try to sort out these issues, the girls and I will be boarding a plane tomorrow for a little four-letter-island. No idea if we’ll be connected so I may not be in touch for a while. For now, I’m depending on all of you to help each other.

Make the most of the next week or so! Talk to you soon… maybe. 😛

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Mac Lab Summer Academy

by on Jun.23, 2010, under Blog

james_w_band_pops_smOne does not discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time.
André Gide

We may be losing sight of the Mac Lab this summer as the school undergoes construction once again but this time some of us are going to continue the artistic adventure by embarking on the maiden voyage of the Mac Lab Summer Academy. Alumni Steven Moyer, Christian Lim, Zack Tatar, Josh S, and Danny Owens will be working alongside soon-to-be-returning Mac Lab Veterans Christopher Canel, Fadi George, Nikki Goodrich, Diana I, Kyle Wheaton, James Wirig, and Philip Behnam to keep the creative wheels turning.

Who else is interested? (Or who did I forget to mention?)

We do have some unfinished business, though, before moving on to new projects: Mrs. Dufloth’s flyer and poster, Valhalla’s evacuation map, the iParent Poster, and the Palm Cafe menu. I’m sure there’s more but those are the projects that immediately spring to mind.

Check the Jobs Page for other projects we’ll be tackling this fall.

One focus for next year? We have to get better at meeting deadlines. This cool poster by James Wirig never got printed and posted around school and the town. Not really James’ fault as the client did come to us at the last minute but last minute jobs do happen in the real world. We have to be more flexible next year.

Our focus for this summer? Alums continuing to pass the knowledge down. Steven Moyer has been a priceless resource this year. New alums will continue the mentoring tradition Steven began — a tradition we’ll be grafting into our Mac Lab DNA in the coming months. Our veterans will finish existing projects and expand upon their already prodigious skill-sets.

NOTE: If any Mac Lab newbies are paying attention, you’re invited to join in as well. Get a jump on the 2010/11 school year and learn from the best. Leave a comment if you’re interested.

More to add but before I get too caught up on looking ahead to the 2010/11 school year, I have to finish grading this year’s final projects.

About Tomorrow: I’ve got a really, really important phone call tomorrow morning at 10:30 so I’ll only be in the lab from 8:00 to 9:30. I’ll have sign-out sheets for the equipment. Prep your parents. Be there if you want to check out anything for the summer. Pass the word. 593-5446 if the doors are locked. Yes, I’m soft enough to do this Thursday Friday too but it’s first come, first served.

Just got home. Will be in at 7:00 if anyone wants to come in early but I have to leave by 9:30.

0624: Let me know (comment) if you weren’t able to make it Thursday morning but still want to check equipment out for Mac Lab Summer Academy. Tomorrow (Friday) is the last day I’ll have access to the lab. Here’s the contract. I’ll be here at 8:00.

About that Phone Call: Was just made a member of this little club. Your artwork will have a slightly wider and more critical circle of viewers next year. Lucky we’re preparing to kick it into another gear! Oh, it’s going to be a great year!

P.S. No pressure but the MLSA™ will be part of my presentation in July at Adobe HQ. Be sure to document your work, collaboration, Q and A, discoveries, and the rest via the blog in the form of comments and links. Use your blogs as additional documentation. You’re making education history! 😛

0626: Equipment has been distributed to MLSA participants and we’ve successfully completed our first three jobs: the brochure and poster for Mrs. Dufloth’s ISTE Conference presentation and enhanced prints for Mr. Martinsen. A big Mac Lab thank you to Kyle, Philip, and Christopher for collaborating on Mrs. Dufloth’s last-minute rush job. Christopher handled Mr. Martinsen’s prints himself. Details will be on the 2010 MLSA page soon.

Why Not Now? Mike Johnson, our metaphoric fairy godmother at the district, is out of town but has informed me that he’s initiated a segmented FTP remote backup of our little site in preparation for its transfer to our brand new speedy server. He anticipates the work will be completed by Tuesday and we should have no interruption of service during the process.

As you may know, we have tens of thousands of files on our little site (Mike tells me 70+ GB) but the blog is also tied to MySQL and PHP and he tells me that it’s not simply a matter of copying files from the old server to the new. He spoke of mystical incantations necessary for synchronizing the files that I, a simple muggle, didn’t even try to pretend to understand.

Long Story Short: I can work on the site but I have to keep track of every file I add because from here to the activation of our new server, the files are ephemeral; they’ll show now but disappear when the switch is flipped. Mike J would then have to track down the files on the old server and manually transfer them to the new one. So, to spare us both the extra headaches, I’ve decided to keep it simple. Until we make the jump to lightspeed, we’ll just use this post and its comments.

Now, to get the Mac Pro set up so I can begin preparing a new best of reel.

0628: Valhalla’s architect contacted me today. We have a new project and here are the details, straight from the man himself:

We’re looking for some concepts that might be recognizing drama and music performances at VHS — all fiction at this time, of course, but also could be based upon past themes. I’m not sure that this will be successful, but it could be fun to recognize some of the student creativity in the SD drawings. Of course, everyone needs to recognize that there is no monetary reward or ownership that goes with the task, and it will be difficult to acknowledge the individual participation of the students involved. All or none of the concepts may end up being used. However, if there is a way for you to display the concepts at the school, we won’t have problems. Any concept drawings that we do become the property of the District.

He doesn’t pull punches, does he? My kinda guy! 😛 And our kinda project!

Here’s the type of banners he’s looking for. Dimensions for each are 30″ wide by 60″ high. See what you can come up with in the next week or so. Drama and Music performances. Hey, I wonder if we’ve done work for them recently… BTW, he’s not looking for one or two ideas, he’s looking for 10 or 12. Get creative! Alert absent members of the MLSA.

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Evolution Revolution (Week 36)

by on Jun.07, 2010, under Blog

ontvNow I believe there comes a time
When everything just falls in line
We live and learn from our mistakes
The deepest cuts are healed by faith
Pat Benatar / All Fired Up

Last Friday I was struck by one of those ideas that comes from being immersed in the 5 Stages of the Creative Process. You see, like I said last week, I’ve been focused on developing the plan for next year in the Mac Lab (while simultaneously guiding you through the last weeks of this one). Without a moment’s warning, the idea struck. Oh, there’s no doubt that 90% of you will think this is insane and that’s just fine. For the other 10%, how does a Mac Lab Summer Academy™ sound?

Details coming soon.

Speaking of 10%… With only eight work days left (plus the final Mac Lab Saturday School™ this weekend) I sure hope everything is falling in line for you. You’ve been polishing your work, right? Like it says here:

The last 10% takes your project 90% of the way from good to great. Attention to detail is critical. But before you begin looking for little things to improve, start with the big ones. Is the composition balanced? Does it need to be cropped? Is it properly enhanced? Are your files the right size? Are they named correctly? Did you follow the instructions?

You’ve been working on your written component too, right? Video one and two. Remember to include the Elements and Principles and Color Theory. (Alternate links: E & P | CT)

Don’t sweat the InDesign portion of the process. I’ve been working on tutorials that will make this step as simple as possible. You’ll have plenty of time so long as you’ve been following instructions (see above). I’ll upload the new videos in the next few days.

Participation Points: Check the clipboard. Participation is up to 50% of your grade. If you owe time, make it up. If your name’s in RED, the Mac Lab is open a minimum of nine hours every day (6:15 to 3:15). I was here this morning at 5:15 (and the first student showed up at 6:10). If you want to come in earlier than 6:00 to work, just ask and I’ll show up. This Saturday the lab will be open for seven hours (5:30 to 12:30).

Deadlines: I like how Seth Godin suggests we call these live-lines in his blog post today. Nice coincidence, eh? Stay alive! Now that you know the song (and wish you could get it out of your head), read this one. For your own academic survival, know that your final project is due Wednesday, June 16, at the end of the period.

Kudos: Thanks to Shaun Cunningham, Danny Owens, and James Wirig for this week’s featured image video. Hey, Shaun’s not even in the Mac Lab any more. Well, except that he follows the blog and participates on projects via the Web.

Hey, that sounds like an idea we might utilize this summer! 😉

0608: Stay focused on your projects and follow instructions. Only seven work days plus Mac Lab Saturday School™ this weekend (5:30 to 12:30). Mac Lab Finals begin Thursday, June 17.

Reminder: Next Monday is NOT a Collaboration Day. First period begins at 7:25.

0609: So, Behance holds a world-wide competition (5 Weeks of 5), hosted by Adobe, and Mac Lab students submitted two entries. Michael Weekly won a copy of Photoshop Extended during Week 1 and the team of Christopher Canel, Kyle Wheaton, Danny Owens, and Zack Tatar won Week 5 yesterday with this submission:


Besides executing a terrific but challenging concept, they took their project the extra 10%. Perhaps even more importantly, they read and followed the rules, thereby setting themselves apart from the other entrants in yet another way.

Hmmm, following instructions and going the extra 10%… where have I heard that before? 😛

Their prize, btw, is a copy of Adobe’s CS5 Master Collection (retail value $2,599). I’ll speak with Adobe to see what, if anything, can be done to exchange the professional version for multiple copies of the student version. (Don’t hold your breath, guys. It’s a long-shot.)

Countdown: Only six work days until finals start on June 17.

In Appreciation: A special thank you to the Wollitz family for their generous $100 donation to the Mac Lab.

0610: Quite the buzz in class yesterday about the difference between the full and academic versions of software. I heard otherwise intelligent students claiming that the academic versions are crippled in some nefarious way and that it’s no good because it places watermarks on final projects!

HELLO?! We use academic versions of the software. Have you seen any watermarks lately? Have you seen any tutorials that distinguish between feature sets of the two versions? The programs function the same way.

That brought on the debate about the cost and how stupid professionals must be to pay full retail. I really thought we’d covered this early in the year. For those who’ve forgotten, here’s a refresher…

The Master Collection costs $2,600. That is the retail value and, as I’ve said, I consider that a very fair price. This is serious, professional-grade software. It is used in business for commercial purposes. (People make money using it. Lots of money.)

Of course schools, with few exceptions, could never afford to purchase the software at the full retail price. Adobe, like many companies, offers academic pricing so that we may equip our labs and train students for careers in the field (their customers of tomorrow). The site licensing pricing is the ONLY way we could ever equip our labs with such powerful tools for you to use.

Individuals who wish to purchase academic versions from Adobe (or licensed academic resellers) must provide proof of enrollment (or employment for educators). Once out of school, can you cheat and lie to continue to purchase the academic version of the software? Of course. You can even steal it through warez communities. (Enjoy the malware that comes along for the ride!) We all have the opportunity to cheat and lie and steal through our lives.

But then there’s those dog-gone consequences to face.

Our society, to a large extent, depends on individuals freely choosing to do the right thing. It’s as I’ve written:

Of all the lessons in the Mac Lab, the most important have nothing to do with media arts. The most consistent, persistent lessons I teach revolve around personal responsibility and doing the right thing. (Remember, my favorite quote is Richard Bach’s: You teach best what you most need to learn.) I make no secret of the fact that I was a surly, arrogant, know-it-all (or at least I thought I did) or that I made foolish choices in high school. Above all else, I try to teach the kids to be responsible, reliable, moral, ethical, honest, dedicated, hard-working individuals. I encourage them to dream, to choose wisely, to learn from their mistakes, and to just do something! Above all, I try to persuade them to look within, to search for what it is they want to do in life, to find their bliss and work to make it a part of their individual lives.

Or, if you prefer, I’ve said it in fewer words:

Battles rage within us all, where truth is compromised
There dreams, like tissue paper wings, are torn and tossed aside

Don’t let that happen to your dreams.

••••• ••••• ••••• ••••• •••••

Countdown: Only five work days — plus the final Mac Lab Saturday School™ this weekend (5:30 to 12:30) — until finals start on June 17.

0611: On Monday, you’ll use the new InDesign tutorials to assemble your chapter of our book. Ideally, you’ve already written the required information: Video one and two. Remember to include references to how you’ve used the Elements and Principles and Color Theory in three of your projects. (Alternate links: E & P | CT)  If you’ve done that, continue to polish old projects and/or create new ones. Make your chapter shine!

Reminder: Tomorrow’s Mac Lab Saturday School™ is 5:30 to 12:30. (A whopping 7 hours of fun!) Come early if you want to claim your computer before the line begins to form. Remember what happened last year

At 7:25 during the 19th and final Mac Lab Saturday School™ of the 08/09 school year, there were 55 students in the room. (The clock always reads 10:30, and if you’re counting, the others are out of frame behind the file cabinet, far right.) When I got here at 6:15, 27 students were waiting outside. (Kevin L and Atheer M were first in line at 5:40.) Thankfully, the incoming flow tapered off and “only” 65 kids showed up. 

Reminder: Next Monday is NOT a Collaboration Day. It’s a regular bell schedule. First period begins at 7:25, second at 8:25 (just like today).

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Learn it all.