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Conflicted Over Conficker?

by on Mar.31, 2009, under Blog

masochist_ball_smWhile I’m on the topic of oversights, I’d be remiss in not addressing the April Fool’s Day joke being played on some folk when the Conficker worm does its thing tomorrow. What that thing is, and how many people will find out first hand (Cat S), is yet to be determined with any certainty. Google News lists 4,000+ stories published about said worm. This cnet story says, “A quick way to tell if your computer is infected is to try to access the Web site of a major antivirus vendor, which the worm blocks” but I have no idea if that’s a foolproof method of checking.

If you have a PC and have not taken any precautions, Microsoft has details here and here. See the “Manual steps to remove the Conficker.b variant” in the first link for specific information. You may want to speak to someone wiser than I about this as I’m pretty clueless about protecting oneself in the Windows world. Mac Users are not at risk from this worm unless you run Windows as well as OS X. (This is NOT bait for the Mac/PC debate which was outlawed in right here so don’t even try to post inflammatory comments.)

As always, make sure your OS/security patches and antivirus software is up to date. See the vendors’ sites for the latest information.

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A Bonehead Named Skocko

by on Jan.19, 2009, under Blog

Design Revolution by Kyle RussellOkay, here’s how it’s going to go down.

1. I take complete responsibility for opening the door to the beginnings of the inane, endless, pointless platform war debate by posting Competition Begets Progress and Macs Suck. It’s all my fault. I was wrong. Mea Culpa. FINITO!

2. Any further my computer is better than your computer comments will be flushed down the virtual toilet to the place all fanboys are destined to dwell and there they can duke it out. What’s been posted has been posted and I’ll leave it where it is to remind us of the gibbering, back and forth foolishness we would have otherwise surely descended into. And YES! It’s my fault that it started. Can I state that more clearly?

3. The discussions here are about creativity and inspiration and discovery and all things artistic (by Kyle R). The goal is to lift one another up. Are we agreed?

This will be posted in both threads and in a separate post of it’s own.

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Macs Suck!

by on Jan.18, 2009, under Blog

WindowsAh, students can be so eloquent when voicing their platform preferences. And they’re capable of oh so subtle variations of expression. Though, Macs suck! seems to be the preferred mantra, some stick with, I hate Macs! But I’ve also heard the more fervent say, I hate Macs! They suck!

The reason I bring this up is that I was at a workshop at the Art Institute yesterday. I learned some wonderful new skills I’ll be sharing with you soon but it was what I saw during a break that I have to ask you about because I can’t believe that all PCs render text so poorly as this. I’m well aware that PCs render a darker version of the Internet than Macs do but does text really look so jaggy on all PCs? As someone with a deep, abiding love of typography, I really need to know if the computer I was on was just configured wrong. I actually want to believe that we don’t see the same thing this differently.

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