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Please Read this First

by on Jun.18, 2009, under Blog

see_no_evil_sm I misunderstood how categories worked and muddled up the organization of the site [sigh] so I just axed all the old categories. [Yikes!] Oh well, too late to change my mind now.

If you’d you’d rather skip directly to one of these pages:

Students | Parents | Educators | Visitors | About | Tutorials

If you want to try it, the search function works fairly well. On a long page you might consider Cmd/Ctrl F and typing in a key word or phrase to find it.

Here’s hoping you find what you’re looking for. (But the best discoveries are probably made through random exploration.)

A Little More Information: Here’s a secondary page I threw up to help lost souls.

Kudos: See, Hear, and Speak No Evil by Kyle R.

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A Bonehead Named Skocko Part II

by on Mar.31, 2009, under Blog

google_new_shadow_smThis is another in a continuing series of posts about the failings and foibles of a guy named Skocko. In lieu of stoning (a proper punishment for his latest bumbling blunder, but we don’t want to inadvertently damage the computers) a new Mac Lab tradition is introduced to mark the occasion. On days when a new installment of the Bonehead Series debuts — and only on those days — you may refer to Skocko as Bonehead, or if you prefer the more formal appellation, Mr. Bonehead. You are strongly cautioned not to try this moniker on any other day as the consequences will be swift and decidedly unpleasant for abusers of this privilege. Now for the story…

Remember that post about deadlines? Well, today’s the deadline for the Doodle 4 Google contest. Oliver finished his doodle yesterday. It’s a wonderfully conceived and beautifully executed design. I planned on gathering the other submissions, picking the allotted six, and sending them off with a click of the mouse later today. I went to Google looking for the email address and a cold chill ran down my spine as I read:

Mail your school’s entries to the address below…

Mail? But… But… Mail?! I frantically searched the fine print looking for the alternate form of entry, the 21st century version, the click send or submit button version, and a memory of Andrea C saying something about the rules suggesting entries be sent 5 days early started playing in my head. (I hate it when that happens because once it starts it plays over and over and over. Alright. Enough already! You were right, Andrea!)

So, with my sincerest apologies to Oliver and the rest of our Google doodlers — including Andrea — this is Mr. Bonehead signing off with a final word of caution: If you’re considering entering any of the other contests, read the rules thoroughly! (Then let me know about things I may have overlooked.)

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A Bonehead Named Skocko

by on Jan.19, 2009, under Blog

Design Revolution by Kyle RussellOkay, here’s how it’s going to go down.

1. I take complete responsibility for opening the door to the beginnings of the inane, endless, pointless platform war debate by posting Competition Begets Progress and Macs Suck. It’s all my fault. I was wrong. Mea Culpa. FINITO!

2. Any further my computer is better than your computer comments will be flushed down the virtual toilet to the place all fanboys are destined to dwell and there they can duke it out. What’s been posted has been posted and I’ll leave it where it is to remind us of the gibbering, back and forth foolishness we would have otherwise surely descended into. And YES! It’s my fault that it started. Can I state that more clearly?

3. The discussions here are about creativity and inspiration and discovery and all things artistic (by Kyle R). The goal is to lift one another up. Are we agreed?

This will be posted in both threads and in a separate post of it’s own.

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