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That’s Why They’re Called Deadlines

by on Mar.21, 2009, under Blog

google_oliver_pen_smIn the Mac Lab, students are given opportunity after opportunity to succeed. I have mixed feelings about the lessons you learn — or fail to learn — about being responsible the first time around due to this policy, but the truth is, if I hadn’t been given a whole lot of second chances by many kind individuals in my life, I wouldn’t have ever had the opportunity to become a teacher. However, there are a great many situations out there in the real world where “deadlines” have a far more literal meaning. (If you catch my drift.)

There are a number of contests I’ve told you about and encouraged you to enter. The clock is ticking and the deadlines are iron-clad! How’re your entries coming along?

A few of you are working on the Doodle 4 Google Contest. I haven’t checked everyones’ work on this one lately but Oliver E has a killer concept that he’s still refining. His chances of winning now depend on how well he colors the illustration so it still reads well when used at the smaller size Google prefers on their oh-so-clean site design. No pressure, Oliver.

Note: The top of the “e” is a stylized Aptera. Cool cars of the future are being invented right up the road from us!

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Daily Inspiration

by on Jan.27, 2009, under Blog

soldiers_smYesterday I fired off an email to Fabio at Abduzeedo with a link to this page. I was curious if he’d think highly enough of the kids’ work to include any in the site’s Daily Inspiration feature. Low and behold, when looking through DI 104 this morning, Jeff P’s amazing Illustrator project is looking back at me.

Since a few students in here thought this was nothing more than Illustrator’s Live Trace in action, I’d like to quash that notion by sharing the .ai file so you can see for yourself that it’s all Jeff and the Pen Tool.

The Digital Renaissance is alive and well. The kids in the Mac Lab prove it every day.

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Gallery 003 – 25 Pen Tool Mastery Examples

by on Jan.22, 2009, under Galleries

Corvette by Jeff PWe’ve only had Illustrator (Jeff P) in here for a year and a half. In that time we’ve had more than a few kids who’ve taken me up on my claim: If you understand how to use the Pen Tool, a whole world of creative possibilities opens up. A few students used to practice the Pen Tool in Photoshop but now we all learn it from the outset. Well, we’re all supposed to learn it. I’m working on getting the stragglers to catch up.

For now, here’s the Pen Tool Mastery Gallery. Eight slots are open.

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Gallery 001 – Pen Tool Self-Portraits

by on Jan.22, 2009, under Galleries

Lauren by Kyle RNo, the picture at left (by Kyle R) isn’t a self-portrait but it is an Illustrator Pen Tool tour de force. Kyle also animated the process in Flash. I’ll dig up the file and link to it here.

I’m building a gallery of your self-portraits right now and will be editing this post as the day goes on. Gallery 001 is the first of many that will feature your work. (Two leading zeros?! Yes, I’m planning on showing a lot of your work over the next few years!) Submit your best Illustrator Pen Tool self-portraits for consideration.

Three days later and we’ve got 19 galleries. All the rest have 25 images/gallery. This one has 32 images and counting…

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A New Day

by on Jan.22, 2009, under Blog

Pegasus by Tierra PIn a few minutes I’ll be letting the kids in on the news that this is their new home page for the Mac Lab. (The early birds have already found out.) I’m looking forward to seeing how receptive they are to this new format. It’s a new day (by Tierra P) in the Mac Lab.

Mac Lab Students: Let’s start with the self-portraits. Put your entry in my drop box. I want a jpg version and it must be named as follows: nancy_m.jpg (substitute your first name and last initial for the example). See the Gallery 001 post for more details.

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