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Gallery 037 — 1011 Desktop Calendars

by on Jan.01, 2011, under Galleries

christopher_c_calendar_01_smThis project was announced yesterday (1231) and within hours I received the first two submissions. I’m a lucky teacher to have such amazing students.

Kudos: Christopher C, fresh back from the frozen Midwest (though how Wisconsin is considered a Midwestern State is beyond me), submitted this apt image for January 2011.

1011 Desktop Calendars


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Gallery 035 — 1011 Photography

by on Jan.01, 2011, under Galleries

diana_i_02_smHere’s the gallery that’s always drawn the short straw in years past. With a vow to keep it updated (as best I can), the door is now open for submissions.

Kudos: Diana I is one of many passionate Mac Lab photographers. Here’s a wonderful example of finding beauty in the simplest of subjects.

1011 Photography Gallery


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Gallery 031 — 1011 Float!

by on Sep.25, 2010, under Galleries

cat_g_01_smThis is where the best of our Float! entries will be housed. Like our Light Painting Gallery, I expect there will be a great many extraordinary photos on this page. The world is watching. Float!

Cat: You need to rework this image. I’m using this one as a placeholder. Come in early Monday morn to fix it.

Find more info about the Float! project here.

1011 Float Gallery

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To Boldly Go (Week 34)

by on May.24, 2010, under Blog

diana_sofya_smAll inquirers had the naïveté and some had the boldness of amateurs.
Daniel J. Boorstin / The Discoverers

If I were to call you an amateur, would you be offended? In our society, being labeled an amateur isn’t a typically considered to be a compliment. Think about it. We don’t usually say: She’s an amateur. The phrase is usually tinged with shades of contempt: She’s only an amateur or She’s just an amateur. I was so conditioned to this association that Mr. Boorstin’s words caught me completely off-guard when I first read them twenty-some years ago on page 636 of that amazing book. As an amateur (and a naïve one at that) investigating the nature of what seems to be, I took those words to heart.

Diana and Sofya, I say you’re both amateurs! Diana, you checked out a camera and along with your sister, Sofya, managed to capture this image. I say you were just lucky. You were lucky to be together. You were lucky that Sofya found the dandelion. You were lucky the background so complimented the Sofya’s complexion. (And I mean that literally. Think Color Theory.) You were lucky to capture the moment in focus with the macro lens. Lucky, lucky, lucky.

And I’m lucky to have the both of you as students.

When it comes to digital arts and all the new frontiers we’re discovering in the Mac Lab, we’re all amateurs! Myself included. And it’s lucky for you that I’m naïve enough to believe you’re all able to produce professional quality projects… if you’re willing to read, listen, and try and try and try.

You see, when we both do our job, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. You really do produce professional quality projects.

Look around the room. Look at these posters. Look in the Galleries. No question about it, Mac Lab students are some of the best high school artists in the world! Are you one of those not yet featured? There’s still time. Use this week to create and perfect your own masterpiece.

Cue the theme music and boldly go where no Mac Lab artist has gone before.

••••• ••••• ••••• ••••• •••••

Lest you think me hurtful in calling Diana lucky, a guy named Louis Pasteur got lucky too. When challenged, he simply said: Chance favors the prepared mind.

So true.

0525: Since we’re on a Star Trek theme, I figure it’s time to lay this one on the table. You see, I had this idea… Is it good? Bad? Stupid? Fantastic? Only one way to know for sure and that’s to act on it. (In all honesty, I suspect it will be a monumentally great way to drive home the concept of the Rule of Thirds for students next year.)

In the credit where credit is due category, it was Diana I again who motivated me to act with this wonderful example. That example, btw, will lead to another teachable moment in tomorrow’s update.

Stay tuned. 😛

Congrats: Michael W won a copy of Photoshop CS5 for his submission to Week 1 of 5 Weeks of 5. It’s not too late to try your hand at the competition!

0526: Please watch this video (starring another of Diana’s creations) prior to getting on with today’s project.

0527: I’ve been researching how we’ll create our iBook for the final. The process is pretty straight forward but you’ll have to follow instructions. Think you can do that? Sure you can! 3 then Me will be in hyperdrive. We’ll begin next Tuesday. (Tutorials coming.)

Good News: Our iBook will be a landmark creation.

Bad News: Our iBook will resemble a 20th century relic.

Why would I say such a thing?! Well, it’s kinda hard to ignore what happened yesterday…

NOTE: Do NOT go to to see more videos.

The magazine is freakin’ awesome. The future of publishing has arrived… Only it’s not in time to save our initial offering from looking like it was made with two sticks and a rock. On the bright side, we will be going where no high school class has gone before. Our final exam will be presented on the iPad. And it will be sooooo easy to produce! You have nothing to fear. (Except, perhaps, a lack of content… If that’s the case, you better get creating!)

When, you ask, will we be able to follow in Wired’s footsteps? Read:

And this reality is sooner than you think. During summer 2010, watch for new publishing technology on Adobe Labs that helps publishers to transform InDesign CS5 layouts into compelling applications like the WIRED Reader. (via)

Looks like just one more way the Mac Lab is going to rock next year!

••••• ••••• ••••• ••••• •••••

Warning: Heading in early to register CS5 on all computers in the Mac Lab. Because I’ve been up since 1:40, I’m going to guess that it’s probably a really good idea to stay on task today.

Sleep-deprived teacher + misbehaving students = Danger, Will Robinson! 😉

0528: Mac Lab photographers, there’s an Old School Photo Challenge up on Kelby’s site. Since you’ve all grown up in the digital age, I’m not sure if you’ll get it but it is for a good cause. If your folks like photography, show them the link and dare them to try it. If they want to donate to the orphanage, here’s where that happens.

CS5 Central: Learned any new skills lately?

International Update: The United Republic of Tanzania is country number 152 to visit the Mac Lab since April of last year. We also recently passed 100,000 visits from 5,000 cities around the world. Here’s a look. Note: It says 153 countries but one of them is called not set.

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Gallery 028 — 0910 Light Painting

by on Jan.24, 2010, under Galleries

chris_c_kyle_r_02_smRight now we’re trying to raise the bar for our light painting entries in this global collaborative project. Here are the best of our initial light painting efforts. The creative potential is as obvious as it is breathtaking!

Truly a gallery that set the bar high for next year (and beyond). Well done! There are still scores of worthy images yet to be submitted. Get them to me now so they’re not lost amidst the end of year shuffle!

0910 Light Painting

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