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Stay Focused (Week 30)

by on Apr.26, 2010, under Blog

kyle_w_dancecrew_smBatting clean up, leading off, you following my drift?
Seeming things not always are, but answers can we sift
Many meanings have few words, and some are even true
Sometimes three roads lead one to, a fourth that no one knew
Footsteps blaze the trail taken, a path that we’ll create
Just because you’re following, don’t mean I can’t relate
Skocko / Dream Yet Complete

Seven and a half weeks. That’s all the time we have before finals begin and another school year winds to a close. It’s time to focus on the set of projects you’ll select for your chapter in our iBook. The workflow in InDesign CS5 is substantially different than CS4 so please hold off on that phase of the project until CS5 arrives. I’ve been in contact with Adobe and there’s a chance we may receive our software in a timely manner this time around. Either way, there will be plenty of time to assemble your chapter, following the step-by-step videos I’ll provide.

Don’t worry about the written component yet; focus on your projects. Keep in mind all the fundamentals we’ve built upon this year, especially the Elements and Principles and Color Theory. (Alternate links: E & P | CT) We’ll also talk a bit about hue, saturation, and value.

Need an Idea? As it says on the Jobs Page: The Mac Lab is looking for posters to promote the Elements and Principles of Design, Color Theory, etc. The Geometric Spectrum (Craig U) is a wonderful example of how you might answer the call. The Rhythm of Art just popped into my mind. (Think repetition and pattern… The recurrence of elements within a piece: colors, lines, shapes, values, etc.)

Need Help Learning New Skill-Sets? CS5 Central has new links. Thousands of Mac Lab Tuts may be found here and scattered throughout the Blog. Heck, if nothing else, check here for some ideas.

Yes, as the stanza at the top of the page intimates, we’ve boldly gone where no Mac Lab student (or teacher) has gone before. But that doesn’t mean we can’t still discover new creative worlds. Focus (Kyle W) on the fundamentals. Fundamentals are fuel for the creative engine.

Scholarship Opportunity: East County group offering five $1,000 scholarships to GUHSD students. Deadline is Friday. Here’s the official line:

As many of you have been made aware, the Leadership East County Association has recently developed the Future Vision Scholarship Program to assist under-privileged students in the Grossmont Union High School District who otherwise may not have the means or opportunity, but are pursuing higher education.

Scholarships will be awarded based on the student’s application presentation, references, and essay questions. In addition, based on the feasibility, thoughtfulness, and creativeness of the essays, one of the five awardees projects will be chosen to receive $5,000 funding toward project completion at the students school.

Very few students will take the time to follow the instructions so your chance of winning is very high if you follow the all of the instructions. Here’s the application (fill it out at home, not in class). Yes, it might take three or four hours to do it right. When’s the last time you made $250 an hour?

Mac Lab iDevTeam: Justin at CartoonSmart has agreed to be our business partner in developing apps for the iPad. He’s provided these tutorials and is developing a new set specifically for the iPad. See me to obtain your copy of the tuts.

Palm Café Redesign: The Director of Food Services is planning on stopping by next week to check on our progress. Details on Jobs Page.

Got Plans?: This Friday is the deadline for Got Plans? poster submissions. Details on Jobs Page.

A Flaming Waste of Time: Not all experiments succeed. Flame and all related pages on are off-limits for the remainder of the year. One hour penalty for defying this directive. If you want to earn the right to use it again, create something worthwhile at home and show me a gallery-worthy composition.

0427: Maybe it’s because of that lost 4G iPhone but for whatever reason, folks are hitting this page a lot recently. I find that interesting because it applies to this year as well. Don’t believe me? See for yourself.

0428: The Tutorial Page has been updated to include other obscure, semi-hidden examples of video goodness. I’d continue to collect loose ends but am currently focused on learning new CS5 skills for the videos you’ll find here soon. Your turn to focus: Create great art and service our clients. Discover what’s within you.

0429: It’s that time of the year when kids are asking the same questions their peers asked in years past. Rather than rambling on about what you should already know, please watch the first 31 seconds of this video. Remember all these videos?

Reminder: Got Plans? posters are due tomorrow. Details on the Jobs Page.

What’s Your Balance? Participation is worth up to 50% of your grade. Have you checked the time sheets lately? Is your name RED? Is your balance negative? Progress Reports are next Friday. Make up your time! (It always amazes me that some students ignore this.)

Stay inspired and check these at home sometime.

Rare After School Update: I try to stay current in tech trends and current events. It’s an enormous effort eating hours each day but I feel it makes me a better teacher. Sure, sometimes I get caught flat-footed and miss something obvious but all things considered, I feel I’m better informed than the average tech teacher.

So what? Big deal. I’ve got an inflated image of myself. What’s the point?

The point, dear reader, is that a situation has arisen that I’m unable to wrap my head around. Please allow me to explain…

We all know that we’re living in a 24 hour news cycle where quite often fiction and rumor pose as truth. Rumor sites, fan sites, blogs, and pseudo-news sites scrabble after and republish the tiniest shred, the barest hint of a story to scoop the competition. Right? A new product launch, such as Adobe’s CS5 suite of applications, would surely qualify as big news, right? It’s all about driving traffic, right? So why, I’ve been asking for the past 24+ hours, isn’t the whole tech, photography, and digital art world focused on what seems to be the story that makes all of our hearts swoon?

My daughter wants to play basketball so I’ll get to the point. Yesterday I got an email from CreativePro (via their newsletter, creativeprose). The first line is: Starting this Friday, April 30, you can download free trial versions of the Adobe Creative Suite 5 applications.

What the?! Really?

Next it says: Adobe is sponsoring a 5 Weeks of 5 Competition that starts April 30. Okay, you need CS5 to participate in a competition that starts tomorrow but NOWHERE ON THE INTERNET IS INFORMATION ABOUT THE IMMINENT RELEASE OF CS5 TO THE MASSES.

You see my problem? I’ll write more but my 13-year-old hoopster is calling right now.

Okay, 21 – 19, the old guy wins (but is beat up mercilessly in the process). The point is: What if CS5 is available for download tomorrow? Why the fish isn’t the whole Web a’quiver with the story? How could I see something so clearly when the Web is silent?

If I’m wrong, I’m wrong. But, dang, if I’m right, how in the World Wide Web do you explain the deafening silence?

0430: WOW! CS5 Master Collection installed on 45 student workstations in less than two hours. Go to CS5 Central and look for CS5 Specific Sites within the Individual CS5 App Pages. (Am updating this right now. Should be good to go by 2nd period.)

Important: When launching a CS5 app, select Trial and skip the Adobe ID step. As soon as Adobe provides us with our serial numbers we’ll escape the trial version restrictions. Have fun exploring our new tools!

Reminder: Mac Lab Saturday School™ tomorrow. As usual, I’ll arrive around 6:15. Progress reports next Friday. Next MLSS™ is May 22.

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Scholarship in Need of Applicants!

by on Apr.06, 2009, under Blog

hourglass_smJust got an email from ROP about a scholarship that may be waiting for you: The Kelly McGinnis Memorial Foundation is committed to awarding at least $5,000.00 in scholarship funds to vocational students in the San Diego area this year. The deadline for submitting scholarship applications for this year’s KMMF scholarships is very near: April 10, 2009. An application is attached for your convenience, and it is also available at our website: If you would like more information, you can contact us by email at:, or by telephone at (619) 303-0296. Please visit our website for information about Kelly, the foundation, and our fundraisers.

Note: “vocational students” means CTE (Career Technical Education) and that means any senior in the Mac Lab planning on a career in Media Arts.

Reading between the lines of the rest of the email it seems that they may not have received many applicants so this is a real chance for someone to in the Mac Lab to score a scholarship. Pass the word to any Mac Lab senior you know who is heading into the field. The deadline is only 4 days off (Ken T) so jump on this! Here is the application. Let me know if you’re interested because I have to fill out the other half of the paperwork.

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