An Open Book (Week 23)

I have been experimenting with AMP a lot recently and I came across a list of tutorials Skocko posted last week. One of the ones that really stood out to me was this step-by-step tutorial on how to make a magic book in Illustrator. I really liked how the final result was supposed to turn out so I figured I would give it a try. The tutorial seemed ridiculously long the first time I looked at it because it was over 50 steps and it has taken me two days to even get past step 20 but good art takes time and effort. A good idea is only the first step. It’s like a book: You can get the first page written out and then stop and it’s ok to be proud of that, or you can sit down with a computer and type out the whole story from beginning to end. Which would you rather be known for? A few dozen good ideas that weren’t really written well or one great idea? The Mac Lab is a blank book- we’re giving you the pages, now it’s up to you to sit down and make your story something you can be proud to say you made.

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