Illustrator Tool Bar Videos

These tutorials were recorded for Illustrator CS5 but will work other versions

WARNING: Old Videos: Chrome doesn’t like them. Use Firefox or Safari.

One Minute Preview Please watch this first
Hidden Tools Look for the tiny triangles
Rectangle Tool Our journey through specific tools begins
Into the Rectangle Tool Hidden options in clicks and double-clicks
Using the Rectangle Tool More than meets the eye
Selection Tool AKA The Black Arrow (Fixed, thanks to this Tut of the Day)
Direct Selection Tool The White Arrow
Group Selection Tool The arrow with a plus!
Magic Wand Tool Not as tragic as its Photoshop cousin
Lasso Tool Rustle up some anchor points
Pen Tool Preview The most powerful tool in the bar
Pen Tool Basics Just so you get the concept — More Pen Tool videos at bottom of page
Type Tool Overview I lie at the end because I will show you the basics next
Type Tool Point Type v Area Type — know the difference!
Area Type Tool And some things I forgot to show you in the last video
Type on a Path Tool It does what it says (and it does it good)
Vertical Type Tool Use wisely
Vertical Area Type Tool Can you guess how this will work?
Vertical Type on a Path Tool There ARE uses for this tool
Type Tool Gotchas Part I And how to deal with them
Type Tool Gotchas Part II How rude to end the prior video so abruptly
Line Segment Tool Quickest way from here to there (Command-D to do it again)
Arc Tool A way around the corner (F flips the turn)
Spiral Tool Round and round she goes — Command-dragging changes decay (Adam M)
Rectangular Grid Tool Checkerboard patterns and…
Polar Grid Tool Targeting…
Rectangle Tool Hey, didn’t we do this already?
Rounded Rectangle Tool Would you like the red pill of the blue pill?
Ellipse Tool Able to leap tall rectangles in a single bound!
Polygon Tool Draws anything from triangles to googlegons
Star Tool When you wish upon a tool…
Flare Tool Get it out of your system
More Flare Tool Okay, here’s something else (not that it matters)
Paintbrush Tool Only the beginning
Brush Panel Gives the Paintbrush POWER!
Pencil Tool This might just look familiar
Brush and Pencil Magic Madman across the Rancho
Smooth Tool It’s there if you need it
Path Eraser Tool Adding by subtraction
Blob Brush Tool Preview Visual bribery
Blob Brush Tool Basics Stranger in a strange tool
Blob Brush Tool Possibilities Caution: Vectors Merging
Blob Brush Tool Example Polly want a vector
The Eraser Tool Illustrator’s Eraser, unlike Photoshop’s, is a cool creative tool
Scissors Tool Snip snip, click click, oh what a release it is
Knife Tool Forevermore to be called the Bone Saw Tool
Rotate Tool Illustrator’s Spin Cycle
Reflect Tool Narcissus’ favorite tool
Scale Tool I wonder what this does?
Shear Tool No, it doesn’t cut hair
Reshape Tool It only does one thing, but dang, it does it good!
Width Tool Talk about reshaping!
Warp Tool Scotty, we need warp drive
Twirl Tool That wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be
Pucker Tool Be gentle with me
Bloat Tool Getting full yet?
Scallop Tool Experiment with very low intensity
Crystallize Tool Try a little tenderness
Wrinkle Tool Even works on flowers
Free Transform Tool A different way to do the same thing
Shape Builder Tool The first of many videos
Live Paint Bucket Tool Don’t fear the paint bucket
Live Paint Selection Tool To the rescue
Perspective Grid Tool Preview What I need you to understand
Perspective Selection Tool Here are the promised videos
Mesh Tool It takes patience, Grasshopper. This is just a glimpse
Gradient Tool Learn to adjust
Gradient Tool Swatches We hit the motherload!
Eyedropper Tool Options galore
Measure Tool From here to there
Blend Tool Oops Thank you, Fadi, for clearing this up
Blend Tool Mixing it up
Symbol Sprayer Tool Intro Will it be love?
Symbol Sprayer Shifter Scruncher Sizer Result A voice from the future calls
Symbol Sprayer Tool Editing Symbols for your red heart love
Symbol Shifter Tool You move me
Symbol Scruncher Tool Come together or move apart
Symbol Sizer Tool Love comes in all sizes
Symbol Spinner Tool You make me dizzy Miss Lizzy
Symbol Stainer Tool A heart of many colors
Symbol Screener Tool Your love is fading
Symbol Styler Warning Be afraid. Be very afraid.
Symbol Styler Tool Warning: Love ends here
What’s Excel Doing in My Illustrator Toolbar? Tool Wait, someone likes it. Go figure.
Artboard Tool Stretch to fit
Artboard Options Skocko’s True Confessions
Artboard Surprise The learning never stops
Slice Tool Evasion Looks like I’m going to eat my words. Web design in Illustrator: coming soon.
Hand Tool Gimme Five
Mystery Tool The suspense is killing me!
Print Tiling Tool Explained Hey, it actually is useful
Zoom Tool Thanks goodness nothing’s hiding under this
Fill and Stroke Tricks Save time with these shortcuts
Drawing Modes Draw Normal, Draw Inside, and Draw Behind
Screen Modes You do know this by now, right?
Not the Last Word (But it is for now)

The Pen Tool

The most powerful and versatile illustration tool there is!

Required Viewing You need to know our Illustrator Fundamentals to get through the rest
Why Use the Pen Tool? A little visual proof: Mac Lab Posters
Project Preview Download the Starter Files (courtesy of Ms. Mandell)
0910 Self-Portrait Video
All You Need to Know Master the fundamentals and you can trace anything
The Basics Part 0.5 Oops! Forgot to warn you about Smart Guides
The Basics Part I A journey begins with a single step
The Basics Part II Click, Shift-Click, and Command-Click
The Basics Part III Click, Click, and Command-Click
The Basics Part IV The joy of Command-S (and the pain of not using it)
The Basics Part V Click and Drag
The Basics Part VI Click and Drag with no cheat sheet
The Basics Part VII Editing anchor points and control handles with the White Arrow
The Basics Part VIII You have the OPTION to change directions
The Basics Part IX Exercising your OPTIONS
The Basics Part X Wax on. Wax off. (C’mon! You mean you haven’t seen this?)
The Basics Part XI Wax on. Wax off… Again. And again.
The Maze Part I Putting the basics to work
The Maze Part II Think about your strategy
The Maze Part III Connecting the dots
The Maze Part IV Don’t get loopy!
The Maze Part V Two points for continuous curves
The Maze Part VI What else is expected
Afterword A few other things you should think about

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