Self Reliance

Congratulations, Visitor, you’ve discovered one.

Don’t tell anyone where you found it! (Or you’ll forfeit the XP and Gold—and so will anyone you tell.)

A B C books are for little kids, right?


An A B C book or project can be inspirational to kids of all ages—even the Boss.

Watch this video (blocked at school) and think about an A B C book or project you might want to create.

Mastery: To claim 50 XP and 50 Gold, you must do the following, exactly as stated:

  • Inform the Boss when, where, and how you found it.
  • Watch the video two more times (watch it at least 3 times).
  • Come up with an A B C idea of your own—a good one.
  • Record the idea on your blog (within this week’s post—whatever week this is).
  • Do NOT link back or refer to the page where you found it.
  • Do NOT link back or refer to this page either.
  • Keep the secret.
  • You do NOT have to produce the A B C book or project.

If you do all that—and only if you do all that—you may claim Mastery and the extra 50 XP and 50 Gold.

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