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Adobe CS3 Tutorials
New tutorials (eventually) covering all of the Design Premium apps

An Open Letter to Adobe <Not required for students to watch>
Thanks | Alternate Pricing Option | A Few Bugs in Flash (here's the fla) | Additional Problem on a G5 Part I and Part II (same fla) | The Philosophy of Flash in the Mac Lab, the Feature Request for Beginners, and the Reasons Why (Not required watching but I did say I'd link to these 2 videos 01, 02, and this page of comments | An Example of Student Work |


How to View and Use Online Tutorials
Command-Tab, Don't Drag <Required> | Set a Bookmark | A Word About these Tutorials


Tutorial Links
Flash | Illustrator | Photoshop | Dreamweaver | InDesign | Bridge |


Flash CS3 Tutorials

Sources of Inspiration
What are Sources of Inspiration? | What we're going to learn: Animating the Interface and Interactivity | One More Example

Getting Started with Flash
Might as well watch these as I expect you to know all of this before you begin to work in Flash. Intro (yes, I slipped at the beginning and called it Flash 8) | 2.0 or 3.0? | Bug #1 and Trashing the Preferences | Dealing with Bug #1 and Working at 100% | Creating and Saving Custom Panel Sets | Creating and Saving Custom Project Settings | A Tale of Two Windows (woe to those who ignore this movie) | Another Way to Fix the Problem | Collapsing and Expanding Panels | Final Words for the Wise (and the Foolish)

Symbols 101
What You'll Build (your versions will be different) | Download the Files | Right-Click and Save Linked File to the Desktop: Over State Script | Sample Project | Examining the Sample Project | Movie Clips 101 (it's your fate: Fate = F8) | Buttons Without Buttons (step 1: Movie Clip within Movie Clip | Animating the Nested Movie Clip (avoid the inevitable pitfalls by following instructions) | Two Small Corrections | The Actions Panel | Adding the ActionScript (the quick and painless way) | Variations on a Theme (and a few extra pointers)

Assignment #1
Design a minimum of 5 unique "buttons without buttons" to prove that you understand the concept. Here's an Example (and here's the fla) | Be Sure to Save Your Work <Required> I'll be featuring the best student solutions to these assignments right here on this page. Who wants to be first?

Controlling the Timeline — The Basics
The Secret to Flash (and it's so easy you won't believe it!) | What You'll Build | The 4 Essential Layers | Finding One's Place | The First (and only) Button (in this project) | Planting the Flags (adding our labels) | Scripting the First Button | Stopping the Playhead | Adding the Content | Adding Additional Buttons | Adding Additional Content and Editing the ActionScript | Tinting the Movie Clips

Controlling the Timeline — Working Smarter
What You'll Build | Working Quicker and Smarter | Real-World Button Primer | Button Primer Part II | Label and Content Workflow (you won't always copy the content in future projects) | Animating the Content | Animating the Interface Preview (just watch this one) | Animating the Interface (step-by-step)

Assignment #2
Assignment Preview Design a very simple (yet unique) project along the lines of the last set of tutorials that proves that you understand the concept behind them. Yours should have different buttons and content than in the prior example. Remember that the content should animate in. <Required> Tips and Tricks: Animating the Buttons' Position | Adding Extra Content | Customizing the Content Animations Source Files (fla): timeline_02 | timeline_02_var_01 | timeline_02_var_02

Controlling of the Timeline — Mastering the Techniques
Skill-Building Project! Project Preview | What You'll Build | Right-Click to Download Images and The Layout | Examining the Layout and Taking Notes | Setting the Stage | Importing and Positioning the Thumbnails | Adding Frames and Layers | Adding Labels and Blank Keyframes | Adding and Positioning Content | Rapid Fire Movie Clip Conversion | Rapid Fire Scripting | Rapid Fire Movie Clip Conversion Revisited | Adding the Before Images and Labels | Movie Clip Conversion (last time for this project :) | Oops! Watch This | Scripting to the Before Images | Scripting to the After Images | Animating the Buttons | Animating the After Images (including Blur and saving as Preset) | Animating the Interface | Adding the Preloader (here's the preloader_basic.fla) | Bandwidth Issues, Skills You've Learned, and The Secret of Flash (revisited)

Assignment #3
You are expected to understand the basics of controlling the timeline—importing, positioning, moving the playhead across one or multiple timelines, using labels, animating content, animating the interface, adding a preloader, etc. If you feel unsure about your comprehension, repeat the previous tutorial (Mastering the Techniques) as necessary. You will be required to build your own projects using these skills all year long so there's no escaping this responsibility. Now, even if that's crystal clear, Watch this Movie. <Required>

Easing — Organic Animation
Starter File for 5 Bouncing Balls | Starter File for 5 Sliding Squares | Starter File for Other Easing Options | Bonus Skill Builder: Creating the 5 Bouncing Balls (learn how to copy and edit multiple frames!) | Important: Watch This True Confession

Sources of Inspiration
The B, the B and the B | Just in Case | Applying the Idea | Just in Case Again | Playing with the Idea

Dynamic Content and the Bouncing Ball
Skill Building Project! Project Preview | What You'll Build | Strategies for Working with Dynamic Content | The Bouncing Ball | Squishing the Ball | Adding the Sound (here's the sound file) | Building the Pause Button | Building the Play Button | Adding the Over State Script (here's the script) | Adding the Hit State Movie Clip | Adding the Stop and Play Actions (Hint: Listen to the tip at the end of the movie) | What We Need | Constructing the Master fla (quick and dirty) | Scripting the First Button | Shortcuts to the Other 3 Buttons (so easy!) | Wrap-up and What's Up Next

Buttons Without Buttons (But With Text)
Assignment Preview | Starter File | What You'll Build | Adding the Text to 1 Nested Movie Clip (and it ends up in all of 'em!) | The Joy of Duplicating Symbols | Editing the Background Color | Adjusting the Color of the Text | Preparing to Animate the Interface | Animating the Interface | Last Words About Text Buttons (and the obligatory dynamic content pitch!) | New Dynamic Content Tutorials

Assignment #4
Build a new master fla to load our bouncing ball swfs. It must have an animated interface and utilize buttons with text. Yes, I want you to practice this and come up with your own solution! Watch this Movie <Required>

Sources of Inspiration
Believe | The Video | An Unrealized Idea | The First fla | The First Animation

Fundamentals of Text
Project Preview | Don't Draw a Text Box! (unless you're writing a paragraph) | Static Text | Kerning and Tracking (download the Starter File) | Anti-Aliasing | The Rest of the Properties Panel | Words and Letters and Shapes, Oh My! | Don't Shape Tween Text | Animating Text (using Motion Tweens)

Sources of Inspiration
The Week That Didn't Work | The Project That Did

Animating Text (Before the Interface)
Project Preview | What You'll Build | Compare: What You'll Build if You Noodle | Setting the Stage | Text and Symbols | Add Layers and Distribute to Layers | Animating the Letters | Adding the Easing | A Note Before Staggering the Animation | Staggering the Animation | Moving the Playhead | Adding the Behavior to the Enter Button | Adding the Hit State and the Over State Animation | Watch These: Noodling — Satisfying the Artist Within | Noodling Part II | Noodling Part III | Continue with the next set of tutorials to finish this project (and to grab a copy of the noodled version if you want it)

Animating the Interface (After the Text)
Project Preview | Starter File (the noodled version) | What You'll Build | Here's the Concept | Laying Out the Interface | Tweaking the Layout | Breaking Apart and Converting to Symbols | Duplicating and Repositioning the Pipe | Script the Buttons | Script the Replay Button | Animate the Over State | Add the Hit State | Critical: The Magic Step | Consider Our Objective | Distribute and Reorder Layers (also trashing the hit state) | Let the Animating Begin! | Pesky Pipes and Replay | Tweaking the Animation | Adding Content (just to prove it works) | Final Thoughts (and the Final fla if you want it)

Assignment #5
Create a bouncing animation of your name with overstate — Watch this Movie <Required>

Masking 101
Project Preview | Quick Word About the Starter File | Starter File | What You'll Build | The First Mask (start with the ending) | Top to Bottom | Bottom to Top | Don't Use this Mask | Zooming Circle Mask | Zooming Rectangular Mask | Bendy Mask | Zig-Zag Mask | Something Completely Different | Dual Masks

Masking 102
Project Preview | New Starter File | What You'll Build | Center Outwards | Angled Mask | Diamond Mask | Wandering Spotlight | Text as a Mask | Faded/Blurred Image/Mask Trick | Faded/Blurred Image/Mask Trick Part II

Masking 103
Project Preview | New Starter File | What You'll Build | Sports Center Corners | Stroke Me (then convert to fill) | Copying and Pasting Multiple Frames | Oops! Forgot to Tell You This | Customized Strokes (listen to what I say about when and where this might work well) | Four Square | Slits and Slats | Animating the Slats | Modifying the Animation | Animating the Four Square (while we're on a roll)

Assignment #6
Using This Starter File, build a series of custom masks of your own invention using ideas from the previous tutorials. <Required>

Sources of Inspiration
Masking Examples and Random Thoughts Former students unmasked! Peter | Brian | Daniel

Frame-By-Frame Masking
Project Preview | Starter File | What You'll Build | Converting to Symbols | Distributing to Layers (and adding layers, frames, and masks) | Revealing the Circle | The Finished Reveal (with a new idea) | Erasing the Circle (with Reverse Frames) | Skating Around the Circle (using blank keyframes) | Duplicating the Skate (and a few strategies) | Revealing the Typing | Adjusting the Animation | Adding Sound (here's the Sound File)

Assignment #7
Using your own ideas, create a custom animated frame-by-frame mask that reveals... (surprise me) <Required> Okay, if you're stuck, Here's an Idea

Multiple Masks Within Movie Clips
Project Preview | Starter File | What You'll Build | Preparing the File | Beginning the Animated Mask | Multiple Symbols, Multiple Timelines | Animation Strategies (the slow road so we can understand the process) | Staggering the Animation | Duplicating the Animation | Last Tweak and Correction | Preparing the Second Mask (using the Polystar Tool) | Animating and Staggering the Animation (more quickly, though not yet at full speed) | Duplicating and Tweaking the Animation | Preparing and Animating the Third Mask | Duplicating and Tweaking the Animation | The Challenge

Assignment #8
Starter File | Using the starter file, and starting from scratch, create a series of 5 unique animated masks to demonstrate your mastery of this technique you learned in the Multiple Masks Within Movie Clips Tutorials. Watch This Movie <Required>

Sources of Inspiration
When is a Mask Not a Mask? | Project Preview | Starter File | What You'll Build | Set the Stage | Create the Not-Mask | Duplicate and Position It | Scripting the Buttons | (Watch this next video before trying it yourself) Animating the Image | Scripting the Roundtrip Action | Adding the Preloader (here's the Preloader File| Final Thoughts | If you want, here's The Final fla for the Project

Randomness and Repetition
What I'm Talking About (here's the fla) | Repetition Without Randomness | A Random Idea | The Initial Animation | Adjusting the Animation and Duplicating It | Adjusting the Duplicates |

Motion Guides 101
Project Preview | What You'll Build | The First Motion Guide | The Car | Orienting to the Guide | Riding the Guide (making the road visible) | Adding Color (to the hills and sky) | Wrap Up | If you want, here's the Road Trip fla

Motion Guides and the Fly
Project Preview | Starter File | What You'll Build | The Initial Animation | Adjusting the Animation and Adding the Stop Action | Adding the First Interaction | Adding Additional Interactivity (and custom easing) | One More Time | Animating the Movie Clip | Adding Randomness (or at least the appearance of randomness) | The Return of the Fly | Is There More? | Here's the Final fla if you're interested

Animating Multi-Layered Graphics
Project Preview | Starter Files | What You'll Build (in theory) | What You'll Actually Build | True Confession | New Keyframes and Labels | Importing the Images (from another fla — here's the fla) Note: This movie is intended to inform you of a wonderful feature you may want to use in the future (hint, hint) | Benefits of Organizing the Library | Why You Must Make New Symbols | Making New Symbols and Beginning the Animation | The First Primitive Animation | Adding the Sub Navigation | Converting and Scripting the Sub Navigation | Adjusting the Animation | Adding the Second Animation | Editing the Sub Nav | Adding the Third Animation (yes, I named the Movie Clips with a "c" rather than an "a") | Fixing the Names | You Animated All Five of Those, Right? | Customizing the Sub Nav | Adding and Scripting the Next Button | Duplicating the Keyframe and Editing the Script | Doing it Again with a Twist | One More Time So You Have it (I end up doing them all just in case you're having trouble) | Final Words

Assignment #9
Add a "Previous" Button to the project you built in the prior tutorials. There's no starter file since you already have one (if you've completed the Animating Multi-Layered Graphics tutorials). I absolutely insist that you learn this skill for yourself; however, since I'm such a softie, here's a little How To Movie to get you started. (Hint: if it takes longer than 5 minutes, you're not working smart <<Watch This) Here's What You'll Need

Sources of Inspiration
Next up is a project You'll Want to Make Your Own | What Others Have Created

The Only Scrolling Text Box You'll Ever Need
Project Preview | Starter Files (it's a movie you need to watch) | What You'll Build | Resizing the Stage | Establish Size and Position | Start at the Beginning | Naming the Symbol (to avoid confusion) | Naming Conventions (important!) | Adding and Naming the Layers | One Correction | Creating the Up and Down Arrows | Creating the Bar | Creating the Dragger | Creating the Main (download this Text File) | Creating the Mask | Editing the Text | Adding the ActionScript (here's the ActionScript) | Assigning the Instance Names | Adding the Over State | Finishing the Interactive Elements | Selectable Text (and fixing the Mask) | Animating the Text Box | And Now We're Ready for the Next Step

Duplicating Symbols (i.e. The Scrolling Text Box)
Project Preview | Starter File (it's a movie you need to watch) | What You'll Build | Why Duplicate Symbols? | Duplicating, Swapping Symbols, and Repositioning | One More Time | Last Time (do you really need me to do this?) | Adjusting One Mask to Adjust them All | Bonus: Edit Multiple Frames | Glitch?

Assignment #10
Build a custom scrolling text box using the techniques taught in the prior movies. Watch This Movie for details <Required>

If You Need Two Scrolling Text Boxes...
Project Preview | Starter File (it's a movie you need to watch) | What You'll Build | Two Scrolling Text Boxes in One (keyframe) | Change the Instance Names | Alter the Script for up_btn2 | Alter the Script for down_btn2 | Alter the Script for dragger2 | Alter the Script for bar2 | Alter the Script for mask_mc2 | Alter the Script for main2 | Does It Work? | Hunting for the Problem | What About the Other One? | Save the Script | Last but not least... Three Scrolling Text Boxes! | Take the Challenge

The Horizontal Scroller
Project Preview | Starter File | What You'll Build | Size, Position, and Nested Movie Clips | Add and Rename Layers | Create the Bar | Create the Dragger | Create the Main | Create the Mask | Add the ActionScript (here's the ActionScript) | Add the Instance Names (Important: Watch This) | Script the Buttons | Animate the Dragger | Do You See the Looming Problem? | Change the Instance Names | Alter the ActionScript | Oops, Forgot One | Comparisons | Final Thoughts

Assignment #11
Build a custom horizontal scroller to demonstrate that you've learned the process. Watch This Movie for details <Required>

The Only Pull-Down Menu You'll Ever Need
Project Preview | Starter File | What You'll Build | What We End Up Building (it's better!) | The Over State Object | Adding and Renaming Layers | Adding Buttons | Animate the Buttons | Hit State Trick | Add Over State and Behavior | Animate it Backwards? | Multiple Pull Down Menus

Assignment #12
Build a custom pull down menu to demonstrate that you've learned the process. Watch This Movie for details <Required>

7 Web Behaviors
Tutorials are on Flash 8 Page

Video In Flash
Project Preview | Starter File | What You'll Build | Examining the Movie and Setting the Stage | Embedding a Movie (in a Movie Clip, of course) |

GarageBand Music in Flash
Exporting Your Song as an mp3 | Say No Thanks to iLife Preview | How to Build the to-be Dynamically Loaded swfs (and import your music) | Creating the Empty MovieClip (to stop the music) | What's to Come | File Organization | Building the Target | Scripting the Buttons


Dreamweaver/Flash CS3 Integration
Just about as easy as it gets

The Dreamweaver Workspace
Simple, Easy, Rules of the Road (obey the rules or pay the price)

Defining Your Site and Other Fundamentals
Project Preview | Starter Files (it's a movie you need to watch) | What You'll Build | Why You're Using Dreamweaver | Naming Conventions | File Extensions | Defining Your Site | index.html | Give Your Page a Title | 48 Seconds About Text Edit | Saving Your Login and Password Information (download this Text File) | A Quick Word About that Last Video | Uploading Your Website | Everyone Watch This >> What to Do if You Have Problems Uploading | Finding and Bookmarking Your Website | eBackpack Login (more troubleshooting information) | Ejecting the Network Disk | What You Need to Know About Classroom Procedures

Naming Conventions
Didn't We Cover This Already? <<You are Expected to Watch and Know This

Placing Flash Files Into Dreamweaver
Project Preview | Starter File | What You'll Build | Moving the fla to Your Sites Folder | Generating the swf and Other Workflow | Open and Place the swf (pay close attention and replay as necessary) | Zeroing the Margins (using Page Properties) | Centering the swf (using div tags) | Other Positioning Options | One I Forgot to Mention | Inserting Your Own swf (don't skip this) | Changing the Background Color | Updating Your Website (watch how things can, and often will, go wrong) | Important: Archiving Your Work | What's to Come | The Rest of the Basic Page Properties | Maintaining and Updating Your Website (it's proof of what you've learned)

Links and eMail in Dreamweaver
Project Preview | Links Within Your Site (quick, dirty, and wrong) | Links Done Right (the way you want to work) | Uploading to Verify | Changing Link Color and Appearance (and lo and behold, new glitches for us to deal with!) | Open Links in New Window | Links to External Sites | eMail Links | Bigger is Not Necessarily Better | Proof (here's Dan's Link so you can see for yourself)

Opening Links in a Second Correctly-Sized Window
Project Preview | Starter Files |


Illustrator CS3 Tutorials
These are quick and dirty tutorials designed to get you up and running quickly. More refined tutorials will follow.

Grossmont High School teacher Eileen Mandell has some great Illustrator tutorials on her site.

Intro to Illustrator
RGB or CMYK? | Saving a Workspace | Pen Tool 101 | Selections 101 | Curves with the Pen Tool | Rectangle, Oval, and Pathfinder | The Expand Command | Stacking Order | Move and Transform Again | Star, Polygon, and Keyboard Shortcut | Adding Points and Modifying Shapes | Don't do This | Flare Tool | Lines and Arcs and Spirals, Oh My! | To Click or Double-Click? (Curves with the Brush Tool) | Path Eraser Tool | Eraser and Knife Tool |

Illustrator Basics and Drawing Tools
New Document and Screen Mode Options | Panels, Saving Workspaces, and Help | Changing System Preferences | Where and How to Work (Learn to Scroll and Zoom In or Out with the Shortcuts) | The Rectangle Tool & Stroke and Fill | Stacking Order (The Z Axis) | The Bounding Box, Preview, and Outline| Modifications (Fill and Stroke) | Modifications (Size and Rotation) | Black and White Arrow (Thanks Deke!) |Modifications (Size and Shape) | Under the Rectangle Tool (The Evil that is the Flare Tool) | The Power of the Up and Down Arrows | The Power of the Click | The White Arrow Revisited | The Pencil Tool (Seemingly Useless) | The Pencil Tool (Madman Makes it an Incredible Drawing Tool!) | The Power of the Pencil Tool | Under the Pencil Tool | Smooth Tool Preferences | The Line Tool | Under the Line Tool | Warp, Twirl, Pucker, and the Rest of these Oddities | The Brush Tool (What's the Big Deal?) | The Brush Tool Panel | The Best Eraser Ever Invented! | The Extremely Basic Pen Tool Intro | Gradients Made Hard | Gradients Made Easy

The Pen Tool
Pen Tool Basics | Beginning the Maze | Finishing the Maze | Refining the Maze

Text in Illustrator
Text 101 | Kerning and Tracking and Leading, Oh My! | Panels and Comparisons | The 3 Minute Logo (in text only) | Saving Files

Text in Illustrator—Two Line LogoType
Project Preview | Default Text | Saving Files | Leading | Tracking | Upper and Lower Case | Changing Font Weight, Color, etc. | Finishing Touches | The Challenge (or "Assignment" if you prefer) | Baseline Shift Preview | Baseline Shift | Making Bullets | Type to Vectors (Letterform manipulation seldom looks good unless you really know what you're doing!)


Photoshop CS3 Tutorials
These are quick and dirty tutorials designed to get you up and running quickly. More refined tutorials will follow.

Intro to Photoshop
Function Keys | Changing System Preferences | Downloading Files | Download: Morning Glory | Opening Files (and the advantages of using Bridge) | Customizing Photoshop Preferences (Just the basics — more to follow) | Color Settings | What Percentage is Best for Me? | Zooming In and Out | Navigating Around the Image | Screen Mode Options | Where Did My Panels Go?

Image Enhancement Basics
The Quality of Digital Photos | Download: Morning Glory | The Move Tool | Resizing the Image | Levels Adjustment Layer | Curves Adjustment Layer | This Isn't Really Cheating | Hue and Saturation Adjustment Layer | The Dodge and Burn Layer | Paint Brush Size and Softness | Dodging 101 | Dodging Done Better | A Little Burn | Merge Visible on New Layer | Unsharp Mask | Edit > Fade Unsharp Mask > Luminosity | Comparisons | Saving Strategies | Real Time Replay | Final Words | Download: More Practice Images (Double-Click the zip file after it downloads)

Photoshop Web Gallery
For those of you who didn't learn to use Flash... Watch This | Project Preview | Organization and Automating | Uploading Your Files | Getting It Right

Blur Experiments
IMPORTANT: Watch This First!
Please watch this introductory movie before trying the tutorials
The classroom challenge which started it all | Download: Starter file | Final psd | How it happened
Blurs and Blends | Download: Starter file | Final psd | Quick version | A bit of explanation (and yes, I left out one 5 in the 625 calculation)
Embarcadero Colorscape | Download:Starter file | Final psd | Bringing the image to life (I meant horizontal when I said vertical) | Improved version
Embarcadero Under/Overexposure | Download: Starter file | Final psd | Variations on a theme
Journey to Atlantis | Download:Starter file | Final psd | Another variation
Stairway to Bodie | Download: Starter file | Final psd | Yet another variation with an added touch

Camera Raw 101
Download Linked File As... | Starter Files | Change Default Color Settings | Open in Camera Raw | Enhancing in Camera Raw | Back to Photoshop and Saving Strategies | PNGs and Camera Raw (Save As JPG) | Camera Raw Revisited

Working for Print
Resolution 101 | Paper and Frame Sizes | Custom Framing | Download: Paper and Frame Sizes

A Different Look at the Beach
A Question of Resolution (that will be applicable to your photographs) | Project Preview | Download: Carmel Beach | Opening in Camera Raw and Creating a Smart Object | Straighten and Crop to Size | Working at Correct Percentage and Screen Mode | New Smart Object Via Copy and Enhancing in Camera Raw | Black & White Adjustment Layer and New Merged Layer | Experimenting with Blend Modes | The Power of Layer Comps | Variations and Layer Comps | Setting Up the Print Document | Toggling Between Multiple Open Photoshop Documents | Increasing Canvas Size | Adding Text | Adjusting Tracking and Leading | Vertical Centering Trick and Adding the Trim Line | Adjusting for the Print | Simulating the Frame and a Word About Fonts | The Patch Tool and Gritty Noise

Nitty Gritty Noise on Nitty Gritty Market Street
Project Preview (Includes changes made after the first movie was recorded) | Download: Market Street | Smart Objects, Smart Filters, and Experimentation | Threshold and Blending Modes | Review of Off-Camera Experimentation | The Gradient Tool and the Burn Layer Explained (with a few additional tips and tricks) | Repairing Broken Layer Comps | Utilizing Pre-Made Text | Final Text Adjustments

The Digital Rebel and the 12 x 12 Print
(Made after the Beach and Market Street tutorials but really should come first) Who Can Shoot with the Rebel? | Correction No. 1 | Download: IMG_0013.JPG | Open in Camera Raw and Working with Smart Objects | Enhance in Camera Raw | Revise Edits in Raw | Enhance in Photoshp and Sharpen | Oops! Forgot to Fade | Setting Up the Print

Working with the Grid — Multiple Images on One Poster
Project Preview | Oops! .225, not .3! | Getting Started | Correction on Layers | Selecting, Filling, and Aligning | Continuing the Process | Final Alignment Gotcha | Custom Grids and 3rd Grade Math | How to Crop and Move Onto Grid Without Destroying Your Original Image >> Kinda Improtant!

Scott Kelby's 7-Point System for Adobe Photoshop CS3 Buy the Book
Introduction (Required Watching) | Step 1 | Final Result Preview | Step 2 | Step 3 | Step 4 | Step 5 | Step 6 | Step 7 | Saving, Quitting, Relaunching, and the Reason Why | Step 8 | Step 9 | Step 10 | Step 11 | Step 12 | Step 13 | A Word About the Default Color Behavior | Step 14 | Step 15 | Step 16 | Step 17 | Step 18 | Step 19 | Step 20 | Step 21 | Step 22 | Step 23 | Step 24 | Step 25 | Step 26 | Step 27 | Step 28 | Step 29 | Step 30 | Wrap Up

Shortcuts and Quick Tips
Zoom In and Out and Pan About |

Quick and Dirty Photoshop Tutorials
(From earlier in the semester)

Intro to Levels Part I
Download the Starter File | What Percentage is Best for Me? | Resizing the Image | Changing the Screen Mode | Levels and the Histogram | The Power of Masking (just a first taste) | Merge Visible on a New Layer (Shift-Option-Command-E) | Unsharp Mask (the finishing touch) | A Final Word | Oh, I Almost Forgot... Shadows and Highlights

Quick and Dirty Techniques
Download the Starter File for Cropping Basics | More Starter Files 1 and 2 for Compositing and Masking | Blending Modes and More Masking | Another Starter File for The Text Tool in a Hurry | Starter File for The Great Picture that Wasn't | Simple Selections, Deleting, Resizing, and Rotating | Starter File for The Dodge and Burn Layer | Brushes 101 | Selecting a Portion of One Image and Blending with Masks | Straightening and Cropping | "Jumping" Selections to New Layer | Using Adjustment Layers on Just One Layer (or one layer set) |






Required: Latest versions of plugins Suggested: 1024 x 768 minimum resolution

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