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A word about these tutorials


The Interface
     The Interface
     The Toolbar
     The Timeline
     The Stage
     The Properties Panel
     Other Panels

  File Types
     Bitmaps and Vectors
     .fla and .swf
  Illustration Tools
     The Pencil Tool and its Options
     Modifying Lines and Shapes
     The Oval and Rectangle Tools
     The Free Transform Tool
     The Envelope Modifier
     The Brush Tool
     The Color Mixer
     The Pen Tool
  Movie Properties
     Setting Movie Properties
  Frame-By-Frame Animation
     Frame-By-Frame 01
     Frame-By-Frame 02
  Shape Tweening (Objects)
     Shape Tweening Basics
     Shape Hinting
     Shape Tweening Text
     The Fill Transform Tool
  Motion TweeninG (Symbols)
     Motion Tweening Basics
     Symbols, Instances, and the Library
     Where did all My Work Go?!
     Editing Frames
     Editing Instances
     Editing Symbols
     Motion Tweening 02
     Tweening Effects: Editing Instances 02
  Working with Layers
     Naming Layers
     Adding Layers
     Rearranging Layers
     Hiding and Locking Layers
     Animating Multiple Objects
  Working With Text
     Text Basics
     Animating Text 01
     Animating Text 02
     The Need for Easing
     Scrolling Text
  Working with Sounds
     Importing Sounds
     Using Sound in Animations
     Sound Loops
  Scenes and MovieClips
     Multiple Timelines
     Creating Multiple Scenes
     Renaming and Reordering Scenes
     Intro to MovieClips
  Creating a Slide Show
     Importing a Series of Images
     Slide Show Controls
  Button and ActionScript Basics
     Using Buttons from the Common Library
     Stop Action

     Play Action
     Pause Action
     GoTo Action
     Making a Custom Button
     Making a Rollover Button
     Adding Sound to a Button
     Making an Animated Button
     Adding Text to a Button
     Instance Names
     GetURL Action
     The Hit State
     Making an Invisible Button
     Making a Pull-Down Menu
  Motion Guides
     Motion Guide Basics
     Orient to Path
     Masking Basics
     Animating Masks
     Masking Challenge
     What is a Preloader?
     Using the Bandwidth Profiler
     Building a Simple Preloader
     Scripting a Simple Preloader
  Extra Tutorials
     Converting Bitmaps to Vectors with Trace Bitmap
     Optimizing Converted Images
     Pan and Zoom Challenge
     Exporting an Image
     Bitmap Fills
     Converting Lines to Fills
     Creating a Draggable Object
     Draggable Challenge
     Quiz Challenge

     Slideshow Challenge
     Animated Slideshow Movies
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Maxon for continued support of our 3D students — Long live Cinema 4D!
Cineversity for the ever-growing Cinema 4D video tutorial library — 500+ tutorials and counting
3D Attack for the great monthly Cinema 4D magazine
MiniFonts and FontsForFlash for the best pixel fonts in the world!
CartoonSmart for the terrific Flash tutorials — An absolute treasure for the cartoonists in class
Pro Photo Secrets for Shane Goldberg's fabulous Photoshop tutorials — More treasure!
Stupendous Software for a myriad of iMovie plugins — Titles and effects galore
PotionFactory for PodcastMaker and VoiceCandy — Are students supposed to have this much fun?
SmileOnMyMac for DiscLabel — No more Sharpies for our CDs and DVDs!
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Realmac Software for RapidWeaver — For when we don't have time to Dreamweave(r)
Ergonis Software for PopChar X, KeyCue, and Typinator — Brilliant, time-saving programs
Flash Valley for the killer components — Fantastic new tools for the advanced students!
Linecraft for 7 Web Behaviors — Open browser windows with ease from within Flash
Rainmaker Research for SpellCatcher X — Not that students ever misspell words ;-)
Flying Meat (yes, Flying Meat) for FlySketch — Onion skinning the monitor (very cool program!)
Pangea Software for all those games — For the Game Art and Design program we're going to pilot