Subtle, Necessary Tweaking

  1. Launch Flash

  2. Open flash_01.fla and save it as (Shift-Command-S) flash_02.fla

    I strongly urge you to save and protect each of the files in this series

  3. Your Timeline should look like:


  4. And your animation should look like:

  5. We will now make a subtle change to give our animation a bit more time to unwind

  6. In the F layer, select the keyframe in frame 15 and move it one frame to the right (to frame 16)

  7. Then select the keyframe in frame 19 and move it two frames to the right (to frame 21)

  8. Repeat these steps for each of the other layers and your Timeline should look like:

  9. And your animation should look a bit more graceful:

  10. These subtle adjustments are the difference between slapping together an ordinary Flash animation and crafting one that's actually worth watching. The majority of the time spent creating the following animation was in making the same such subtle adjustments until it began to look and feel right. It's not perfect, but it's a good start.

  11. Save your file (Command-S) and close the window (Command-W)

    We will return to this project soon so protect the file. I suggest you put it and flash_01.fla in a folder. Name it something clever like Flash Files.

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