Flash MX Button Action Basics
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Wouldn't it be nice to have some control over your animations?

Click the buttons to see what happens


Here's the Motion Guide example, with a bit of Easing, and two simple Buttons

Create something similar then follow along


Click on the button layer name (to select that layer) then click on the Pause Button


Press F9 for the Actions Panel (Window > Actions)

Important! Make sure the heading is Actions - Button NOT Actions - Frame


Our command is nested within Actions...


And inside Movie Control...


We want the Pause Button to stop the movie, right?

Double-click and...


This is what we want but look at the line above stop();

Click there and...


We have a number of options we could set (but won't for now)


Close the window and test your movie (Command-Return)

The Pause Button works but...


Never fear, select the Play Button (be sure to have the layer selected, not just a frame)


F9 and double-click play


Great! But wouldn't it be nice to have the movie wait till we pushed Play before it began playing?


Next up: Wait to Play


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