Flash MX Animation Basics
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Here's where the last tutorial left off

If you haven't read the last tutorial please do so before continuing


Here's what we're going to create:


Select the first keyframe in Good Tween


And reposition the instance to wherever you'd like the animation to begin


Click on the last keyframe and...


Yep! Reposition the instance to where you'd like the animation to end

Note: You can always change these positions later


Click on Bad Tween and trash that learning experience (you did learn from it, right?)


You can hit Return to play your movie on the stage


Or test your movie (Command-Return) in its own looping window (try it)


And here's our masterpiece


Now let's trick Flash into doing some work for us

Click on any frame


Reposition the instance


And Flash makes a keyframe for us

Click on another frame and reposition


Hit Return (or Command-Return) to check the animation


Click a keyframe


You can drag to reposition keyframes without breaking anything—try it


Click on another keyframe and make another change


Command-T opens the Transform Panel

Change height, width, rotate or skew

Uncheck Constrain if you want to set differing percentages for height and width


Rotating 360 didn't have much effect (that's a complete circle) but it's certainly another shape now


With the instance selected, experiment with Color in the Properties Panel


Tint alters the color (the slider sets the percentage of tint applied)


There's an option to Rotate in the Properties Panel

Experiment with it


Click on another keyframe and see what Alpha does

(It affects the opacity of the selected instance—0% is transparent)


Check the animation

Return or Command-Return (did you remember?)


Try the Free Transform Tool


Hover just outside of the corner to rotate


Hold down Shift if you want to constrain the rotation to 45 degree increments


Reposition as needed


Grab a handle to resize




Click on the first keyframe and position where you'd like this version of the animation to begin


You can resize the instance in the Properties Panel as well


Try it


And check your animation


Hmmm... Maybe something about frame 20

Click on the instance and hold the mouse button down for about a second


Flash creates a keyframe for the instance without repositioning it


What about that Advanced button?


Experiment if you want


I'm just going to increase the Brightness in the Properties Panel


Play around and see what you can come up with


Next up: Working with Text


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