Flash MX Button Basics
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We are going to create a simple rollover button like this one


Draw an object on the Stage


Select it (clicking the keyframe is an easy way)


Press F8 to Convert to Symbol

Be sure to both name it and set the Behavior to Button


Your object is now a symbol (actually, it's an instance of a symbol)


Double-click it to edit the button (the symbol is now an editable object)


Click in the Over frame


Press F6 to Insert Keyframe

Notice that the entire object is selected


Since I just want to change the fill, I deselected then reselected the fill color (white)


Choose a color for the Over state (you can also change the stroke if you want)


Click on the Down frame, F6 to Insert Keyframe, change the color again


Click Scene 1


And the button is once again an instance of a symbol

But does it work?

Command-Return to test your movie

Pretty easy, right? But it doesn't do anything... yet


Next up: Button Actions


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