Flash MX Drawing Basics
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Flash is just plain weird when it comes to drawing

Don't believe me? Select the Line Tool (see settings—fill doesn't matter)


Draw a line


Grab the Arrow Tool (V) and move near the line (notice the curve to the lower right of the cursor)


Click-drag the line as shown (when you click, hold down the mouse and drag)


When you let go you'll have a new shape


Simply clicking on the line just selects it (dragging at this point just moves the line)


Draw two intersecting lines


(To save space I'm just going to show you the center of the Stage)

Move the cursor near the end of one segment (notice the angle by the cursor)


Release the mouse and the line bends from the intersection

Move the mouse near the intersection


I'll bet you didn't expect that to happen

Click on one of the lines (and only half will be selected)

Select and move each segment

Intersecting lines do interesting things, eh?

Draw a solid, unstroked object

Draw another using the same color (or just Option-drag to make a copy)

Move it over the other shape (but don't deselect it)

Move it away again (no big deal, right?)

Move it back over the first object

This time deselect it

Try to select it again

Create an object of another color

Move it over the first object (but don't deselect it)

Yep, moving it away is easy

Repeat and deselect

Hey, you can select it this time without selecting the original too

Move it away and... (I told you this would be weird)

Move the Subselect Tool (A) near the edge of an object (notice the black rectangle)

After clicking, you can select any of the points (hollow rectangle)

Click-drag and...

Drag the handles for shaping options


Explore and experiment. Some of these weird side-effects can be quite useful!


Next up: Motion Guides


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