Flash MX Easing Basics
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You know how to make a simple animation


But the key to more interesting movement is found through the use of Easing

Easing allows your animation to speed up or slow down between keyframes


Create a Flash animation similar to the one below


Click on the first keyframe and the Properties Panel changes

In the Properties Panel, notice that the default value is zero (no easing)

That means that the ball moves at a constant rate between keyframes


Click on the arrow and drag the slider all the way to the top (100)


The ball starts fast and slows down as it moves across the stage

The return trip, however, is unaffected


To fix that, click on the second keyframe and set the Ease value to 100


Now our animation has a bit more character


Can you see how easing helped to bring "Make it Flash" to life?

Experiment with easing settings in your own animations


Next up: Button Basics


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