Flash MX Exporting Your Movie
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You've seen of examples of Flash content in these tutorials

 << This is a .swf file NOT an .fla

It's very easy to accomplish


We'll get to these variables and options later:



Important: Use logical naming conventions

Since we don't use caps, spacing, or odd characters in our Dreamweaver files, name your .fla without caps, spacing, or odd characters!

If you always use intelligent naming conventions, the rest will be much easier


You already know the simplest way to convert your .fla files to .swfs

  Of course you just Command-Return, right?

This drops a .swf file in your folder with the same name as your .fla


I used the Shift-Option-Command-S to Export Movie for the button on the left (below)


The button on the right was a simple Command-Return (can you tell the difference?)


For now, there's no need to concern yourself with the Export or Publish options (we'll get to those later)

You will, however, want to know how to put your .swfs in your Website, right?


Next up: Working with Dreamweaver


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